Random Wrasslin’: Wrestlemania 26

Wrestlemania 26
March 28th, 2010

I can’t think of a PPV I’ve ever been more excited to see. Survivor Series 1995 could rival this, but that’s only because it was the first PPV I was able to order. Thus ending my 5 month streak of watching PPV through scrambled television.

But after wards, nope. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this bad boy, because the line-up was unheard of. Previously, Wrestlemania 24 was my all time favorite, can it be dethroned just 2 years later? I”m sure the shivers are running down your spine…

Unified Tag-Team Match: ShowMiz © vs. John Morrison & R-Truth
Duration: 3:25
Why on Earth did they just get 3:25? For a title match, at Wrestlemania, that’s just shameful. It wasn’t much, but what do you expect?
Rating: * 1/2th

Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Ted Dibiase
Duration: 9:02
This of course, was more of a handi-cap match. It was actually quite good for what it was. Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase were tight as a drum with their double-team maneuvers and solo work. The match really picked up when they turned on each other, and Randy was able to get in some offense. Just watching that guy work, with his set moves, and mannerisms, just awesome, awesome stuff. It’s too bad it wasn’t a true Triple Threat match, otherwise this would have been a hidden gem.
Rating: * * 1/2th

Money In The Bank: Jack Swagger vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Christian vs. MVP vs. Matt Hardy vs. Evan Bourne vs. Kane vs. Kofi Kingston
Duration: 13:45
I really tend to enjoy MITB better when it’s 8 or less. 10 peeps in a match is just too many. This match was a lot less spot-festy than previous ones, but didn’t suffer from it. A hard fought ladder match with all the usual suspects and an unusual winner. I thought this would play out like Mr. Kennedy’s win, but alas I was wrong.
Rating: * * * *

Triple H vs. Sheamus
Duration: 12:09
This was great. Triple H actually did a great job making Sheamus look like a true contender. Matter of fact, this 12 minutes did so much more for Sheamus than his entire 2 month title reign. It was a nice power match  that had Triple H squeaking out the win, just as it should have been.
Rating: * * * 1/4th

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio
Duration: 6:31
Man, what crap. They could have easily nixed the Diva & tag-team match to give these guys the extra minutes they deserved. These two have always put on awesome matches, and given their extremely limited amount of time, this still was no exception. They went out there and packed a ton action into 6 and a half minutes. This could have been a classic if they were given the time they deserved
Rating: * * * 1/4th

No Holds Barred: Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon
Duration: 11:09
My brother and I couldn’t wait to see this match. A lot of people told us it was disappointing, but there was no way we could imagine this not kicking ass. Well, I guess we forgot a possible scenario, because that’s exactly what this was; disappointing. We didn’t need the Hart family, although I get it. We didn’t need Bret beating Vince with a crow bar and a chair for 10 minutes, and we really didn’t need him just chilling in the chair. It was intensely boring, sucked the life out of the crowd, and in no way even came close to what 13 years of building should have looked like. I understand Bret has health issues, but that means he couldn’t execute ONE wrestling move? Or take a couple shots from Vince? Such a shame.
Rating: *

World Heavyweight Title Match: Chris Jericho © vs. Edge
Duration: 15:47
Oooh, now we’re talking. This right here is a bonafied Wrestlemania classic, and my vote for match of the night. These guys went out there and tore the place apart. They didn’t let up for a single second. All the flawless counters and incredible near falls were all built upon fantastic wrestling with Jericho trying to snap Edge’s foot while the same time cowering from Edge’s spear. A fantastic match that would have seen the full monty if they just would have had the whole Spear-through-the-barricade spot. But oh well, there’s a shit ton of other great stuff to get gassed up about.
Rating: * * * * 3/4th

Michelle McCool, Layla, Maryse, Alicia Fox & Vickie Guerrero vs. Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, Gail Kim & Beth Phoenix
Duration: 3:26
What is there to say, really? One thing that bothered me is that Vickie had her catch phrase on her shirt, and her jacket, and still felt the need to say it. I hate it when people just ride a horse until it’s dead, then turn it into a zombie horse and ride that motherfucker too. Not to mention, that Hog Splash was horrible, didn’t she practice?
Rating: *

WWE Title Match: Batista © vs. John Cena
Duration: 13:30
Hell yeah. It’s no secret that I think John Cena is probably the best wrestler alive today. He always delivers in the big picture, and in the minors to. Batista & him have great chemistry together, as demonstrated in their SummerSlam 2008 match-up. This had a great build up as well. With Batista being jealous of Cena, and completely fucking him over at the Elimination Chamber PPV, not to mention he broke Cena’s neck at SummerSlam. So, Cena had a lot of reasons to get at Big Dave. As suspected, they didn’t disappoint. They had an awesome power match, and really went back and forth. I loved that they went back to SummerSlam with the off the top rope powerbomb. Just an awesome bout, and Cena proved once again why he’s the man when after wards, he went ringside and posed with the We Hate Cena people. You can’t hate the man after that.
Rating: * * * * 1/2th

