In and Out SummerSlam Review

I’m feeling lazy and don’t really feel like reviewing the entire PPV in the style that I normally do, so let’s just talk about the high points, shall we?

Randy vs. Sheamus – WWE Title Match
Just as that shit was cooking, they had a really fucking lame finish. What the hell, man? I understand Randy is white hot, but Sheamus hasn’t had a decisive, real win in almost a year. It’s always due to interference, or DQ, or what have you.  He needs it.
* * * 1/2

Kane vs. Mysterio – World Title Match
Bleh. I think Kane, in the real world, is a guy who deserves the title. I’ve never heard a bad word about him, and he’s been around for 13 years. On the flip side, in the ring, he’s usually a bore. Not to mention, if you’ve been watching wrestling for at least 2 years, you would be willing to bet your f’ing [there, see, I CAN change!] life that someone was going to come out of that casket. Undertaker looked like he was stumbling, and slow. Was it because he’d just come out of his vegetable state or something? Don’t know. That whole thing was highly predictable, but to see Kane get the upper hand was nice.
* *3/4th

Team Raw vs. The Nexus
I’ve loved the Nexus stuff, and to see Bryan come back was cool. Although I’d read that prediction online, so it was less amazing. A lot of people have rated the match at * * * * 1/4th and higher, but I just didn’t see that. It was a basic match, with nothing too exciting. Perhaps a second viewing will do.
One thing I have to address is the fact, that although Cena wasn’t in 90% of the match, and when he was he got his ass kicked, the IWC is STILL…STILL bitching because he won. He was DDT’ed on the pavement, and he didn’t jump up like he was kissed by his girlfriend like people say. He just managed to roll out of the way of a 450 splash, that’s it. Hogan, Austin, Savage, HHH, do you think ANY of those guys would have just stayed on the sideline and then got their ass kicked when they got a chance to wrestle? Hell no. I have NO problem with Cena winning. He’s a multiple world champion, and a pro who’s been around for 7 fucking years, why on Earth should a team of rookies get the dub over him? How the fuck does that make sense? Not to mention the Nexus has cost Cena the title, multiple times, and kicked the shit out of him a billion times. Remember the nWo? They did nothing but win, and people bitched. This is the first INCH that Cena has got on them. So shut up, you fat fucking marks. Go get a girlfriend, a hobbie, a talent, something. Lift some weights, and quit being a fucking wuss. Cena kicks ass.
* * *

In my opinion, SummerSlam was a major bust. Could be the worst I’ve seen, to be honest. Not one match was great. And it isn’t something I plan on buying.

Oh, but one highlight was, who without a doubt is the greatest wrestler of all time, Bret Hart, kicking fucking ass. He looked crisp, sharp, and didn’t fumble at all. We got the atomic drop and clothesline, flurry of punches, and a perfect sharpshooter. I loved to see him turn the clock back, great stuff, Bret. Great stuff.

What did you guys think?


~ by Caliber Winfield on August 16, 2010.

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