The Only Review Of The Descent Part 2 That You’ll Ever Need

The Descent Part 2
October 14th, 2009

Ask anyone with a brain who enjoys horror if The Descent is good, and they should answer you with a piledriver into a cactus for asking such a question.

The Descent is an absolutely fantastic movie. With most horror movies, you only have one element that’s causing fear, with The Descent, EVERYTHING is causing it. I’ve said it before, you could remove all the monsters, and The Descent would still be terrorfying due to the fact that they’re trapped under neath the fucking Earth with no supplies or any senseible map. Couple that with the creatures, and it’s sheer brilliance.

But it also goes beyond that, in that there’s a theory that the monsters don’t even exist, and that Sarah had finally snapped and started offing her friends. Which, I think is just fucking brilliant, and adds yet another demension to this movie.

I suppose I should get to Part 2 now, since it’s why you’re here.

Part 2 picks up right where Part 1 left off. As we know, the original had two endings. One where Sarah escapes, and the other, better ending, where she’s imagining having birthday cake with her daughter as the monsters surround her. Well, we now know which ending is official.

She’s picked up by a guy driving down the road, and taken to a hospital. A search team has been out looking for the ladies, but had no idea where to start. Sarah, due to all the trauma, now has amnesia. Which, I think is a lame cop-out to get her back into the cave. They could have done better.

Well, now armed with a Sheriff, his Deputy, and 3 rescue folk, they had back underground via an old mine shaft.

At this point, the movie just becomes a paint by the numbers re-tread of the first one. They head in, a ceiling collapses and they get stuck, the monsters come a runnin’.

Now, that isn’t to say that paint by the numbers is bad. But with a movie as original and great as The Descent, you either really deliver with the sequel, or just don’t try at all.

The few high points the movie did have were as such..

When the structure collapses, one of the rescuers is stuck under some rubble, in a sitting position, with literally no room to move. She has way of going up, but it’s too slim. I can honestly say, that this was the most clausterphobic I’ve ever been because of a movie. My breathing became heavy, and I had to stand up and keep reminding myself that I was not in fact, trapped beneath the Earth.

Another cool twist, that you probably already know, but if not, don’t keep reading. But Juno is still alive. Last we saw, Sarah drove their hiking pike into her leg, and left her for dead as the monsters came mobbing.

However, she’s a total bad-ass chick who crane-kicks these blind motherfuckers. So, it’s good to see another familiar face.

Now, once they’re all together, we revisit old haunts, as they head for higher ground.

We don’t get a lot of gore, nor do we get any original kills. As I stated above, it’s rather paint by numbers for the whole thing, along with an ending that makes little to no sense. I was hoping for something in the caliber of Wrong Turn 2, but it turned out to be a little bit more like Wrong Turn 3. Although not nearly as bad as that piece of shit, it certainly isn’t a home run.


~ by Caliber Winfield on September 17, 2010.

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