Just the other night I was talking to my mom, asking her why no one has ever tried to become a real life, crime fighting superhero. Dog the Bounty Hunter is about as close as we’ve come, but I’m talking some real life comic book style shit.

So, I go searching online, to see if there’s ever truly been one, when BAM! I find out about a man, Phoenix Jones, who seriously goes out in costume, and fights crime! He stopped a man from breaking into another man’s car the other night, and it made the news, and get this, it’s in Lynnwood! That’s TWO freeway off ramps down from my town.

I WILL meet this man, and I will interview him. Finally, some real people, doing some real, awesome shit. Apparently there’s a league of them, the Rain City Superheros, or something to that effect.

I swear to God, there’s a possibility of me joining them one day. Here, peep the link.


~ by Caliber Winfield on January 13, 2011.

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