Str8 Gangster, No Chaser Reviews – Backlash 2009

Has Backlash ever NOT delivered? I look forward to it just as much as Wrestlemania ever year. It’s always got at least 2 incredible matches. 2009 was certainly no exception. Let’s get thuggin, shall we?

Jack Swagger © vs. Christian – ECW Title Match
Duration: 10:59
– Damn, what a great opener. I had my qualms with Captain Charisma debuting in ECW, but there’s definitely been enough talent to keep things interesting. This, Christian’s first WWE PPV in 5 and a half years is no exception. An awesome match that had a great ending, with Christian being able to one-up Biff Tannen…er, Jack with his experience.
* * * *

Chris Jericho vs. Ricky Steamboat
Duration: 12:32
Steamboat was the bright spot with Jericho’s match at WM25. But then again, between Piper’s one-inch-off-the-ground drop kick, and the oddest tap-out EVER from Snuka, it wasn’t that hard to shine. So I was glad to see Steamboat tear it up in this match. A lot of times the old guys wanna come back and go, and it’s embarrassing, but this was certainly not the case. Steamboat was a class act all the way, and proved so even further by letting it end here.
* * * 1/2th

Kane vs. CM Punk
Duration: 9:24
Ugh. It was going alright, but then Kane won. I hate Kane. He’s a terrible wrestler who’s always involved in story lines that embarrass our business. I would have rated this match higher, but I was so pissed with Kane’s win that the rating suffered. Go back to kidnapping people, raping women, and leave real wrestlers alone.
* * 1/4th

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy – I Quit Match
Duration: 19:08
Cripes. Did I do something to you Hardys? Your Wrestlemania match was a massive disappointment, and this certainly did not wash the bad taste from my mouth. I was expecting them to really turn up the heat here, as I Quit matches are almost impossible to screw up, but they did it. It was rather slow, and boring. The ending was extremely drawn out, and we all knew the out come. Bah, I say. Bah.
* * 1/2th

Shane McMahon, Batista, Triple H © vs. Legacy – WWE Title Match
Duration: 22:48
As you guys know, I don’t really like tag wrestling. It takes quite a match for me to get into it, and this one really delivered. It was quick paced, hard fought, and had a great story-line with how Triple H could lose his title in almost any manner. Triple H even did the stretcher job, and the crowd started singing hey, hey, hey, goooodbye. It was like a dream come true. Dig it.
* * * *

John Cena © vs. Edge – Last Man Standing Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Duration: 28:24
What a shock. John Cena delivers in the main event AGAIN. I’ll never understand why these fat, nerdy wrestling fans think they’re so awesome and insider by hating Cena. The guy always gives you a good match, and is a class act. My only complaint with this match, is the same with most recent LMS matches. It use to be, you’d work the guy over for a bit, do something big, and get a count. Now a days it’s like; punch…start a ten count….kick….start a ten count…sneeze…start a ten count. It can get a pinch boring at times. This bad boy was all over the place, and earns my ballot for Match of the Year. Oh yeah, Shawn vs. Taker, take your boring ass match and uh….ah, just take it. You can’t beat the ending to this one.
* * * * 3/4th

Once again, another incredible Backlash. I’m a bit behind on the majority of PPVs this year, but from what I’ve read and seen, this is the show of the year in my book. Super cereal.


~ by Caliber Winfield on November 28, 2009.

One Response to “Str8 Gangster, No Chaser Reviews – Backlash 2009”

  1. I watched this live, first time I’d done that for ages. I thought Steamboat let himself down when he clearly forgot how to put on the figure four. Otherwise I agree with your ratings, I thought the Hardys match was terrible too and the top two matches were awesome; I thought Orton looked a player especially.

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