From The Vault: A Caliber Classic

I was going through some of the older shit I’d written back in 2007 when I ran a website like this. This is probably one of my Top 3 pieces I’ve ever written. I do hope you kids enjoy it.


Next to anything ran by the Taliban, we’re the most censored country in all the land. We try and prevent people from seeing violence, sex, or use of drugs on our television, ads, and where ever else. However, isn’t odd that we’re still the most violent, and sexually charged country in the world? Canada airs things completely uncensored on their TV networks, and everything seems to be just fine up there. Have you seen the commercials that air over in Europe? Yeah, they don’t lead the world in gun deaths, or rampant spreading of STDs.

Yet, so many people like Tipper Gore feel they’re saving the world by forcing censorship and rating systems all over the place. So, I’d have to ask, is the Parental Advisory sticker on my 2Pac CD, or the big M+ MATURE label on the Grand Theft Auto case doing anything to decrease the fact that the rate of firearm deaths among kids under 15 is 12 times higher in the US than 25 other industrialized countries combined? The rating system for video games started back in the early 90’s with Mortal Kombat, and the like. So, we’ve been ‘saving’ everyone with ratings, and continued censorship in video games, yet gun crime fell in the 90’s, and then rose sharply in 2005, and even faster in 2006. Odd. Isn’t that when we REALLY started to crack down on covering people’s eyes? If somebody is going to shoot someone because of what they say on a video game, then I’d bet anything they were going to shoot someone without the ‘aid’ of the video game.

I work for a video game store. If I were to sell a M+ Mature rated game to a minor, I’d not only be fined $5,000 and face a sentence of 90 days in jail, but literally everyone on my staff would be fired. General, and district manager alike too. But if I sold booze? Something that could result in death from poisoning, or drunk driving, I’d have to pay a $500 fine. And maybe loose my job. Heavens no….

But let’s digress from guns, violence, and hypocrisy for a moment. Let’s talk about drugs. The biggest market in the USA today. The boom came in the 1960’s, the kids were smoking pot, and dropping LSD. The 70’s was pretty much the same thing, but come the end of the plaid-clad era, cocaine was becoming the big hit. Once the 80’s arose, we had the age of decadence. Of course, there’s always another shoe to drop. So on the opposite side of money, we had the struggle. And heck, even those in the struggle need a good buzz, ay? So we’ve got crack, which instead of paying $300 for a shot of coke, they could pay $3-5 for a vile of crack. And the big boom started. So of course, we had another wife of a politician with too much time on her hands, who thought she could ‘save the world’. Hence we had, the ‘Just Say No’ campaign. They dumped billions of dollars into the program, and were determined to wipe it all off the streets. Let’s see how that all panned out;

In 1980, right before the War on Drugs started:

Overdose deaths:

Among teens: 260.

Among adults: 6,600

Drug-related hospital emergency cases:

Among teens: 45,118

Among adults: 270,506

Drug-related murders:


Arrests for drug law violations:

Among teens: 205,000

Among adults: 375,000

Now, in 1998, 18 years after the fact Regan and his inane wife declared ‘war on drugs’:

Overdose deaths:

Among teens: 300

Among adults: 15,000

Drug-related hospital emergency cases:

Among teens: 53,300

Among adults: 501,600

Drug-related murders:


Arrests for drug law violations:

Among teens: 412,000

Among adults: 944,000

Awesome. Money well spent, I’d say. Not to mention how fair it is to bust down on people who smoke pot. The violent, obnoxious, wife-beating stoners. Wait. No. That’s alcoholics. So, let’s look at some more statistics, shall we?

Number of 17 year-old drivers in fatal drunken driving accidents in 2000: 155.

Number of 40 year-olds: 203.

Number of teenage girls, total (all age 15-19): 147.

Number of 40 year-old men: 167.

Average annual number of deaths from alcohol overdose poisoning during the 1990-2000s among persons ages :

15-24: 15.

25-34: 38.

35-44: 58.

45-54: 42.

over 55: 32.

Average number of fatal pot related driving accidents EVER:


Average annual number of deaths from overdosing on pot EVER:


Being caught with over a pound of marijuana, can result in life in prison. Getting several DUI’s, then killing someone in a drunk-driving accident can lead up to a staggering 20 years in prison. Get caught with harmless pot, go to jail for life. Kill someone and destroy lives, go to jail for 20 years and probably get off very early for good behavior. More people have died from aspirin, than marijuana.

Ok, so now we have it covered with how well putting the screws on stoners has been. And how a substance that has killed countless people, wrecked tons of lives, is sold in stores every day. Go team.

