I love John Cena

I’m serious!

He’s easily in my top 3 fav wrestlers of all time.

I cannot for the LIFE of me understand why the hell people wanna tear him apart all the damn time. Sure, I can dig that his schtict is getting old. I’ve been wishing for a heel turn since 2007, but he’s keeping the ‘E alive with the merch, so I can dig it.

People wanna sit all damn day and talk about work-rate this, and work-rate that. I never hear peeps bitch about Batista. When was the last time that asshole had a decent match? A one-on-one decent match? Oh, snaps, SummerSlam maybe? With who you ask? John Cena. Batista sucks in the ring, on the mic, and from what I hear is an asshole backstage. He complains about doin’ the J-O-B, and when the show isn’t focused on him.

Cena NEVER bitches about laying down. I’ve heard time and time again what a great representative he is for the sport. But for some reason that just doesn’t earn him the fans respect. He doesn’t take shit too serious, or get his panties all in a bunch. When he won against Jericho at Armageddon, he went and stood next to a guy with a “WE HATE CENA” shirt on, as he stood and yelled “You suck! You suck!” and John just stood there with a goofy-ass grin and gave the ‘A-OK’ sign. That’s a cool assed dude. But besides all that, let’s take a look at his record;

In 2005, he won the title from JBL, their match at WM21 sucked, but NO ONE can have a decent match with JBL. Except John did, at Judgment Day. He worked, what I consider, a 5-star classic in an awesome, tear-down-the-fucking-house I Quit match.  Only other person to ever have a decent match with the quality-sucker is Eddie. He went on to have a * * * * 1/4th Triple Threat with Christian and Jericho at Backlash. He tore it up with Jericho at SummerSlam, and Angle at Unforgiven.

2006 came along, he had a dope Chamber match, started Triple H on his start of not sucking by having a * * * * match with him, then another with H and Edge at Backlash. He rocked it at One Night Stand and played the heel beautifully. Had a * * * * with Edge at SummerSlam, had a * * * * 1/2th with him at Unforgiven.

2007, had  a MOTYC at the Rumble with Umaga, had another MOTYC at WM23 with Shawn, then ANOTHER MOTYC him the very next night. Rocked it at Backlash with Shawn, Edge, and Orton, nabbing a * * * * 1/4th. Sure, he got stuck with Khali after that, and not even Cena can bring out a decent one. Although, their Falls Count Anywhere at One Night Stand was at least watchable. Had a good one with Orton at SummerSlam, then got his shit hurt.

2008, he had a great Triple Threat at WM24, clocking in at * * * * 1/4th. Watch it again, it’s great. The Backlash was another 4 way dance, and it OWNED. He was stuck in a lame-feud with JBL, and couldn’t produce shit. Had a classic with Batista at SummerSlam, got hurt again. Came back at SurvivorSeries and tore it up with Jericho.

This year he’s already had what I consider to be MOTY, his Last Man Standing with Edge. The Triple Threat at WM was great great great. He jobbed out uber-quick at No Way Out. Could you see Batista doing that? Hell no. Would Hogan have done that in his prime? FUUUUUUCK NO. He’s the fucking man.

He’s in a high-class, kids, you have to admit. He’s up there these days with Shawn, Jericho, and Mysterio. I swear people just dog on him because it’s the thing to do. The dude is all talent and heart, and he’s always gonna bring it.

Dig it.


~ by Caliber Winfield on September 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “I love John Cena”

  1. I actually hear people complain about Batista all the time.

    Personally, no, I don’t like Cena much. He comes off as too cookie cutter good guy for me…he has no edge anymore. He comes off as a kissass (like when he declared that The Goods would be looked at for one hundred years as the greatest movie ever…there’s pimping a product and then there’s shamelessly sucking up). And I don’t particularly like his in ring work because a lot of it just looks weak. The superman shoulder block, hate that. His back suplex where he kind of just casually drops them lightly instead of slamming them, even the Attitude Adjustment is essentially a Death Valley Driver, except instead of “driving them” into the mat, he drops them nicely on their back.

    He’s not shit. He can have good matches, sometimes he cuts some good promos. I don’t hate him, just not a big fan. I liked him a lot as a heel, I was cool with him as a face with an edge, but now he doesn’t really have that.

    I also think you’re way overrating most of his matches. He’s had some very good ones and I enjoyed all the ones you mentioned, but they’re all 3-4 stars for me, maybe slightly above 4. Very good, respectable, but not tons of MotY candidates or 5 star classics.

  2. Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of his actual character, I think it’s redundant and mostly boring at times. He does the same promo, bout how he’s a soldier, and he isn’t gonna back down, and blah blah. But I dunno. I know I tend to over-rate his matches, but I just enjoy the holy hell out of them.

    Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.

  3. “, started Triple H on his start of not sucking by having a * * * * match with him, then another with H and Edge at Backlash.”

    I’d actually say that his match with Trips was five stars and the triple threat was four and a half. I don’t even like Cena but yeah you’ve got a point here, the reason the smarks turned on him though was because he became too fourmalic around 2004 which reminded them of Hogan which of course pissed them off. Also on Smackdown in early 2005 you could tell they were grooming Cena as he was having jobber matches which really pissed the smarks off. Also Quality-Speaker Boy was champion so smarks were in a pretty bad mood all together anyway.

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