Nothing, really…

Just wanted to make a post where I keep you guys updated with what’s going on, and what have you.

You can expect a couple new additions in the 88MPH reviews. I’m going to start reviewing episodes of Saved by the Bell, and some other shit from my childhood. Who wouldn’t want to sit back and reflect on Slater’s glistening permed mullet, framing the shoulders that are draped in a bright pink tank top, which is of course tucked into a pair of parachute pants? Assholes, that’s who.

Anyone ever go to Lance Storm’s website, He has a commentary section, where he’ll do reviews, as well as answer questions from fans. The other day he posted his most recent Q&A, and answered my question. So, yes, I can now say I’ve interviewed Lance Storm. Here’s my awesome questions;

“Q: Combining your careers from ECW, WCW, and WWE, what is your favorite match/moment, and your least favorite match/moment?

A: This is so hard to pick because there were so many. My match in Amarillo, TX with Terry Funk in WCW is definitely a top candidate for favourite. As for least favourite…the dancing bit in WWE is a top contender.

Q: When is the blonde rat tail coming back?

A: As I get older the chance of me growing any new hair style is becoming less and less likely

I asked the rat tail question at the end of the email, and in classic fashion, he answered it seriously, and I’m not sure if he knew I was just fucking around.

The Expendables is dropping soon, which I will promptly place into The Man Movie Encyclopedia, and you, my fine children, will get to rejoice and read. I’m aiming to write up more of those, so thank me now.

I didn’t review the Nitro after the one I just posted, that’s my fault. So, there will be a missing hole in the reviews, but I’ll look up the results, and see if anything major happened. As a replacement, I’ll either review the ’98 Nitro they have up, or the 96′ Great American Bash. You guys lemme know which you want.

Alright, keep it crunk, and remember, never leave the house without packing a gun.


~ by Caliber Winfield on November 14, 2010.

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