The Only Reviews of Hot Tub Time Machine & From Paris With Love, You’ll Ever Need

Hot Tub Time Machine
March 26th, 2010

There’s been a rush of comedies in the last few years that hail to the styles of movies like Animal House, Road Trip, & Breakfast Club. These sort of buddy-pack movies. The more shinning examples as of late have been Step Brothers, and the super, super fucking awesome The Hangover.

Now, where does Hot Tub fit in the pantheon of all these? To me, it’s in the realm of Animal House, in that, I only laughed here and there, but was very fucking entertained.

I love a time travel comedy. Sure, there’s only about 3 of them, and they’re all Back to the Futures, but I dig the genre.

The movie, as you can probably sum up, is about some long time friends, and one of the friend’s nephew, who haven’t been friends as of late, and decide to take a trip to their favorite ski resort after a friend’s accidental suicide attempt. Well, one thing leads to another and via the hot tub they’re transported back to 1986.

They try to keep things as they were, to avoid the butterfly effect, but c’mon? Who would be able to resist fucking with people, since you know what’s going to go down?

There’s a lot of laugh out loud lines, but it doesn’t hit you and hit you like Step Brothers, or The Hangover did. It did entertain the hell out of me though, because time travel rules.

A real high light was that of Crispin Glover. The dude is the king of Time Travel Comedies. Eccentric as he is, he picks some of the coolest roles for him to play when it comes to the mainstream, and this one is no exception.

It’s an awesome movie that’s mos def worth checking out. If you’re as astute as me, you’ll see certain things coming, which isn’t a big deal, and you’ll laugh pretty hard at shit like “Man, we’re going to make Hitler President”.

* * * *  out of * * * * *. Dig it, son, dig it.

From Paris With Love
February 5th, 2010

Luc Besson, can do no wrong. He wrote the Transporter trilogy [which all kick ass], and he also wrote the uber-ass kicking Taken. From Paris With Love is yet another contribution from Besson to the world of over the top action movies.

The first thing that may detract you from it, as it was for me, was Travolta being in the lead role. I thought, really? Travolta being an uber-bad ass at this point in his career? I just couldn’t get into it. However, once the movie gets going, you really get into Charlie Wax. It’s a cool character, and Travolta pulls it off nicely.

As with most of Besson’s material, it’s just your basic ‘you get the plot’, ‘the good guy kicks ass’, ‘and keeps kicking ass’. Well, With Paris has a deeper plot that you can’t just grab at the beginning. It twists and winds, and keeps developing, and has cool reveals.

The relationship between Wax and his more uptight partner Reece is refreshing. Because as with most buddy cop movies, they hate each other at first, then develop the bond. However, here, they pretty much like each other from the beginning and dig each other more and more as the story goes.

There’s a lot of unconventional moments here that are great, and make this stand out from most other neo-action flicks. Great stuff, I do recommend.

* * * 3/4th out of * * * * * . Keep on diggin’


~ by Caliber Winfield on July 9, 2010.

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