End of the Year Rant – Everything SUCKS in America

Well, kids, another year has passed. It had some great highs for me, and some really shitty lows, one of which, was the lowest I’ve ever been in my life [my little girl pug, Abby, passing away].

I’m a pretty big pop-culture kid. I’m obsessed with music and movies, and any TV that is full on not suck. However, the things that have sucked this year, haven’t just sucked, but have redefined the word. All things crap have annoyed me and bothered me to my fucking bone marrow. Flocks of morons have adored and praised this crap, thus making more and more of it. Brain dead pieces of shit keep getting TV shows, and record deals, and fellow BDPS gobble it up. Giving nobody any role models to look up to. Giving no one ANY positive ideals.

“I wanna see that. It looks hella funny” – Moron from Wal-Mart talking about the movie, Vampires Suck. Which had such hilarious moments as shirtless guys in jean shorts dancing to Raining Men. Because as we all know, homosexuality is SOOO funny! Also, the cunning comedians included a moment where the vampires look at the girl who’s suppose to be Bella, and her head turned into a cheese burger. HA HA.

“It’s great. It’s just a bunch of hot guys who party!” – Future first women President of the United States talking about how great Jersey Shore is.

Just look at the state of things here in this ‘great’ country of ours. Firemen, EMTS and police officers who were first responders to 9/11 that ended up with cancer, and other terminal and disabling diseases lost their jobs due to being unable to work, and lost their health care. Then, just last month, congress denied [it was the republicans who vetoed it, what a SHOCK] a bill that would have paid for the health care for 9/11 first responders. Of course, they managed to get the bill passed that’s going to give big tax cuts to everyone, the richest especially. Congress said they just couldn’t get to the bill, and couldn’t work during the holidays because that would be “disrespectful” to Christians and their own families. Gee, do you think the first responders thought that? As they tore through rubble, trying so hard to help give family members closer by finding their loved ones. Do you think they thought “Oh, it’s the weekend, can’t go digging!”.

Kim Kardashian however, made a cool 8 million this year! The Situation made 3 mill. Classless, idiotic morons with no talent or discernible skill are treated like Kings and Queens.

Snooki got to be the center of attention and dropped along with the ball to ring in the new year, while firefighters, policemen, and people who are stricken with cancer because they tried to help folks are left in the dust and forced to host their own fund raisers at local bars. Hell, NO MAJOR news station covered the story about the First Responders Bill. NONE. I had to hear about it on Comedy Central. Actually, I take it back, one news station did do a 20 minute piece on it. Al-Jazeer. No, that isn’t a joke.

Who are our role models these days? There are none.

Girls are growing up, and having only cows like the Kardashian’s to look up to. Most women no longer want a personality, or a special skill, or talent. Hell, why should they? They can just work at an espresso stand in their lingerie and make bucko bucks from stupid, lame, pathetic assholes who can’t get girls in real life and thus need to drool over boring skanks.

I mean, partying too much, being loose [man or women] all use to be a bad thing. Now? It’s a worshiped virtue. I mean, high school girls can just look at the TV and see how things are done. Get really drunk, act like a disgusting piece of shit, then sleep around like crazy and make sex tapes, and what will it get you? Oh, nothing, just a TV show, career, movie roles and album deals.

So, what’s the concequence sometimes for partying hard and sleeping around? Getting pregnant as a teenager. When you’re nothing more than a vapid, inane, dipshit. Now, of course this is bad, right? NOPE! MTV to the rescue! Let’s give’em a TV show, and make them celebrities! Yeah!

Things like American Idol are still a juggernaut. What does American Idol teach us? You need to be cute, and just be able to sing. Being able to write actual music? Play an instrument? Actually do ANYTHING? Non-sense! Bob Dylan? Bruce Springsteen? Tom Petty? These guys are pathetic assholes! They can’t sing super awesome like Fantasia! Who cares about real talent, heart, effort and soul? Being pretty is the bomb.

We’re a country with sanctimonious religious zealots who do everything in their power to treat homosexuals like 2nd class citizens, despite the fact they’re closeted gays themselves.

It’s 2010, and we STILL…STILL can’t make gay marriage legal?! Just because there are people who have different sexual preferences than the masses, they don’t deserve the same rights as everyone else? Christians and Republicans say that gay marriage ‘destroys’ the sanctity of marriage. Really? What about the 50% divorce rate? Why aren’t these assholes sitting outside of divorce lawyers offices protesting? Heterosexuals do more to destroy the ‘sanctity’ of marriage, and society itself more than a gay person ever could. These assholes get married too young, shit out a bunch of kids, neglect them because they’re selfish pricks, and those kids grow up to be ignorant, violent sacks of crap.

Not too long ago I saw a protest against gay marriage. I saw a child no older than the age of 6, screaming homophoic slurs. I saw a massive pool of intolerant hate, and I have no problem admitting it made me cry. How would it feel to be persecuted, dammed by so many, over something you can’t control?

2011, things aren’t going to get better, I’m sure. I just need to move to Canada. Beautiful, beautiful Canada.

I truly hate this country.



~ by Caliber Winfield on January 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “End of the Year Rant – Everything SUCKS in America”

  1. That TV show Teen Mom drives me up the fucking wall. That’s what I think is wrong with modern society. Neglectful “mothers” who just want to party and date criminals, and some of them even land in jail themselves! Now that’s entertainment! NOT!

    My sister told me about a time she was on the internet on some discussion board. She said this one girl said she had her boyfriend get her pregnant so she could get on the 16 and Pregnant show. I nearly died when I heard that.

    Anyways I agree with you 100% on police and firefighters. I was an Explorer for the LSPD for about 3 years and got to see what these did for a living. They will always get my respect.

    Anyways theirs my rant for the day.

  2. Amen, brother. Amen.

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