Stupid Tattoos, Stupid People

You kids ready? These people have access to guns, knives, and are allowed to drive. Very scary….


“On May 11th, 2009 i recieved a letter from Georgia Check Recovery saying that a check that i wrote on 10/20/08 had been dishonored. I was reading through the letter and at the top said it was the ‘THIRD NOTICE’. First of all i thought it was weird because i had NEVER recieved a first or second notice. So it all seemed kinda weird.

In my letter they sent me it states, ‘Pursuant to state law, KS imposes both CIVIL and CRIMINAL penalties against any person whom issues a bad check. It is presumed that this person has committed the offense of writting a worthless check if he/she issued that instrument while having no account, or non-sufficient funds to clear it.’

‘Unless this amount is paid in full in our office the holder of the check may assume that you delivered the instrument with the intent to defraud and the instrument may be turned over to a national database which is used by over 300,000 retail stores and financial institutions across North America and may be turned over to the proper authorities for prosecution.’

‘Checks are NOT to be deposited and payment may only be made to Georgia Check Recovery for proper accounting. This is a communication from a debt collector. This is an attemt to collect a debt and all information obtained will be used for that purpose.’


‘This is a serious matter and you are instructed to contact this office immediately to make resolution on or before 05/06/09. Our office is open during the hours of 9am until 9pm, Monday thru Friday.’

I called this company and asked what was going on the man on the phone transferrred me to Mr. Shirley who was then very rude and would not give me any information that i had asked about with this letter. He rattled off ways to pay off the debt that very day ($6.95 moneygram from Wal-mart, $12.00 for direct payment from my checking account) and on and on. He said I had to pay by 05/13/09 or face legal action.

He told me if it was not paid by May 13th 2009 i would have a warrant out for my arrest for the check. I asked who the check was wrote to and for how much and the only thing he would tell me is it was wrote to the Clear Point International Company. The check was for $11.90. I told Mr. Shirley i wanted to go ahead and pay it. I gave him all my account information and he said he was going to run it through in an hour. My total for the check was $11.90 and this company was trying to charge me $123.90

I got off the phone and started thinking about it and called the bank i was going through at that time and they said the check had already been paid for and that it was a scam. So i called my bank and had them put a stop payment on this check. I now have to go to the bank and close my account and start up a new one since they have all my information for this account. I then called Georgia Check Recovery and the man was real rude to me and told me he could not send me any information about the check and he said i would have a warrant for my arrest and would have to go to court if not paid by May 13th 2009.

I was told by both banks my old and my new not to pay any money to this company because it was a scam. I am now glad i put a stop to it and talked to the banks and found all this information on the computer.”

Haha. Perhaps this should be my new job. Finding idiots, telling them that they owe Mr. X an X amount of dollars, and to NOT, whatever they do, do NOT try and contact Mr. X about it, because he’ll feign ignorance on the situiation. So, just give me the money, and I’ll see to it he gets it. Dig it.

“I decided to take advantage of the Easy Fortune 550 Profits, LLC to see if there was any promise. The understanding was to pay a one time fee of $1.98 for a 7 day trial offer. Following the 7 day trial you would have a chance to cancel. The months to follow would be $75.00 per month.

After giving all the information and charging my credit card $75.00 before I even received the CD which was on 5/08/2009. I tried to call and speak with someone to cancel, and realized the company was bogus.

I was told to go to a website or call 1-800-645-0418. Upon doing so I was told they would send me an e-mail confirming the cancellation.

However I never received it and after several calls there is no such company, it is fraud and I would like my money back. Scamming people when the economy is already poor. I continue to try and contact someone with no luck. What a scam!”

Wait a minute, you mean a business called Easy Fortune isn’t legit and won’t produce mega bucks in a short amount of time? This just has to be a fluke, one of the very few where the results varied from making a billion dollars.


Your tattoo artist hates you, brother!

Your tattoo artist hates you, brother!

Who doesn’t love a true, blue Hulkamaniac, brother? He went to the top of the mountain, dude, and with his 24-Inch stretch marks and the power of all the Hulkamaniacs, he defeated the fear of getting a dumb-assed tattoo!

"Huh? Douche-bag, what do you mean, dude?"

“Huh? Douche-bag, what do you mean, dude?”

*sigh*…really? Why not just get a tattoo of George Washington blasting a machine gun with a super-huge package…..actually, that’d be kind of bad-ass. Note to self…

See what happens when you feed'em after midnight

See what happens when you feed’em after midnight

Well yeah, tattoo the frame the picture is in, otherwise it’ll look really stupid.


~ by Caliber Winfield on August 19, 2009.

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