Top 5 Most Important Horror Movies – #1

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Alright kids, you ready? You stoked? Go ahead, call the family into the room, tweet the news, the number 1 is here, motherfuckers.

August 25th, 1960

First off, there’s going to be spoilers galore. So, if you haven’t seen Psycho, not only shouldn’t you read this, but I don’t want you to ever visit my site again. Because obviously, since you haven’t seen Psycho, you do horrible things with your free time.

A lot of people try and say that Halloween invented the slasher genre. No fucking way. It was actually started in 1960, with a gorgeous movie titled Psycho. Matter of fact, boyfriend’s name in Psycho? Sam Loomis. Main actress? Janet Leigh. Janet Leigh’s daughter? Jamie Lee Curits. They both worked together in H20 as well.

There are so many things to say about it, that I don’t even know where to begin. In 1960, no one had seen anything like this. The first thing Hitchcock did that was brilliant, was having his big movie star die just as the movie was starting. It’d be just like if Angelina Jolie were in a movie, advertised as a vehicle for her, and she bites it 20 minutes in. The movie starts as one film, but then all of a sudden just flips it into an entirely different gear. A cue I’m sure Tarantino took when he wrote From Dusk Till Dawn.

In 1960, there was NOTHING like this. We had brutal murder, cross dressing, peeping on women in their unmentionables. So many taboo things in America were plastered all over theater screens

The whole character of Norman Bates is one of the most entertaining, and incredible creations in film. From the opening dialogue between himself and Marion, the back and forth between himself and mother, his reactions to her murders, the nervous ticks he has here and there when he’s dumping the bodies, and dealing with the private detective. It’s all done so damn well, that I even enjoyed it when Vince Vaughn played the role.

A character that plays right along with Norman, is the music. The killing scenes, which involve Norman as mother, mimic exactly what his mind is like. An explosion of out of control, manic, craziness. Then, when we get moments that portray dread. Such as when Norman seals everything by dumping it into the lake, and the music carries that right along, with big bass and drawn out notes.

There’s just so many levels to this movie. In the beginning, it’s a drama. What’s this lady going to do? Then it becomes a horror movie. Then once we find out Norman’s mother is dead, it becomes a mystery-whodunit.

There are so many movies that just wouldn’t exist without Psycho, whether the creators know that or not. It’s a brilliant example of less is more, suspense & mystery, and the effects of music. Any person who considers themselves a fan of horror, or just movies in general NEEDS to see this movie.


Now, that I’ve said my piece on that, I always want to add that Psycho II kicks ass.

Psycho II
June 3rd, 1983

The sequel was made 23 years after the original, 3 years after Hitchcock’s death, and a year or so after the original author of the novel Psycho wrote another book, Psycho II. The book has nothing to do with this movie.

I really had no idea what on Earth they could possibly do with this movie. I thought it’d just be a dull retread, since the original was just so damn, just that, original. But they damn well did it, man. It’s a fantastic whodunit. The whole time you’re wondering if Norman has slipped back into his old ways, despite the fact he seems healthy.

Since it was created in the era of blood, that being the 80’s, the gore has really been amped up. Where’s the original had none, and the blood was done with coco powder, here, it’s all right there. A lot of the deaths are really fucking awesome too, so it’s a nice addition to something that was nill in the original.

Anthony Perkins is fantastic, as usual, and this time around you feel for him. It’s just a fantastic sequel, that is worthy of the Psycho name. Do yourself a favor, dig it.


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