Bravo’s 13 Scarier Movie Moments

Two years ago Bravo did the 100 Scariest Movie Moments, at least, I think it was a list of 100. Could have been 50. Regardless.

A  year later, they added an extra 20. Now, they’re doing a list of 13, I’m watching it as we speak, and I figured I’d add my two cents.


13 – The Strangers
No joke, this is hands down the scariest movie I have ever seen. I was terrified. The brilliant shots they’d use, such as the main guy just creeping into frame, back in the distance. The way they’d toy with these people  was so damn awesome. Plus, nobody did anything stupid, really. They did what real people would do. Like sitting in a corner with a shotgun. An incredible movie, if you didn’t like it, you’re wrong.



12 – Cloverfield
I loved this one too. I hope to NEVER see another POV movie again as long as I live, but I dug the hell outta this. While it isn’t so much scary, it has it’s moments. When he turns on the filter to see the monsters in the subway, shit had me screaming like a burly dude. Also, when they think they’ve bombed the creature, and he leaps at the helicopter I fucking screamed like a marine does.



11 – Hard Candy
I’ve never seen it, so I can’t comment. But it looks good, even though Ellen Page looks hideous with short hair.



10 – No Country For Old Men
I’ve heard so much about this that I just haven’t bothered to see it. I know it’s gonna own, and I’ll get around to it.



9 – Hostel part II
I hated Hostel. A 5 year old could have written that script. There’s no imagination, no creativity, and just basic, sadistic, junk. The second one however, is pretty goddamn good. There’s a nice twist, cooler characters, and it isn’t so out-right gory just for the sake of it. Oh, and the ending with the game of soccer is just stupid. It’s not an amazing film, but it’s so much better than the first. Which I know it isn’t much, but it’s worth it.



8 – Diary of the Dead
Hull yeah, baby. I talked all about this bad bitch in my zombie article, so go peep that. Glad to see it’s getting love though.Plus, a zombie gets killed, well, at least put down with defibrillator paddles to the dome.



7 – Frailty
Man, this really is an awesome, and under-appreciated movie. First time I saw it I missed the last 3rd of it because it rocked my face right off my skull and I had to get it re-attached later. It’s one of those thinking-man horror movies. So, if you like One Missed Call, or Shutter, then politely fuck off and don’t bother with this.



6 – Ginger Snaps
I dig werewolves. That’s what this bad-boy is about. It’s a bad-boy I haven’t seen though, so I can’t say much. If any of you have seen it, lemme know how you liked it.



5 – Maniac
If you love horror, then you know about Maniac. Released in the early 80’s during the slasher-film’s golden  years. Savini rocked the effects, so naturally they looked awesome, and had people in a GD uproar. You know the song Maniac? The one from Flashdance. The guy originally wrote the song about this movie. Lyrics were about going out and doing some killing and such, but then he was tapped to write a song about a hot-welder who has dreams of dance. He probably didn’t even have to change any lyrics since the subject matter is so similar.Oh, and that song was number one when I was born.



4- Zodiac
Oooh hull yeah. This was the best 3 hour movie I’ve ever seen. I never once felt that it dragged on. Hell, once it was over I felt like it should have gone on, because I was enjoying it that much. Great mystery movie, with some scary as all fuck scenes. When Gyllenhaal is chilling in the basement talking to some dude he’s probably about to punch just for the hell of it, hears someone walking up stairs and asks “Thought we were alone?” and the guy responds with “We are”, and I respond with “blaaaaghhh!!” as I vomit out of fear all over my date then laugh so hard about that I shit my pants.

3 – Bug
No. This movie is ass.


2. Henry – Portrait of a Serial Killer
I dunno, perhaps it’s just me, but slasher-flicks like this one, or Maniac, aren’t really my bag. When they make it too real, they take the fun out of it. I don’t really dig depravity or any of that fun stuff you always see with these type of movies.



1 – The Decent
I got no argument with this being number one. It’s easily one of the scariest movies of all time, and would still be able to hold that honor if it didn’t have any monsters in it. There’s just so much good to say about it that I’ll leave it up to you to see it. But fair warning, it’ll bust your colon all to fuck.

– Caliber


~ by Caliber Winfield on October 18, 2009.

One Response to “Bravo’s 13 Scarier Movie Moments”

  1. I disagree with you about BUG. I thought it was an ingenius psychologically claustrophobic film. Its hard to do a 90 minute film in one room, with all dialogue & little action. I thought the ending was one of the best Holy sh**t endings in a long time.
    As far as Henry & Maniac being too real. I agree, but enjoed them nontheless. If you can’t enjoy those, then I guess the original Chainsaw & Last House was a tough sit for you as well.

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