Top 5 – Matches To Shown A Non-Fan

This question was asked in a column. The idea is you’re about to show someone who has never seen wrestling 5 matches that are must see. Now, as stated in the graphic, you show these ’bouts to a chick when you’re on a first date, and you’ll be touching some boobies faster than match number 5. [oh, and just as a side-note, all the following matches I rate at 5 stars, so, there you go]

5. Honky Tonk Man [C] vs. The Ultimate Warrior  Intercontinental Title Match
SummerSlam 88′
Time – .31 seconds

I’d explain to the person that HTM has been the IC champion for almost 2 years. So, they’d assume they were going to see a battle, and when Warrior comes out and rips shit up, it’d be a cool surprise, I think. The whole thing, from the massive crowd energy, Warrior’s explosiveness, and the speed of the match all add up to create a classic and something that’s a must see for new fans.

4. Ric Flair [C] vs. Triple H
Intercontinental Title Cage Match
Taboo Tuesday, 2005
Time – 23:45

Brutal. That’s all I really have to say for this bout. I chose to include a cage match for the simple fact that they’re the classic gimmick match, and they just rule. This is my all time favorite, because it’s just a back and forth war. Ric Flair turned his own clock back by 20 years, and they both turned the clock back on the cage match itself and took it back to when it was just a brutal, no fucking mercy feud finisher. There’s no way this match wouldn’t blow someone’s mind the first time they saw it.

3. The Undertaker [C] vs. Batista
World Heavyweight Championship
Backlash, 2007
Time – 20:23

I chose this bad boy, because frankly, Last Man Standing matches are kick fucking ass, and this one, is pretty much the top of the pile. Being a non-wrestling fan, I’d imagine that the whole style of the match would be very exciting. With each of them getting closer to the 10 count with each serious move. Then you have the ending, and someone who hasn’t seen wrestling, would have never seen anything like that before.

2. Curt Henning [C] vs. Bret Hart
Intercontinental Title
SummerSlam, 1991
Time – 18:04

This one is here, because it’s a beautiful example of just classic, to the mat, no bullshit, old school wrestling. It’s exciting, fast paced, and well worked from the first bell to the last. Those two just tore the goddamn roof off in that match, and you can tell when Bret wins. I think after all the blood, and action-movie esq action of the first 3 matches, this would be an awesome, and drastic 180 that would be one of the greatest examples of pure wrestling.

1. Randy Orton [C] vs. Mick Foley
No Holds Barred Match for the Intercontinental Title
Backlash, 2004
Time – 23:03

Geez, 4 of the 5 matches I’ve listed are for the IC Title. No wonder I use to hold that title above the World’s.

I chose this match, because it’s actually my all time favorite. It’s balls to the wall, extreme as anything you can get without being ridiculous, and stitches it all together with awesome psychology and wrestling. The person watching would think “OK, that’s got to be it.” but then, something else awesome would happen. Then, they’d think it again, and it would just keep going until the 1-2-3. From Mick swinging the barbwire bat like crazy, to the barbwire board, the tacs, the awesome throw and leap from the ramp, you just can’t beat it. This one gives you everything, and it’s totally fucking awesome.

So, there we are kids. Now, since I know people ask you all the time what 5 matches you’d show a non-fan, you can tell’em. Kick ass. Hollar at your boy with your top 5, because, as your mentor, I’d like to know.

And as a side note, I’d like to give you guys a link to visit, it’s at

It’s just as the title says, another wrestling blog. But, if you’re like me, you enjoy reading just about anyone’s opinions on a match, PPV, or DVD. He updates pretty often, and it’s at least worth a look. So have at it.


~ by Caliber Winfield on August 18, 2010.

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  1. Good tie in to 411mania. I always enjoy a good top 5 list

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