The Only Review of the Karate Kid Part III That You’ll Ever Need

Lets get it on…

The Karate Kid Part III
June 30th, 1989

Ah, The Karate Kid Part III. In the family of these movies, this one is the black sheep. While I will freely admit there’s a couple things about this one that aren’t the greatest, it’s strong points make up for it 10 fold.

The things that are a bit weak about this film are as follows. We’re to believe that this film takes place a year after the first tournament. Yet, Daniel looks a great dealer older, and he’s obviously fatter. The plot, is extremely out there. As John Kreese’s dear friend has decided to extract revenge for him. So, a wealthy industrialist has time in his schedule to just drop everything to pick a fight with a teenager and a senior citizen. Guys who do things like this, do not become millionaires. And his staff goes along with this like he’s doing something as simple as making breakfast. But for me, this is something that makes the movie awesome. Sure, it loses the realness of the first one, but the fact it hams it up like this makes it really fucking enjoyable. Let’s get it on…

The Bully:

Mike Barnes

Mike Barnes, also known as Karate’s Bad Boy. He’s a hired gun who’s being paid a mighty chunk of change to tournament Daniel and take his title at the All Valley Karate Tournament, and he’s a major dick.

Some people will ask a couple times, and after being dejected, they tend to turn away. Mike, however, steels Daniel’s shit, and threatens to literally kill him if he doesn’t sign up for the tournament. He kicks women, constitantly goes too far on opponents in the tournament, and doesn’t seat belt his penis when he gets a boner, so everyone notices it and uncomfortably keeps eye contact.

He must have been quite the find for Terry Silver and John Kreese. I mean, think about it. They’re thinking “Well, we gotta find a real bad-ass in Karate, who’s down with our plan to get revenge on a teenager and a senior citizen whom Kreese blames for his business crumbling, and not the fact he choked out students and attempted to beat up a senior citizen right outside of the tournament, in front of a shit ton of people”. Apparently, Barnes is all business and had no problem with stealing and threatening murder.

He’s meaner than Johnny, and just as lethal as Chozen.

Evil Sensi:

Terry Silver

First and foremost, let it be known that Thomas Ian Griffith fucking killed it when he came to playing Terry Silver. He was maniacal, deceitful, vicious, two-faced, and Griffith played it absolute.

Terry Silver is an old war buddy of one John Kreese [although in real life, Ralph Macchio is a year older than Griffith] and they trained in Karate together. I’m not sure if Cobra Kai was their squad’s name, but they both represent it. Silver is a wealthy industrialist who apparently makes a ton of money dumping toxic waste. I get the feeling that they made sure that he had to acquire his money via something evil. So, it was either dumping toxic waste, or clubbing baby seals with an elephant’s ivory tusk while wearing a bald eagle hat that’s encrusted with diamonds he personally watched a group of crippled 8 year olds mine.

Besides all that, he’s just straight wicked. He worms his way into Daniel’s life through various planned but seemingly coincidental encounters and begins to train Daniel. Of course, he fills his head with a bunch of crap and has him all fucked up for tournament time. He’s got him trying to break 2x4s with his foot, nearly breaking it, and busts up his knuckles the same way. It’s pretty twisted to see how much Silver is relishing all the torment that Daniel is going through. He plays the two-face just so damn well.

Romantic Interest:

Jessica Andrews

This one strays a bit from the norm, due to the fact she isn’t a romantic interest. She has a boyfriend, and she’s just a friend to Daniel, which I guess they just threw in there for continuity’s sake. She doesn’t do much during the whole movie, nor is she much to look at it. She does get her stomach rocked by a side kick from Mike Barnes, which is neat. I thought it was a nice move on the writers part to not go with the typical once-again chance occurrence of finding love, but instead just turning her into a friend.

Secret Move That Daniel Uses To Win Fight:

Although not as famous as the Crane Kick, I think it’s just as interesting. People, including Bruce Lee, say that kata’s are useless. Me personally, I don’t place much value in them, I just think it’s sort of like a dance, I guess. But if there’s one special one, like the Myagi family kata, then I can dig it. So, it’s nice to see something so peaceful, and obviously not meant for real combat, used to defeat an extreme force of aggression.

True story, and I swear it’s true. Growing up, in Elementary I had a guy whom I hated. He hated me to. Well, now and then we’d get into a scuffle, but never a full fledged brawl. Well, one day it came down to it, and I didn’t know what to do. However, a couple weeks before hand, I learned the Myagi Kata. So, right as it was going down, I just went into it. He was so bugged out by it, he wouldn’t fight me. I swear to God. I won because of the kata.

