Really, man? Really?

How on EARTH does this bullshit still happen? It’s absolutely incredible how you’ll get second chance after second chance until you DIE once you’re juiced into the world of pro-wrestling.

15 years ago, I never would have dreamed this could be.

Razor Ramon was my absolute hero. I had a ton of pictures on my wall of The Bad Guy, and I’d go to the video store and rent any PPV or wrestling tape that had any Razor match on it. I once rented a video game, and it came with a full color instruction manual that had an awesome picture of Razor, welp, I cut it out and in turn couldn’t return the manual and had to pay $15. It was worth it. I then had my Dad go to a photo copy place and blow the picture up to the size of a magazine cover. I was so happy.

I remember him winning the Intercontinental Title from Dean Douglas and running around the room, screaming with joy. The very next day a friend at school made good on a promise to produce a Razor Ramon necklace he had. I can’t find a picture, but it was metal razor blade, obvviously not sharp, with fake gold plating that was turning black, and had a hokey gold necklace attached to it. On the razor blade it said ‘Razor Ramon’. I sported that shit like it was handed down from God, and that it would protect me from any form of harm.

I also had a bunch of those old school WWE figures, but I had one that I never played with, and was displayed on my wall with pride;

Look at that bad motherfucker! Anyone who’d try and bring the hate, you just twist him back and BAM! That arm would come flying at you at about Mach 3.

Also at this time I was beyond pro-WWE. I despised WCW. They had a bunch of washed up hacks and couldn’t cut it with the awesomeness of the ‘E. I would call the Ross Hotline, where I’d get the big scoops, this was long before I had the internet. On one faithful day however, I heard news that made me cry.

Scott Hall, aka Razor Ramon, has signed with World Championship Wrestling.

How could this be?! How?! NO! My idol was going to the fucking enemy!

I went to bed that night and just stared at the wall, I got so mad at one point I ripped the photos off the wall.

But then, but then…it was like God was looking out for his boy because Scott Hall didn’t sign with WCW, he was against WCW! He was there to bring them down! Because at this point, I thought wrestling was 100% real. My mom asked why on Earth would they wrestle for free, and I was able to come back with a solid point of “HA! The Million Dollar Man is paying their salaries”. Oh, and I truly believed all this. I thought that my two favorite wrestlers, Big Daddy Cool & Razor Ramon were here to take down WCW, my most hated enemy.

So, through out my 15 years as a wrestling fan, I’ve always had a place in my thug-ass heart for The Bad Guy, and every time I see something like this in the news, it saddens me. It also saddens me to see that instead of wrestling in rings, he eats them. Oh well, I’ll always have SummerSlam ’95.


~ by Caliber Winfield on May 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “Really, man? Really?”

  1. I assume you saw his ridiculous mugshot. That is some creepy shit.

  2. haha, no I haven’t. I’ll go have a look.

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