Top 5 – Friday The 13th Moments

I’ve ranked’em, I’ve told you what the Top 10 Best Kills were, now I’m going to give you the Top 5 Moments. This is all of course, in honor of the long lost holiday that is Friday The 13th. It use to be a HUGE deal when I was a kid, but now? Nope. You’re lucky if they air one of’em at 4am. USA, or TNT, or TBS use to make a bomb assed marathon every time it’d come around. Oh well, you can get your fix here, kids. Thank me later. No, scratch that. Thank me now.

5. Friday The 13th [2009]
Jason’s Initial Onslaught

I loved me some remake of Friday The 13th. One of my favorite parts was when Jason makes himself known. He drives the machete into a fellows head, and then fucking books ass and brings the weapon down on a cowering girl as the opening title screen comes into play. Awesome way to begin, awesome.

4. Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter
Jason Gets His Stalk On

One of the most awesome films ever made is Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter. Now, as with the Friday The 13th series, they aren’t exactly scary so much, as they are fun as hell. However, there’s a part in The Final Chapter that’s as scary as most anything ever in film. Trish has just returned from the house across her parents, where she’s found everyone dead, and a hockey masked-shit-kicker is mobbing around. As she returns to her home, she’s standing in the door way, catching her breath. The doorway is a bit out of shot, when all of a sudden, out of the shadows, Jason comes creeping in. It’s extremely ominous, and serves its purpose beautifully.

3. Friday The 13th: Part VI – Jason Lives
Camp Crystal Lake, Universal Studios Style

The Director of Part 6, Tom McLoughlin is one bad motherfucker. He loves the old school Universal Studios horror movies, and Gothic themes. You can see that immediately in the opening. There’s fog on the lake, incredible grave yards, shadows, cob webs, and a body being reanimated via lightening. It’s one of my all time favorite pieces of film, and is flat out incredible.

2. Friday The 13th: Part VII – The New Blood
Jason’s A Butter Face

Jason’s lost his mask in every Friday The 13th. However, the greatest image was created by super FX man and Director, John Carl Buechlar.
Tina, the girl with mental powers, tries in vein to stop Jason from crushing her boyfriend’s back, because he’s her ride back home. After all things fail, she uses her powers to tighten Jason’s mask, hoping to crush his skull, but in the end, it just cracks under the pressure.
John’s vision is awesome, and thankfully told an executive producer to fuck off, because she thought Jason looked stupid.
He’s got an awesome, decayed look that reveals sets of busted up, rotten teeth, and even parts of his skull. He’s scary as all fucking get out without the mask, and it’s just straight awesomeness.

1. Jason Goes To Hell
Jason Fans Get The Ultimate In Boner

Growing up, being a massive fan of both Friday The 13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street, you’d always talk with your friends about what would happen if those two ever had a throw down. Well, once New Line aquired the rights to Jason [but not the name Friday The 13th], everything was finally clicking into place.
Once Jason Goes To Hell is ending, fans got, what I consider, to be the ultimate ‘holy shit’ moment in movies. That’s an ending that no one, I mean no one could have seen coming. Then, 9 years and about 59 different treatments later, we got Freddy vs. Jason, and the world was finally right.

Well, kids, I know you dug it, because I’m the master blaster. If you’ve got any bomb moments you want to hollar at your boy with, lemme know.

~ by Caliber Winfield on August 16, 2010.

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