Thoughts on Raw

I watched the first hour of Impact, and DVR’d the last 2 hours. The first hour, eh, it’s half and half. On one half, they want to show that they’re an alternative, yet their first match, which is a cage match, ends in a DQ? Then Jeff Hardy just runs out and does whatever? Huh? I will admit that Hardy running out made me feel like I did when I saw the first Nitro when Luger ran out. Being an internet mark for so long, it’s really, truly hard to be surprised. So, that was nice.

Then, they had a woman’s match that they seemed to really be building on, not even break two stars, and at the pin they cut to a shot of the crowd looking at the escape cage. That was…odd.

Then they just kept showing surprise guests. Ric Flair, Hall & X-Pac, and no matches. Which was really weak on their part. Then I got to see a bit of Hogan before Raw started, and he came out to a lame sound-a-like version of the original nWo theme. His enterance was very subdued to be honest. I thought he’d fly in on a fucking zeplin, then jump out of it, pin the zepplin, and declare himself the new TNA World Heavyweight Champ.
Buuut then Raw started..

Wow. That was some extremely surreal shit, man. I couldn’t fucking believe I was watching Bret & Shawn in the same ring. Fuck, that was awesome.

Man, even though TNA would be eaten alive, I want them to go head-to-head with Raw. I like being able to switch back and forth. Reminds me of when WCW was watchable back in the day, and I could flip back to it during Raw. Or, during the times when WCW was so fucking good [see: Sting/Hogan build up] that I’d flip to Raw.

Goddamn, why did Melina have to hurt herself? Now I have to watch a Diva’s Tournament. Ugh. Woman wrestlers REALLY expose this business. It really sucks to switch from one woman’s match to….another. Oh well, at least Kong is here.

I say that about the women, and then Mark Henry & MVP screw up a reverse irish whip spot. As Mark lets go of MVP’s hand before the momentum switches and MVP just runs into Mark’s arms. Dig it.  Ugh, MVP, really?

Good to see Val Venis, and Nasty Boys come out of the woodwork. Wow, Knobbs is so fucking fat. A tag-match started, I flipped back and watched a preview for Marine 2, I flipped back, match was over. Yes, God forbid they actually have a MATCH. Is that Orlando Jordan? Holding a 5 hour energy thing? What the hell….last time I saw him he was losing to an old, crippled, Warrior.

Ugh. It hurts me so to see DX reduced to this. Really, the guys who came out with Suck the Cook aprons on are playing with a leprechaun?  Fuck, they’re coming out with him? How white-bread, pathetic, and WWE Circa 93′-babyface do you have to get? Sweet Christ, man….I’m assuming JeriShow wins here, as it stands, I can’t really see DX working Tuesdays…fuck, I was wrong. Man, it’s been a while since I’ve watched a match and really rooted for someone, as I just enjoy the  quality of matches and such…but man, I was rooting for JeriShow so badly here. I hate DX.

Watching Sheamus, is this the same feeling people had when they were watching as JBL was champ? I can’t buy this fucking douche for a second.

I’ve never seen a Dr. Death match, nor do I really care too, but I do know that he’s suppose to have been a friend of JR for quite awhile, yet he was hanging out with that fucking hack Ed Ferrera as he preformed as Oklahoma. What kind of friend is that? Hanging out on screen with a character who’s making fun of a guy’s disability.

OK, dug the stuff with Vince, I knew that’s what they were aiming for…but what the hell? This is BRET FUCKING HART. He had a part in the BIGGEST wrestling story-line ever, and hadn’t been back in 12 years, and he gets less air-time than damn near ANY guest host this year? What the fuck, man.

I haven’t seen the Hogan interview, or the main event, so I’ll need to watch those and weigh me opinion on’em. Sure, TNA’s show was good from an Oh my God aspect, with only ONE decent match. But Raw had a couple watchable matches, and the return of the greatest wrestler ever.

But it was great having two shows go head to head, I felt like I did when I was 15. Real interested to see what the ratings do. There’s no way TNA comes even close, Hart was the biggest trump card they could pull…with Rock a very close second.


~ by Caliber Winfield on January 4, 2010.

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