The People’s Reviews: The Royal Rumble 2010

Royal Rumble
January 31st, 2010

I know, I know, the Kane DVD is suppose to be up, but man, it’s a lot to watch. But do you want to know the complete kicker about all this? The DVD has made me like Kane. He’s actually not as bad as I had originally thought. Sure, his character get’s seriously stale, and he isn’t a technical master, but he can be damn decent when he needs to be.

Anyways, let’s get down to some super-tuper Rumble action…

ECW World Heavyweight Championship: Christian [c] vs. Ezekiel Jackson
Duration: 11:59
When I saw it was Jackson taking on Christian, I was pretty disappointed. I hadn’t really seen him wrestle, but I pretty much figured he sucked because he was just another muscle bound dude who blew men for bus fare then walked home. However, ‘Zeke pulled it off and had a really good match with Christian. He’s a God amongst men pretty much, so it’s no surprise to hear that he had yet another great match. This was just a straight back and forth bout, where Christian had to use wits and veteran knowledge to take down the neo-Ahmed Johnson. I loved all the near falls, and attempts at the Kill Switch.
Rating: * * * 1/2th

United States Championship Match: The Miz [c] vs. MVP
Duration: 7:30
I don’t like The Miz. I don’t like MVP. I do like this match, however. Nothing really special, it’s just a well done mid-card bout that helped flesh out the PPV. Why on Earth The Miz has a contract I’ll never know. There’s nothing special about his athletic ability, he sucks on the mic, and his character along with the whole “I’m Awesome!” is so bland, generic, and stupid that I’m pretty sure he had the same idea when he was wrestling in an online federation.
Rating: * * 3/4th

WWE Heavyweight Championship: Sheamus [c] vs. Randy Orton
Duration: 12:25
This was just getting there, man. This was just getting there when they went with the lame ass finish. I get it, as it was to advance the Legacy storyline, but c’mon. We pay $45 for a PPV, or $20 for the DVD, and this is the kind of finish we get? They could have given us a stronger finish, and still involved Legacy.
Rating: * * 3/4th

WWE Women’s Championship: Michelle McCool [c] vs. Mickie James
Duration: .20
I already talked about this on my review of the Best of PPV DVD. Awesome way to get heat, and a great swerve of the Warrior-esq squash.
Rating: No Rating

WWE Heavyweight Championship: The Undertaker [c] vs. Rey Mysterio
Duration: 11:07
Rey is a fantastic wrestler. Flat out fantastic. He always has fantastic matches, and has never had a down period. I’ve never heard of him complaining, or making things difficult for people. So why on Earth does he have to get his ass kicked for 11 minutes by the Undertaker? Rey is only a few inches shorter than Shawn Micheals, so how come Shawn can be treated like an equal and Rey has to get beaten to shit? If they had played it out with Rey being an equal, we’d have ourselves a hell of a match
Rating: * * 3/4th

The Royal Rumble
You know, a lot of people have given various Royal Rumbles 5 stars. I’ve seen these, and just can’t see it. Yes, that includes ’92. I think a lot of the Rumbles entertainment comes from watching it live, because of the mystery surrounding some of the entrants. Once you know everything, it’s just sort of like watching a bunch of jobbers run in and run out. It’s probably me, but I just don’t find them that entertaining once you know what’s going on.
Rating: * * *

Over-All: * * * 1/4th. Nothing terrible, but nothing to get jazzed up about. If you’re absolutely gotta see it, just buy WWE 24/7 for a month and watch it. I really don’t think the DVD is worth it. That Christian match does rock though…


~ by Caliber Winfield on June 26, 2010.

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