The 88MPH Reviews: WCW Monday Nitro – June 10th, 1996

WCW Monday Nitro
June 10th, 1996

Before we get started, lemme just put you on game for what we’ve got planned. October is here, and it’s my favorite month, and I look forward to it all year. So, a good portion of the articles I’m posting this month will be horror related. I’m still posting Nitros, of course. I’m also hoping to review a Halloween Havoc or two, as well as a feature on The Dungeon of Doom. There’s going to be a good portion of horror movie reviews, and whatever else my brilliant mind can drum up. If you guys have any request, be it for a review, or an article idea, hit me up in the comment section and I’ll see what I can’t do. Now, let’s get it crunk….

I know my last Nitro was in April, now all of a sudden it’s a month later. I goofed and named the May Nitro an April Nitro. Also, the Nitro before this one, for some damn reason, classics wouldn’t let me watch it. You didn’t miss much though, Hall came out and slapped The Stinger, and that’s about that. But enough of that, let’s get to some terrible action! Where the Big Boys play!

  • Booker T vs. Scott Steiner
    Shit, here they are opening the show, and in 5 years they’d be headlining Nitros & PPVs. Booker T really improved, Scott Steiner started a steady diet of mercury & lead and it ate away at his brain, thus making him a stark raving lunatic. This match, unlike the ones they’d have in the future, is decent.
    * *
  • Deborah McMicheal comes out and tries to make peace amongst the waring factions of The Horsemen & Mongo & Kevin Greene. Zsonka gets a massive boner and starts screaming about how Mongo is a coward and sent his big boobied wife out to try and make peace. A little fact, Deborah was actually part of the origin of the term ‘puppies’. She was in the ring with The New Age Outlaws, and Road Dogg said something to the extent of him being the D-O-Double-G, but Deborah has the puppies.
  • Jim Powers vs. DDP
    Here’s the match you all read the review for. Jim Powers, can you feel the heat? DDP is still doing his stupid weasel fingers thing, while wearing bright ass colors, and giving himself a high-five. His Diamond Cutter is still pretty sad at this point. Anyways, you know how this one goes.
    * 3/4

    It took 2 years for DDP to bring his hands 1 foot closer

  • We get a little promo video of Konnan. Back when he wrestled well, and dressed like a fruit. Dig it.
  • Meng vs. Sting
    There really isn’t much to say here. Why on Earth was Meng/Haku ever really given a deal? I’ve never heard about a classic match of his, he never had an interesting gimmick, and I never once heard a promo from him, other than grunting. Regal runs in to attack the Stinger. I hope they do something with this feud, because it’s actually interesting, and I think they could pull something off.
  • We get a promo from Bubba Rogers, concerning John Tetna. He says something to the extent of John not being a man, instead he’s a man. Hey, don’t ask me…
  • The Giant [C] vs. Scott Norton – World Heavyweight Championship
    I think Norton could have been something, to be honest. He’s a fucking tank, and he can kick some ass. Unfortunately, he just became another faceless nWo member. The 2nd hour started, and they actually timed it right this time. They have fireworks and shit go off, and last time it was during someone’s enterance. At least this time, both guys were in the ring. There isn’t much to say. Giant squashes him. For those who don’t know, Scott Norton was actually an arm wrestling champion. Whether or not Over The Top is about him remains to be seen.
  • Kidman vs. Steven Regal
    I’m pretty sure that this is Kidman’s first match. Now, I’m not sure, but I do believe his gimmick is that he’s suppose to be a female Japanese pop-star. It’s the ONLY way I can explain his fucking outfit. The match isn’t much at all, and the only notable thing is Sting running in and slapping the shit out of Regal. Atta boy!

    Kidman, who knows the benefit of working a program with Hulk Hogan. Just take a look at his World Heavyweight Title matches, and his million dollar bank account...

  • Lex Luger & Sting vs. Arn Anderson & Ric Flair
    This is actually a hearty little match. Of course, you have 3 of the best wrestlers of the time in the match, so what would one expect? It’s a classic back & forth with everyone hitting their favorites. Unfortunately, the match isn’t long, and ends when The Giant comes in and tries to wreck Luger’s shit with a chokeslam through a table, but Flexy Lexy puts the kibosh on that with a chair to the dome. As stated, good little main event.
    * * 3/4
  • Scott Hall comes back out, and gets in Bish’s face. He asks what the surprise is, and where it is, as Hall points behind him. Then, walking into frame is one third of the reason WCW will soon become the #1 wrestling company in the world, Kevin Nash. He reiterates some of the same points Hall has made, talking about Eric wanting a war, and running his mouth and such, and they’re here to answer the call. He also says that WCW is “where the big boys ‘play’. Notice the adjective, ‘play'”. And that’s always bugged me, because play is a verb. Yes, I am a nerd for that stuff bothering me, but unlike most American’s, I strive for intelligence. Nash says for Eric to get up 3 wrestlers from WCW, because The Outsiders want themselves a match, and WCW better have an answer for them at The Great American Bash.

    Since I’m no longer reviewing the older Nitros that Classics show, I’ll be filling that void with each PPV from the given month. So, expect The Great American Bash sometime soon. A PPV that received massive, massive praise when it first aired. So, get stoked, son, get stoked.


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  1. You’re not along in praising Norton – he was pretty big over in Japan IIRC.

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