Quick & Random

Hola, kiddies.

Quick thoughts on Breaking Point.

– Thought the tag with DX and Legacy was a bit boring at times, with too much 2-1 on type stuff. It was great how dominant Legacy looked. The Game and HBK are really doing their jobs at this point, so, hoorah.

– It should surprise no one, but I LOVED the I Quit match. These things are often just brutal contests, but this one, although brutal, was much more dramatic, and psychological. It was f’ning awesome. My only complaint was that Orton, who was so determined to not quit, gave up after a second of the STF. But I was digging it.

– Needless to say, the Taker/Punk match was fucking stupid. Really? Montreal again? At Survivor Series ’98, it was funny, and original. At Saturday Night’s Main Event, it was lame. Here? Even more lame. We need to buy Punk was a strong heel, someone who’s actually near Taker’s level. We don’t need him saying how tough he is, how he doesn’t have a breaking point, then have him take out to Hell’s Gate damn near at the mention of it.

Not a bad card. Nothing to write home about.

I’ll have some more wrasslin’ DVD reviews up, along with a new Bloody Good Show – The Halloween series, and a brand new Man-Movie Encyclopedia. Plus, I’ve got a couple new feature articles coming up.

The excitement, can you smell it? Oh, I think you can.

– Caliber

~ by Caliber Winfield on September 14, 2009.

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