Micheal J. Fox – The Incurable Asshole

Micheal J. Fox use to be a bad-ass in my book. Why? Well, for Back to the Future 1-2. OK, I’ll reluctantly give you 3 as well, if only because Mad Dog is a relentless bad-ass.

But then…

Then Micheal came out that he has Parkinson’s and all he’s done since day one is lead a ‘mighty’ crusade for himself. People call him a hero, and an ‘incurable optimist’ . Yeah, if I was sick, and a millionaire with a ton of Hollywood clout, I wouldn’t lay around in bed all day either. He’s nothing more than a self-serving wank. He only does things that will see to help himself. Sure, others will get cured, but what does he care? If he had a certain strain of Parkinson’s, he’d only be out to cure that kind.

I hate these types of people who seem like do-gooders, when in reality they’re only out for themselves.


~ by Caliber Winfield on November 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Micheal J. Fox – The Incurable Asshole”

  1. Wow, way to be a giant asshole! Michael J Fox is a selfish asshole because he’s trying to help people with Parkinson’s.

    You could be selfish too, you know. Start your own charity for faggotty cocksuckers who can’t write worth shit and post blogs about how “gangsta” they with their fifth grade mastery of the English language. You could even put those little coin cups at the 7-Eleven with a slogan: “Help me move out of my grandma’s basemnet cause I’M SO GANGSTA!”

    I’d give you a penny.

  2. Dude, I don’t live in my grandma’s basement, I live in an apartment with my mom and dad, c’mon, get with it!

    You’re right! Michael J Fox isn’t a selfish asshole! By gosh, he was doing all sorts of work for people before he got sick! Oh, no wait, he wasn’t. Now all he does is research for HIS disease. The one he’s afflicted with. He isn’t helping people with cancer, or MS, or anything of the sorts. Nor was he before he got sick. He’s just like Chris Reeves was; an obnoxious, selfish, self-serving asshole.

    Can people as stupid as you really exist? You really think I use the word gangster in a serious manner, don’t you? That is awesome.

    Keep reading, I dig the support.

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