88MPH Reviews: WCW Monday Nitro, June 17th, 1996

WCW Monday Nitro
June 17th, 1996

Hey, kids. I know it’s been a minute since I’ve talked wrestling,. but it was October. That’s my all time favorite month, with my all time favorite holiday, so it was an all horror bit here. But now, we’re back on track. I’m going to try and do more Man Movie Encyclopedia entries, because I want to turn that gangster shit into a book some day. So, I need to give you kids more of a taste, so that way you’ll get a rocking boner whenever you think about having them in a book.

Oh, and for those with facebook, I got myself a lame account so you can get even more of me. Which is always awesome. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1740750327  yes, in my photo, I am that buff in real life.

The show gives us a nice recap of The Great American Bash. A PPV that was so successful it was widely considered for a while to be the best PPV in North America. I’ve read reviews, and it does sound fantastic. Once I can find it, I’ll up a review. I’ll try and find the main events and let you kids know. Until then, here’s what the biggest going-on was;

Obviously, this bit was so fucking revolutionary we’ll probably never see anything on that level again. They said this shit was a take-over, and obviously they meant it. We’d NEVER seen anything like this before. They powerbombed an announcer through a table! Powerbombing a wrestling through a table was a huge fucking deal, but an announcer? Bish’ didn’t rehearse this either, he just likes to go full tilt, live. I recall watching this scrambled, and lost my fucking mind.

The rest of the recapping is just photos and what have you. If you’re an older fan, you’ll remember that was how they gave us the PPV news. Also, I’d like to state that this recap went on for 283 minutes. That’s probably an understatement, too, the actual recap probably went on for 3 weeks. They just wouldn’t shut the hell up.


  • Stevie Ray vs. Rick Steiner
    Yeah, after talking about all the great action at the Bash, we get some more with this. To make a fair assessment, it’s kind of like watching a movie, and hoping it’ll be as good as Under Siege 2, but then it turns out to be a snuff film. And then it turns out that you’re not watching a snuff film, but you’re in it. The news just gets worse, and worse. The match goes askew when Booker T hits the ring, they both team up on Rick, and then set him up for the Harlem Hangover. Of course,Scott Steiner comes to his brother rescue. Obviously, all he has to do is hit Stevie, so he’ll stop holding Rick down, or hit the ropes and knock Booker T off the top turnbuckle. Instead he goes for secret option C; Scott throws himself on top of Rick, as to take the blow himself. Which doesn’t make sense, because Rick still gets crushed, and also has an extra 250lbs on top of him. If Scott Steiner were your bodyguard, and someone shot at you, Scott would just throw his arm around you like you guys were taking a picture. 

  • Disco Fever vs. Joe Gomez
    If you’ll recall, last week was suppose to be a landmark Nitro, with the debut of Joe Gomez. The same Joe Gomez who rose to such heights as being mistaken for Lorenzo Lamas once.
    Man, every time I see Disco, I’m reminded of just how far people are willing to go to make things happen. Can you imagine, being a wrestler, being good enough, or having worked hard enough to be called up to WCW.  Then told your gimmick is going to be that of John Travolta’s character from Saturday Night Fever becoming a wrestler. He probably couldn’t get a boner for a year after getting that news. Joe Gomez gets the W, after getting his ass kicked the whole match, then runs from Disco. So, you can see they had long plans for Gomez and knew what they were going.
  • John Tenta vs. Big Bubba
    This is their rematch from the night before. Big Bubba is looking for payback. You see, since he cut John’s hair, John got revenge by cutting a few hairs on Bubba’s goatee. Boy, don’t ever fear doing wrong to John Tenta. Rape his wife? He’ll buy you a fruit basket. The match, sucks, obviously. However, once John wins, Bubba & Jimmy Hart start the beat down, and Bubba starts to wail on John with a sock loaded with another sock, I think. He then dumps change out of his pocket. Well, I’m fooled.

    Start watching at about 6:45. But make sure you don’t have a weak stomach, because this is some brutal sock action.
  • Ric Flair vs. Macho Man
    They took about a month too long to cash in on this. I was really chomping at the bit to see this match. Flair should have still had the title, because this would have been big business. Alas, this is decent, but a good portion of the excitement has dwindled.
    * * 1/2th
  • WCW Cruiserweight Championship – Dean Malenko [C] vs. Rey Mysterio JR
    Solid bout. Nothing to really write home about, but this is truly the point in when WCW started becoming the greatest. Fantastic undercard action, high drama, big marquee type action in the main events.
    * * 1/4
  • WCW World Title Match: The Giant [C] vs. Scott Steiner
    Oh, God. I seriously just had to watch a 10 minute match with The Giant. I liken it to the feeling of when you’re riding one of those bucking bull machines, you know? And right when it starts to buck really hard, a guy runs in and shoots you right in the left ass-cheek with one of those motor cannons that shoot bowling balls. I need to get one of those in like, a key-chain kind of style. Man, that’d rock. Well, anyways, Scott hits The Giant with a wooden chair, right in front of the ref. That Scott, he’s a sly one.



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