Use the word “pimp”? Then know you’re an idiot

The word pimp is the dumbest fucking word on the planet to describe something cool. It’s the complete antithesis of anything good. And if you use the word pimp, then you don’t know what antithesis even means.

People who use the word pimp are the idiots who listen to crappy music  like Souljaboy, T-Pain, Beyonce, and Daughtry. They listen to this crap while they patron bikini espresso stands, and talk with their equally-stupid friends about how great Meet The Spartans, and Disaster Movie are.

A pimp is a low-life piece of shit who’s about one-step above rapist in the Need-To-Be-Murdered list, and most of the time I’m sure they’re rapists as well. They claim to be men, yet have to have a woman work for them. They take advantage of extremely weak-minded girls who come from broken homes, with both physically and sexually abusive backgrounds.

So anyone who claims to be a pimp, or say that something is pimp, in the meaning that it’s good, is a complete, and total moron. Please, fuck off.


~ by Caliber Winfield on November 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “Use the word “pimp”? Then know you’re an idiot”

  1. You know what else is dumb thing to say? That you’re so “gangster.” I mean, what fucking moron would be dumb enough to do that?

  2. I’ve always wanted people who come around, and say they hate me, and comment multiple times on my site, and read all of my work…why, just like you have. You rock, Joe.

    Also, if you’re dumb enough to really think I’m using the word gangster in a serious tone, then please castrate yourself to prevent having children, uninstall your internet browser, cancel your ISP, and for safe measure, sue your parents for having such a failure. Dig it!

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