Lemme get my rant on…

One of the things that bothers me is when you see people post a review of a wrestling PPV and call it a “rant”. Does anyone even know what a rant is? It’s where you just go off on a various group of topics and basically go off the top. Not telling people that HHH holds wrestlers back, and giving the latest Daniel Bryan match ****1/2th stars. Allow me, to rant…

I hate America. I truly do. It’s a disgusting, pathetic, ridiculous and racist country that does whatever it can to make a dollar.

We’re a country that wants to constantly keep people in limbo. Offering a ton of really cheap, really bad for you food so that you can get nice and fat, and then offer a bunch of “silver bullet” type methods to get super thin, and ripped. We’re a country where damn near EVERYONE tries to shill blame on to whatever else we can, besides ourselves. Take fat people, for instance. They try and blame everything else except for themselves as to why they’re fat.

Really, bitch? It’s McDonald’s fault that you’re fat? Does McDonald’s FORCE you to not exercise? Does it force you to drive around Wal-Mart’s parking lot for 20 minutes so you can get the closest parking spot? Then, once you get inside Wal-Mart you hop on one of those motorized shopping carts. How fucking pathetic are you? Often times they’ll say “Well, my knees and feet hurt if I walk for too long!”. Well guess what, jackass, if you were to walk a little bit at a time when you’re home, you’d start to lose weight and gain strength in your legs again! What a shock! How about trying that, coupled with eating some skinless, chicken breasts for dinner, instead of Jimmy Dean Breakfast sandwiches and Trim Spa [while working at Costco, I saw some fat asshole buying both of those].

Most fat people are stupid, and obnoxious and demand a ton of attention and sympathy. All they do is f’ning complain about how fat they are, and how people should treat them better and blah blah blah. Well what do you expect? You Fat Albert along, jawing all day about how you wish you were thin while you’re chugging down milkshakes and shit, and never making a serious attempt at losing weight.

I love fat people who just shut their mouths and do their damn thing. I have no problem with fat people, just the obnoxious ones who want a ton of attention and sympathy for something they’ve done to their fucking selves.

They bitch and moan that they can’t stop eating, well guess what, motherfucker? Just exercise. If you walk a couple miles everyday, perhaps do some weight lifting, you can eat whatever the fuck you want. After the awesome documentary came out, Super Size Me, a guy did the same 30 day diet but worked out a lot, and guess what? Dropped a good load of fat, gained muscle, dropped cholesterol and blood pressure.

So many assholes think that aerobic exercise is the key. Wrong, motherfuckers. Weight lifting is the key. A pound of muscle burns 50 calories a day, just to maintain. Stop being such a dumb motherfucker and buying bills, and shake weights. UGH.

That’s another thing that pisses me off about this country, hell, probably the thing that pisses me off the MOST. Because, it’s the root of everything I hate, and that my friends, is stupidity.

I’d say 95% of America is dumb as all hell. That’s why reality TV is so booming. Why the Kardashians are famous, why Paris was famous, why we’re so transfixed on being super-skinny and super attractive, as well as rich. Intelligence has been pushed so far back, that people could careless about it. There are people in high school who don’t know who the fucking Nazi’s were, swear to God.

This country will sit here, and punish and lambaste smokers, yet people who are fat, and worst of all, people who are fucking stupid are catered to, pampered, and have all the sharp edges in life padded for them so they can float through life with ease. It’s disgusting.

The news is constantly running their mouths, villainizing things like smoking, pot, steroids and such, saying shit that they can’t back up in anyway shape, or form and people are just soaking it up. I mean, someone who smokes cigarettes is treated like Hitler. Yet, someone can drink like a motherfucker, and it’s alright. We have NO negative ads, or words towards drinking, despite the fact it’s a million times worse than smoking, or pot, or steroids. No one ever smoked a cigarette and beat their wife. No one was ever crashed their car and killed a family because they used steroids.

This country constantly does things like saying ‘hey, you HAVE to be a virgin! Purity! Sex can wait!” while at the same time, you see nothing but sex, sex, sex in TV, movies, and commercials. Teenagers, the ideal demographic to market to, are constantly blasted with mix signals and immensely confused, so we can get’em to buy or go along with whatever. It’s pathetic.

We’re a country that still feels Gay people shouldn’t have the right to get married. That some how, these people are LESS than what a straight person is. Are you kidding me? Gay people are so much better than any straight couple. They don’t get married, then shit out a bunch of kids they can’t afford, or really take care of. So then that kid grows up, neglected, and either robs the hell out of people, or continues to the cycle and beats his kids. Or, if it’s a girl, she just grows up to be a gross slut. You aren’t getting any of that bullshit from the Gays.

Stupid, religious zealots are condemming gays, saying they’re ruining the institution of marriage, despite the fact that the divorce rate is 50%. So, if you ask me, the straights are doing WAAAY more against the ‘institution’ of marriage than any Gay folks are. Not to mention, the Bible says no one sin is worse than another, and that we’re all sinners. So, motherfuckers, you’re no worse than the people you try and condem. Plus, doesn’t God teach love and forgiveness? Oops, I guess that gets in the way of you being nothing more than an ignorant bigot.

God, I hate this country. Why….why can’t I live in Canada.


~ by Caliber Winfield on July 6, 2010.

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