We’re the country…

I dunno, I got on this jag some where, and was digging what I said. So, here we go…

Express and be who I want to be?

Yeah, you can. Then be ridiculed non-stop.

The only way you can express yourself in this country [America], is to be white, Christian, have money, and want to be something that requires going to college. We’re told we can be anything we want to be. But what do you think someone who wants to be, say, a pro-wrestler? Or an actor? Or a musician hears? You think all they hear from people is “Oh, go for it! You’ll make it no problem!”?

We’re the only country where people are pushed and beaten down so badly for just trying to be who they want to be, that they fucking shoot up schools.

We’re the country that says “let people be who they are!” but won’t allow gay people to get married, yet at the same time two white trash, piece of shit jack-offs can get hitched, have 10 kids, neglect them all to hell, leech off society, shop at Wal-Mart, blame EVERYONE else for their faults and pits in life, then usher those kids to grow up and rob me.

We’re the country that has super-models, and pop-singers whose ONLY reason for being where they are are their looks telling people “sexiness is on the inside! It’s being confident! Be yourself!”. While shows, commercials, ads, songs, and those SAME people shill diet pills, or the latest exercise machine, or plastic surgery. This country lives and DIES by it’s aesthetic value.

We’re the same country that sells sex EVERYWHERE. Even espresso stands are turning into strip joints now. Every where you look it’s sex this, and sex that. Yet, what are we also hearing? That sex is bad, that sex is evil. We’re constantly bombarding people, young people especially, with mixed messages so it’s so much easier to mold them in our likeness, so they’ll buy the fucking shirt.

What ever happened to pride? To dignity? Whatever happened to a man being a goddamn man? Not a guy who follows celebs around and snaps pictures, then screams bloody murder when he gets tapped by their car? Or people who actually liked to EARN A LIVING. Not getting by the American way with frivolous law-suits? When people took pride in their goddamn work, and they way they lived their life.

What’s America’s motto?


No one wants to look out for each other anymore. Why on Earth are we the LAST place that’s civilized to have a national health care? Why? Because the rich gotta get richer, baby. Let those poor wimps try and get some super-inflated school loans, so when they graduate they can add to the TWO-THIRDS of college grads who have a mountain of debt. It was half in 1993, now it’s at two-thirds. So, you went to school, worked hard, unlike most Americans, and what’s your reward? Living with mom and dad just to pay back those loans, cuz at the rate they are, there’s no way you’re getting a house, or car, or anything new. Oh, and you better hope you don’t get sick, or break a leg, or anything that might cost. Not in this “land of the free”.

All men created equal, right? Well, unless you’re gay. Then you’re not allowed the same fucking rights as a low-life trying to poach guys for child support. The same low-lifes who’s poor kids won’t see a dime of that. The poor kids who have to go to school with dirty coats, and men constantly floating in and out of the house. The same kids who should have been aborted and been saved a life of hell but NOOOOOO….not here in America. Everyone has the right to choose, so long as you choose what’s right.

But then again, abortion wouldn’t even be an option if kids weren’t so goddamn stupid these days. If parents took the time to be FUCKING PARENTS. If they weren’t so worried about “being the cool parents”. If they didn’t relay on V-Chips in televisions, or TV-Ratings, or teachers, or the neighbor, or ANYONE so long as it isn’t YOU, to raise YOUR KIDS, then these stupid jack-off youths wouldn’t be brain washed into thinking that “nailing hella chicks is rad”, as guys like to believe, or the girls that are told you aren’t worth anything but your looks, so let’s sleep with someone in a vain attempt at attention, because your dad is too much of a sissy bitch to be a man and be a real dad that looks after his daughter. No, fuck all that. If MY kids turn out that way it’s someone else’ fault, NOT MINE.

We’re the country where EVERYWHERE you turn there’s another ad that condemns smoking, yet we hear NOTHING about booze. Gee, why is that? Is it because of yet another classic AMERICAN law-suit that some jackass filed on the Tobacco folks? Because he had to find someone to blame for his illness? Because he was MADE to smoke? Yup. Part of those suits now makes the industry fund those stupid truth ads. Yet, how many times has smoking turned someone into someone that beats their wife? Or their kids? Or how many times has someone smoked, then driven a car and killed a whole family? Well, that’s all non-sense, as we all know, pot is the real villain.

But that’s for another day.

We’re the country, alright….


~ by Caliber Winfield on September 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “We’re the country…”

  1. Best rant ever.

    • I always like when you go back and read old stuff, then comment, because then I go back and read it, and it reminds me that I can kick some serious ass.

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