Now, as we know, America is the most sexually repressed country in the world. It sends people, mostly children, the signal everyday that sex is bad, and horrible, but at the same time, that you have to be sexy to succeed. That being thin, and hot is the only way to go through life. Shit like this just makes it easy to manipulate and mold children to however your advertising world sees fit. So, they’d never dream of showing a boob on TV, and also try to ban video games that feature strip clubs and the like, and for what reason? Oh, that’s right, to save the children! It’s something we’ve been doing since the advent of television, and Lucy and Ricky slept in separate beds. How is all this censorship working?

Number of junior high-age girls (15 and younger) who gave birth in 2000:


Fathers were junior high-age boys (15 and younger):


Fathers were senior high-age boys (16-18):


Fathers were post high school men (19 and older):


Percent of all HIV infectees from heterosexual intercourse which are females:

Teens: 90%.

Adults: 65%.

Wow, we’re sure doing wonders, aren’t we?

Change in HIV infection rates, 2000 vs 1995:

Age 13-24, DOWN 7%

25-34, UP 3%

35-44, UP 44%

45-54, UP 73%

Hey, there we go! wait…going up is bad here. Never mind. Sex-Ed and censorship is doing great….thank god for the V-Chip in televisions that keep kids from seeing Jessica Parker’s ass, Lord knows what kind of corrupt place we’d live in.

Ok, now the big one. Guns. Murder. And all the whole crazy scene kids are into these days. It’s been a hot button issue since the 80’s, with the advent of video games, and the increasing violence in movies. With the rise of action stars like Stallone, Scharzenegger, and the lesser, like Van-Dam and Segal. Also, once gangster rap came onto the pop-scene, a bunch of white people were afraid that these scary, black individuals would cause their once spick-and-span clean kids would turn into gun toting hoodlums. So they censored videos on MTV like crazy, placed parental advisory stickers on every inch of space on the CD case, and ripped any gun related action in movies that were shown on TV. So, that’s probably why out of the 15,000 homicides in the USA in 2005, almost 70% were gun-related. On average, we have about 23,237 accidental non-fatal gun-shot incidents. But how can that be? We have rating systems on video games! We’ve made it impossible for anyone under 17 to get in to a Vin Diesel movie. How is this possible? Music, TV, and movies are the sole reason for violence. They’re the cause. Don’t you dare cite the hypocrisy in all that when we attack a country and kill thousands of children because we bombed an aspirin factory we “thought” were making weapons.

In 2005, the age group 17-19 made up of 4.3% of the US population, and 11.2% of those killed by firearms. But not to worry, because 10.6% were the ones doing the killing. 20-24 made up 7.1% of the population, 22% of them were dying from guns, and 17% of them were doing the killing.

Censorship is not going to stop anything. You basically can’t stop anything like drugs, reckless sex, and murder. However, you can sure as hell bring the numbers down significantly. Because it all starts at home. The parents are the nucleus for all of this. Rating systems, censorship, warning stickers, V-Chips, all that garb does is allow parents to be even lazier than they already are. They can take a look at that warning sticker, and just say “nope”. Without even looking into it, or getting involved with what their kids are doing. They don’t watch movies with them anymore, listen to their music, or anything. They expect to flip the v-chip on, and let it baby-sit their kids. They don’t wanna take care of their kids, and watch TV with them. They want a magic button to do everything for them, because of how goddamn lazy they are. Growing up, I played THEE most violent video game around, Mortal Kombat II. The Mortal Kombat series is practically the reason we even have rating systems for video games. I played that day in, day out, non-stop around the clock. It was my life. And for most of that time, my mother was in the room watching. She knew everything that was going on. And also knew that she’d done her job as a parent, and taught me the difference from fantasy, and reality. I also loved horror movies. I’d watch them anytime they were on TV. You know who else would? My mom. She was right there, to make sure I wasn’t putting things into my head that I would one day not want there. Of course I had restrictions, I couldn’t watch Nightmare on Elm Street movies. She knew those went too far, and prevented me from watching them. I also grew up listening to gangsta rap. That was my only choice of tunes from age 11-17. And they talked about all sorts of things, killing, robbing, drugs, sex, you name it. But I knew good and well that it was all just music, and nothing I should emulate. My mom knew what I was listening too, because she’d listen to it at the same time. She’d buy the record, and know what was up. She did her damn thing as a parent, and didn’t let any freaking rating system, or censorship committee do her freaking job for her. So, there I was, playing extremely violent video games, watching violent movies, and listening to violent music. And what became of me? Did I shoot anyone? Have a baby at the age of 15? No. I’m a 23 year old writer/musician who works 2 jobs, has a fantastic girlfriend whom I live and raise a dog with. Oh, and I also take daily walks with my mom. Oh goodness, if only everyone really had their heads up their asses back then, I might have been saved from my world of no-good doing.

Hollar at cha’ boy….


~ by Caliber Winfield on July 21, 2010.

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