Why should I support the troops?

I get so fucking sick and tired of always hearing “support the troops” “the troops need our support”.

Why? Why should I?

It’s nothing more than a job. Because it’s a higher risk job they should get my support? I did more for people working at Costco than anyone in the armed forces has done for the American public since The War of 1812. Yet, no one is saying “Support Caliber!”

You always hear these jack-offs [and let’s admit it. Most people in the armed forces are total jack-offs. They’re nothing more than assholes who want a bunch of glory or are just obnoxious pricks] talking about how they’re “fighting for your freedom”. Really?

The Civil War was the last time that America ever went to war that actually depened on ANYONE on this land’s freedom. Hell, the freedom they were fighting for [there were many other issues, but we know the biggie] was for people that we DRAGGED here. So, that’s America for you.

World War 1? Nope. We did our best to stay out of that one, but got involved due to Germany’s unrestricted submarine useage, plus the horrors of trench warfare that we heard about.

World War 2? Nope. That’s one war that I can support however. That was true evil.

Korea? Nope.

Vietnam? Nope.

Gulf War? Heh, going to fight people we trained. Nope.

Iraq? Nope.

It’s a bunch of bullshit that these guys get put on pedastils when firemen and police officers who put their lives on the line and protect us, our freedom, and everything else, EVERYDAY, don’t get shit. They get crap like $13 an hour, and that’s about it.

When 9/11 happened, all of a sudden people FINALLY started talking about how much firemen & police officers rocked. But once that fucking fad was over, we didn’t hear another thing.

These guys are REAL heroes. They deserve our respect, and daily admiration. Not when it’s fad time.

Bombing aspirin factories and invading nations simply for their oil is not being a hero.

PS: One of my best friends has done two tours in Iraq. Both times I wore the dog tags he gave me as good luck to keep him alive. For 3 years they never once left my body. So, if you’re going to come at me angry, don’t come at me with “I have a _____ in the [armed force of your joice” stuff, because I have one too.


~ by Caliber Winfield on September 1, 2010.

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