A little TNA news I find interesting…

AJ Styles was recently interviewed, and, in typical WCW fashion, he had some words to say about the company, that I whole heartily agree with.In regards to RVD winning the title so quickly, in such a lame fashion;

“I definitely didn’t understand it. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure it. I was very surprised that they would want me to lose that title after holding it for so long, and to somebody who hasn’t been in wrestling for over a year, and came from WWE to win the World Title so quickly…And he should have been tired from wrestling a match before that (against Jeff Hardy). I was very conflicted on that. It was like, ‘I have no idea what’s going on here anymore.’ I don’t know how to put it in words. I was pissed off – I don’t want to say that – but at the same time, I was very confused. ‘Okay, I guess I’m not the star that I thought I was here at TNA. I guess I’m just a TNA guy.’

That’s exactly how I felt. AJ Styles was a GREAT heel with Ric Flair as his mentor and such. He was putting on great matches, could work the mic with Ric like it wasn’t no thing, and then bam. RVD comes in, past his prime, and takes the title rather quick, and rather unceremoniously. There was no build up, or anything. If you ask me, he’s been a bit of a flop, and nearly as interesting as AJ’s run.

While we’re on the subject of AJ, check out this Botchamania video.

If you don’t feel like watching the whole thing, why you wouldn’t is beyond me, Botchamania rules, but in any case skip to about 4:20 and see what AJ has to say, it’s pretty funny. Not to mention, he’s speaking about my all time favorite wrestling book, The Death of WCW.

Samoa Joe is suspended for 30 days for yelling at the production folks for announcing the time check points to the crowd when him and Jeff Hardy were going to have a broadway. I guess he felt it gave away the ending of the match.

Let’s be honest Joe, you’re not really mad about that, you’re mad about the fact it took TNA 126 years to put the title on you. Then had you job out to Angle a bunch, then had you join the MEM and dress like a stupid gladiator, then they kidnapped you, didn’t explain it at all, and tried to recycle you’re old shtick despite it being too little, too late.

TNA, where the big boys play….

Also, is AJ’s new tattoo extremely ghastly, or what? Cripes all Friday, man…

This weekend I’ll be back with more solid updates. Such as a review for Kick Ass, Elimination Chamber 2010, and the 3rd disc of Kane. Other future updates will be more Man Movie Encyclopedia entries, reviews of Royal Rumble ’94, SummerSlam 2006, and I’ll also be doing reviews for the Monday Night Nitros. Dig it…


~ by Caliber Winfield on August 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “A little TNA news I find interesting…”

  1. Aj and Joe deserve so much better. They are pretty much the faces of that company. Your right, Aj was having a good run then all the sudden a has been that’s ten years past his prime comes in and wins the belt. I thought that was complete bull shit.

  2. I like your reviews.

    I would love me some Nitro Reviews (especially 1997,1998), since i dont give a shit about the new stuff.

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