Some various thoughs on the going-ons of professional wrestling

Let’s get our Impact talk on, shall we?

I know a lot of fans like to rag on TNA and what have you, and they are pretty inept, but they have a pretty decent pool of talent, and some alright story lines.

First off, the one thing that TNA needs to QUIT doing is every 3-4 months announce that there’s a MAJOR announcement coming. Russo lives to act like one idea, or one change is going to make TNA the number one promotion. It isn’t, motherfucker. Hulk & Bish didn’t do shit. So, just keep working with’em and the rest and try to make something happen.

We don’t need ECW to come in, we don’t. Besides, you guys did this 8 years ago. When everyone was 8 years younger, and hadn’t been all over TV for 8 years, and we hadn’t had two ECW One Night Stands, and 3 Hardcore Reunions.

Also, you guys were better off with AJ as champ. He was awesome as a heel, so much better than a lame white-bread baby face. RVD is OK, but man, he’s bland. He isn’t as great as he was 10 years ago.

Something TNA is doing great with is their tag division, and I hate tag matches usually. They have a lot of solid teams, who can deliver solid matches.

I love the fact that someone can hold on to a title for longer than a freaking month. In the last 10 months, the TNA title has changed hands twice. In that same time, the WWE Title has changed hands 8 times, and their World Heavyweight Title has changed hands 5 times. The Undertaker was at least able to hold on to the belt for 4 months, which is pretty shocking. You’d think that they’d learn from WCW and that playing hot potato with the belts does nothing but hurt them.

STOP trying to shove Abyss on us. He’s only good in hardcore, and he was fine 5 years ago with James Mitchell. But this? Wearing that stupid ass coat and track suit. Having him talk? Bah.

Keep up with the Sting stuff. I really like where it’s going, so bring him back.

The Nexus stuff, is good. If a little boring at times. They need a cooler looking T-shirt, and maybe need to chop down their members. I’d also like some more random attacks like when they first appeared. I loved the whole ‘beat-up whomever’ style of them. I’m glad that Cena isn’t in the title picture, and he’s going after the Nexus.

Raw was pretty decent this week. No super long promos. They started the program with an actual WRESTLING match. A decent one at that. The MITB thing with Miz was cool, but why does it have to be The Miz? He’s the most bland, most boring motherfucker to come along in a while. It’s like when Tank Abbot won the WCW title in that battle royal. No one saw it coming, because it didn’t need to happen.

As I mentioned it up there, knock it off with all the title switches, motherfuckers.

I think Sheamus needs to get a clean win over Cena. Or at least without the help of others. His feud with Triple H really did a lot for him, more than just putting a strap on him will ever do. So, establish him, dammit.

Kane as the MITB winner and subsequent title win, I have no problem with. In the last 13 years that Kane has been around, I’ve never heard about him being a dick. Or ever complaining about doing a job. Or fucking up a drug test, or not showing up. So, I think he deserves it. Of course, I liked Rey as a champ. He deserves it just as much, if not more, because he can wrestle his ass off. Anyone who has a problem with Rey being champ because of his size, well, is probably your average fat, very well informed wrestling fan.

I assume they’re going to do something better at SummerSlam than Sheamus vs Randy, we’ve seen it. So, let’s make it a Triple Threat, or get a cool stat. Dig it.


~ by Caliber Winfield on July 20, 2010.

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