Career vs. Streak: Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker
Duration: 24:00
As you all know, I really didn’t like last year’s bout between them. It was nothing more than average wrestling, followed by 15 minutes of laying around, trading finishers. But this one? This one was a fucking war. I loved it. Shawn never showed signs of giving up, even after a tombstone to the outside, and continued pulling all the stops, especially with the moonsault onto Undertaker’s legs, crashing through the table. They gave us awesome near falls, and just completely kicked the shit out of last years match. Mucho props to them, mucho.
Rating: * * * * 1/2th

Overall PPV Rating: * * * * 3/4th

Well, I may have to go back and review the tapes, but I do believe we have a new champion in the world of favorite Wrestlemanias. This one was non-stop in it’s kick assness, and with the exception of the Hart/McMahon match, it didn’t deliver anything I didn’t really enjoy. Of course, Wrestlemania 24 had the same with the Show/Moneyweather bout. Guess I’ll have to re-watch 24 and see…sorry to leave you on the edge of your seat like this.


~ by Caliber Winfield on May 18, 2010.

5 Responses to “Random Wrasslin’: Wrestlemania 26”

  1. I know I’m facetious/joking often when I comment on your posts, but I can honestly say it’s nice to get your opinion on this PPV, because I haven’t watched it yet and want to know whether I should watch or not.. But most reviews you read are by people who get sucked too much into the “magic of Wrestlemania” and I can’t trust them, but you are dependable. I’ve hardly liked any Wrestlemanias since 19, the exceptions being 21 and 24(the latter which I actually attended with my brother).

    So it’s nice to get a real opinion. I was actually looking forward to the Bret Hart match the most (still am, and hopefully I can enjoy it more now that I know what to expect). But it’s nice to hear from someone who isn’t a tool that the main events deliver, and now I will have to download it and watch it here during my 2 free weeks.

    • Also, it’s curious to note how you and so many people seemed to hate the Show/Moneyweather bout, but watching it live was freaking HILARIOUS, one of the best times of the night.. and I think everyone else there felt the same. One of the all-time great Wrestlemania “entertainment” matches, IMO, although I have not watched it on DVD yet.

  2. I appreciate the kind words. I really do.

    I actually just watched most of WM24 the other day, and it may have lost out to WM26. I totally dug the Belfast Brawl, and didn’t even mind the Batista/Umaga match. And while it has a 5 star match [Shawn/Ric], a 4 1/4th [Triple Threat] and a 4 3/4th [Taker/Edge], the entire undercard of WM26 was just stellar, at least I thought.

    To be honest, I’ve never watched Big Show/Mayweather. I know, I know, I bad mouth it without even having seen it. But I just figured it’d be crap. You and I seem to have a lot of the same taste, so I’ll check it out and post my Wm24 review this weekend.

    You didn’t dig WM23? Two great title matches and the Money in the Bank. Although the fact that Lashley/Umaga got the main event pretty much was atrocious.

  3. WM23 was an OK time, with a great Money in the Bank, but knowing there was no way Shawn Michaels would win the main event kinda bummed me out. My problem with the last few Wrestlemanis is that there is just too much filler/spectacle/hype, etc. All you have to do usually is look at the Backlash PPVs to see a much better show that cuts out the BS from ‘Mania. Just look at the 2007 show after WM23– that was one of the best PPVs of the decade.

    Anyway, I’m attempting to get WM26 now.. And hopefully finally get to the televised version of WM24– I had no idea the triple threat was that good, because some crazy lighting issues in the arena kept us from actually watching most of the match.

  4. You know, that’s very true. I watched the Mayweather/Big Show bout, and it was OK, but honestly, you REALLY, REALLY had to suspend your disbelief. If Show was taking on Mysterio, I could buy that. Because Mysterio is a wrestler. But Floyd was just a small motherfucker, and you could easily see how quickly Show could squash him.

    Things like that, Kid Rock, Hair vs Hair, it’s all crap.

    That Shawn vs. Cena is a total 5 star affair for me, I love it. Same with Taker vs Batista.

    Such a sharp point about the Backlash’s. The 07′ Backlash is great, 5 star Last Man Standing, and the main event is solid. ’08 Backlash is incredible, and the ’09 Backlash is hands down one of the greatest PPV’s ever. Easily a Top 5 for me.

    I just copped the Best PPV Matches 09-10 and I’ll post a review for that, since I’ve been jobless for 8 months and haven’t been able to get ANY PPVs as of late. Then, then I do reviews and look back on the original Karate Kid’s, since that crap is soon coming out.

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