The 88MPH Reviews: WCW’s Monday Nitro – April 20th, 1996

WCW Nitro – April 20th, 1996

Can you feel it, kids? It’s in the air. Just one more week before we start the ball rolling on the greatest angle in pro-wrestling history. But for now, we’ve got some ass crap wrestling.

  • The Steiners vs. Fire & Ice
    Man, WCW is like the ‘All Tag-Team Wrestling All The Time’ channel. Honest to God, this match isn’t bad. They must have been trying to push Fire & Ice for something, because they looked strong, and even got a leg up on The Einsteiners a couple times. Fire, of course, is Scott Norton. Who went on to become a member of the nWo, who rocked a vicious power-bomb, and now is lobbying to be hired as Dixie Carter’s bodyguard. Tell you what, Scott, I’ll pay you $5 a week to NOT become her bodyguard, because if she gets one, that means she’ll be on TV more. So, if that happens, I’ll have to eat my own fucking brain to end the suffering.
    * * 1/2

  • Ric Flair vs. Eddie Guererro
    Not as great as their Hog Wild ’96 bout for the US Title, but never the less a great match for Monday Night TV. One thing that bothored the hell out of me, is this whole angle with Macho & Flair is AWESOME. Yet for every Nitro, Macho is locked outside, and we get nothing of it. Pisses me off. After this bout, Flair gets on the commentary table, and ups the quality of the program.
    * * * 1/4th

  • I’d like to take this moment to say that Ric’s commentary is another shinning example as to why he rocks. He’s putting over EVERYONE. It’s awesome. It just goes to show how much better everything can be for a company, when people look strong.

  • WCW Tag Team Championship: Sting & Luger [C] vs. Faces of Fear
    Heh, when Sting & Luger come out, Luger’s about to do his screaming-flex thing that he does, but Sting comes out of no where and does it, and Luger looks to him like “Hey..dude. What the fuck, man? Blonde hair is flowing here…”. The match isn’t much to talk about, really.

  • DDP vs. Brad Armstrong
    This was just as DDP was making his mark. He doesn’t even do the Diamond Cutter sign, he’s almost there. In that, he throws his hands up like he’s going for a double high-five, but doesn’t bring them together. Plus, he’s wearing a shit-ton of pink. Still rocks the Diamond Cutter, but it isn’t as crisp yet. He needs his own DVD.
  • WCW World Heavyweight Championship: The Giant [C] vs. Arn Anderson
    Goddamn, what a stark, STARK contrast The Giant looks like here than he does today. Arn did what he could, but unfortunately, it wasn’t much.

    Over-All: This show was a special hour and a half broadcast, I believe in order to get people stoked for the new 2 hour Nitro that was going to debut next week. This show got off to a great start, with the nice tag match, and a great singles. The rest, is pretty blah, except with Naitch’ on commentary, it really helped things. Decent show. Next week, gentlemen, start your boners.


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