Awesome Song From Movie:

Nope. Sorry, there was no major awesome song from this one. Why that is, I don’t know. I mean, c’mon, it had been a two movie tradition, why block the rooster now? Bah!

Caliber’s Favorite Moments:

Well, as with any Karate Kid, I love it when Miyagi shows up and saves the day, such as when he whoops ass at the Bonsai Tree shop.

I love the training scenes between Daniel and Mr. Silver. It’s so subtle, evil, and brutal. The job that Griffith did with this role is so underrated.

But without a doubt, my favorite scene from the movie, and my 2nd favorite scene in the annals of Karate Kiddom, is where Miyagi takes on Barnes, Silver, and Kreese at the same time. We’ve been waiting for a real Kreese vs Miyagi since day one, and we finally get it. Plus, it comes right after one of the scariest scenes to me as a child. Daniel is in a dark dojo surrounded by all these bad guys, and they start kicking the crap out of him. He leaves, and they try and drag him back. As a kid, I thought they were going to kill him. But, naturally, Miyagi the bad ass saves the day.

This was actually Griffith’s screen debut. Quite the debut, if you ask me. He really knocked it out of the park, and I’m shocked he didn’t become a bigger star. Another awesome movie he’s in is John Carpenter’s Vampires. Check it out, it’s fucking incredible.

Welp, it’s been extremely gangster going over the Kids. I haven’t seen the new one, but rest assured I will. I’m really surprised it did about 50 million, because goddamn, are there really that many people interested in The Karate Kid?

While the original is a universal classic, and anyone who grew up at that time loves it, I think it’s due time that the sequels get the same amount of love. Because they rock, man. They rock.


~ by Caliber Winfield on June 22, 2010.

7 Responses to “The Only Review of the Karate Kid Part III That You’ll Ever Need”

  1. Nice reviews as always, of course.. The sequels definitely need love. Well I don’t have much more to add since I’m about to head home, except I came across a trailer for this gem while looking up some Karate Kid info…

    Should be pretty awesome. The world needs more Ralph Macchio.

  2. Great blog.I love The Karate Kid movies and I consider myself a major movie critic of all genres especially horrors (in particular 80’s horror),but let me tell ya no movie has the heart and soul of The Karate Kid part 3 it is by far my favorite film of all time.

  3. Great write up! I remember watching this as a kid and not knowing why I didn’t like it, then as a twenty year old loathing it. But just seeing it again now in my 30s I totally love it for all the same reasons you’ve expressed!

    Karate Kid part III really does ratchet up the stakes. Evil Sensei was so great! Within the first 5 mins of meeting him, you see him take on and beat two sparring partners while mocking them and then find out he’s rich from dumping plutonium (his company’s name is Dyna-Tox). Lastly you mentioned how you liked the platonic relationship with the female lead. (If it’s too believed) according to an IMDB trivia bit, that relationship was platonic instead of romantic because Ralph Macchio didn’t want his wife to be jealous.

    • Thanks for the kind words, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      Yeah, KKIII is one of those movies you appreciate more as you get older. A guilty pleasure for sure, and funny as hell.

  4. Give us a break. The Karate Kid 3 is laughable – as in it’s so terrible you have to laugh at its awfulness. Unlike Johnny, who was a likable douche and believable character Mike Barnes is a straight up caricature – one dimensional, not believable. What’s worse is Terry Silver finds him in a magazine and, for reason never explained, this teenaage karate “bad boy’s parents allow him to travel across the country to stay with a 40-year-old billionaire they’ve never met. Guy could have been a pedophile for all we know. Speaking of villains, John Kreese, who was a menacing force in KK1 is now total shell of the character is he once was. You’re telling me this guy doesn’t realize the reason he lost everything i because he assaulted his best student in front of his entire dojo? I know you’re trying to make a case for a bad movie, but c’mon making specious claims like this is “The Only Review of the Karate Kid Part III That You’ll Ever Need” undermines your credibility for whatever that’s worth.

    • Brother, did you not get that I’m a comedian?

      Of course it’s a terrible movie, that’s why it’s good. And of course that isn’t the only review a person would ever need, the outlandish action of saying such is humorous, so long as you get the person is making a joke.

  5. I love the fact that Daniel was able to bypass all the preliminary matches and go straight to the championship! I think all tournaments should be set up like this LOL!!!!

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