Front Row Reviews: Triple H – The King of Kings

Alrighty kids, get ready for that glass ceiling to crush your ass, it’s disc two time!

The Return of Shawn
He speaks about, well, jet-skiing, obviously.

Shawn Michaels © vs. Triple H – 2 out of 3 Falls MatchArmageddon, December 13, 2002
The Review: I’ve never heard anyone mention this match before I bought the DVD, so it was a bit of a surprise to me that it actually rocked. Scott Keith only gave it * * 1/2th, and others aren’t too big on it either, wheres I think it’s rather underrated. They go full tilt on the street fight, the cage match is fun, and although the ladder portion is nothing special, it’s still cool. It didn’t need to be as long as it is though, at almost 40 minutes, it’s a stretch.
The Rating: * * * *

The Rise of Batista –
This is actually kinda funny, in that Triple H takes away all the thunder of Batista’s rise, by saying how great he is for losing to him 3 times in a row. How that’s ever so rarely done, and he’s just the super best for it. Rare for Trips to pat himself on the back, I think.

Batista © vs. Triple HHell in a Cell – Vengeance, June 26th, 2005
The Review: The PPV that this show is on is one of my favorites. You’ve got Shawn vs. Angle, and the Triple Threat between Cena, Christian, and Jericho. But this match, this match alone is worth the price of any DVD it’s on. It fucking OWNS. I absolutely love this fucking thing. It’s totally brutal, and just an awesome affair. To see Dave get hit with the barbwire chair, and then have a thousand tiny little blood droplets form on his back is just too cool for words.
The Rating: * * * * *

Wrestling My Idol –
Just goes on about Ric.

Triple H vs. Ric FlairLast Man Standing Survivor Series, November 27th, 2005
The Review: I love me some Last Man Standing match-ups. My only beef with them has come up lately, in that they don’t just wail on each other until they get towards the end and start making the counts. It’s like ‘clothesline’, count to 6, ‘bulldog’, count to 5, ‘suplex’, count to 6, and such. It can get really f’ning boring. This match has none of that though. I know it’s blasphemy, but I prefer Ric Flair from like, ’96 and on. That’s when he had my favorite matches, and once it got to the 2000’s, he was having classics all over the place for me. This bad-boy, is no exception. It’s a great, great match.
The Rating: * * * * 3/4th

The Next Generation –
He tells a story about how Cena asked him what he thought about his skills after their first encounter, and Triple H flat-out told him he sucked. He showed Cena his matches with Goldberg, Kane, Scott Steiner, Kevin Nash, Booker-T as a way to really get the job done….actually, he didn’t. But he said he gave him pointers, and said it was a real credit to John to be able to take ‘you suck’ to your face, and say ‘OK, what do I have to do to get better?”. Plus, I hope he isn’t talking about their match from WM22, because John rocked that. Triple H has fucking sucked for 8 years now, and has only had a few decent matches here and there.

John Cena © vs. Triple H vs. EdgeBacklash, April 30th, 2006
The Review: Hot damn, I dig the hell outta this match. Triple H can bring it when he needs to, and even if he hadn’t, there’s still Edge and Cena out there rocking the casba. Edge works his character perfect at the beginning of this. As per usual, John’s the King of the 3 Way Dance, and this one doesn’t disappoint.
The Rating: * * * *

What’s Left To Accomplish? –
He talks about all that he’s done, and people ask him what does he have left to do, and is it time to hang up the boots? He says he’ll hang up the boots when he can no longer go out there and do his best. So, by my count, he should have hung those puppies up after he hit Jericho while he was rocking the Walls.

The Extras –
Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Henry O. Godwin [Those initials are HOG, for all of you out there] – Hog Pen Match In Your House, December 17th, 1995
The Review: Ah the Hog Pen Match. Ah the slop. Ah the Godwins, who just by chance had their initials spell out HOG, and PIG. Funny how the world works. I think this match was added to just because of the sheer horribleness of it. I can dig it.
The Rating: *

Terra Ryzing vs. Flying Tony RoyTriple H’s first professional match Burlington, VT, November 1st, 1992
The Review: Well, you can guess how great this one is, right? At least it’s better than the Hog Pen. This match also has optional commentary with Triple H & Jim Ross.
The Rating: * 1/2th
All-In-All: I’d say it’s a pretty solid set. I don’t understand why there’s only two discs though. Kane gets three, and Triple H has 2? Sure, he’s sucked for quite a while, but when the going was good, it was great. I’d say it’s because the ‘E doesn’t like to overlap matches on multiple releases, but I have that Hell in a Cell with Batista on 3 different DVDs, so they can’t be that afraid of doing it. It’s by no means definitive, and I’m sure we’ll get more in the future.

If my house was on fire, how much of it would have to be up in flames before I wouldn’t go back in to save this DVD?: 75-80%. [that’s how I do my final ratings on the ol’ DVDs]

– Caliber


~ by Caliber Winfield on September 11, 2009.

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