Top 5: Greatest Finishers In Wrestling History

The pop.

In wrestling, it’s why you do what you do. It’s the crowd letting you know that they don’t regret spending their money. There can be a number of things to earn a pop, but the sure fire way, the thing that can almost guaran-damn-tee the biggest pop of the night, is an awesome finisher. A finisher that’s so devastating, you know the motherfucker is dead in the dirt. Everybody loves an awesome finisher. The move itself can become just as big as the wrestler. From seeing the wrestling pull it off to clinch the bout, to trying it out on your siblings. It’s because of Big Daddy Cool’s Jackknife that my parent’s bed was broken.

You’ve probably often thought what the greatest finishers in history are, well, now I’m here to tell you just what it is you think.

The Mandible Claw/Socko

As I stated earlier, a move can become just as big as the wrestler, and that was the case here with Mr. Socko. We all know when Mankind started out, he was dark and disturbing. Mick wanted a different finisher other than the double arm DDT and flying elbow he’d been using. In the 60’s, the man the movie The Fugitive was based on, actually became a wrestler. Since he was a Dr, he knew quite a bit about human anatomy, and thus learned of a nerve in the mouth, under the tongue. When pressure is applied, it’s paralyzing. Perfect, he felt.

When Mankind debuted, I was 11, and he scared the hell out of me. Then when I saw him jam his fingers in Bob Holly’s throat, and he started spitting up white foam, it was probably the only time in history when I didn’t have a rockin’ boner.

As time went on, Mick’s character became lighter as he tried to earn the affection of Mr. McMahon. While Vince was in the hospital, Mick paid him a visit. In order to cheer up Vince, he introduced him to Mick’s latest friend, Mr. Socko. An idea given to Mick from his good friend, Al Snow. After that, it’s history.

It’s very original, very easy, and pretty  much a game finisher.

Kevin Nash, Psycho Sid, Scott Norton
The Powerbomb

Landing on your back sucks. That’s a given. Landing on your back from about 7 feet in the air while being forced down, is devastating. As a kid, there was nothing more awesome to me than a powerbomb. I thought that every time someone was powerbombed, they risked being killed.

Although a lot of people execute the powerbomb, and some use it as their finisher, I always enjoyed Kevin Nash’s the most. Sure, he didn’t slam you down like Scott Norton, or boost you a little higher like The Undertaker, but Kevin Nash just knew his shit was deadly. When he’d have you doubled over, he’d get a look on his face like “last chance” and once he threw you down, he’d just back off with a look on his face like he knew nobody was kicking out now.

As time went on, variations came. From the sit down powerbomb, double team powerbomb, from the top rope, through a table, but still none of them can match the original. Nash didn’t win the world title in less than 20 seconds by kissing Bob Backland. They kissed backstage.

Shawn Michaels
Sweet Chin Music

Few sweeter a song than that of Shawn Michaels’ putting his motorcycle boot into your brain.

When Shawn went solo in the early 90’s, this was the very move that separated the bond that was The Rockers. During the Beefcake’s Barber Shop talk show, he had The Rockers on to show that everything was gravy. Shawn’s right leg disagreed as it let Marty Janetty’s face borrow a cup of sugar. And by sugar, I mean pain.

For some odd reason, it took Shawn a while to actually use it as a finisher. He was using a stupid suplex for awhile, but once he realized what the real deal was all about, shit really started cooking.

Something that’s important in a finisher is the ability to either build it up, or snap it out in a heartbeat. The Superkick, is that ideal maneuver. He can wind it up clear across the ring, the crowd counting each stomp, or he can place your chin when your eye’s are while standing within 1 foot of you. Doesn’t matter the height of the opponent, Shawn’s foot will find your face, and kick that shit so hard it’ll blow up your apartment. And you KNOW that’s some serious shit.

The Undertaker
Tombstone Piledriver

Without a doubt, there never has, and never will be a more devastating move than The Tombstone Piledriver. If someone were to truly do that to someone, God knows what the hell would happen.

Only a very, very select few in The Undertaker’s 21 year run have ever kicked out of the Tombstone, for the simple fact that there’s just no beating it. When someone get’s hit with a finisher, there’s a little bit of hope, a little bit of belief that perhaps the person could kick out, not with The Tombstone. When ‘Taker drops you on your head, that’s it.

It’s also a move he can slap on you at any time. Going from the outside of the ring in, off the apron, catching someone in the air. Bottom line is, you are not safe, no matter what. The odds are not in your favor, and it’s a pretty safe bet you’re going to get dropped on your fucking skull.

So with all that backing, what could possibly top it?


Diamond Dallas Page
The Diamond Cutter

There is probably no movement on Earth I’ve done more, than that of The Diamond Cutter. I’m talking, more times than I’ve sat down and sat up, or waved, or arm wrestled my rockin’ boner. Back in ’97 and ’98 I would rock the Diamond Cutter on anyone I could get my hands on. My mom, my little brother, friends at school, nobody was safe.

Just like anyone facing DDP. The Diamond Cutter is the most perfect finisher in history. Height, weight, it’s all a moot point when it comes to The Cutter. DDP can snap it on you no matter what you’re built like. No matter where you are, or what you’re doing. The ways he can vairate the Diamond Cutter started to be the highlight of his matches. How’s he going to do it this time? The pop it would draw from the crowd was always enormous. So, it’s no surprise that Stone Cold started using a variation of it that became just as popular, and just as cool. Randy Orton does the Diamond Cutter exactly, except he lacks creativity in it’s execution. Although he does get a great leap.

Also, I’d like to say I include The Stunner and The RKO along with The Diamond Cutter, as they’re all in the same family.

For your pleasure, I’ll list my 3 favorite Diamond Cutter’s of all time.

3. Scott Hall – Monday Nitro, 1996.
The nWo was in full force, and looked for the best and brightest. They approached DDP and asked that he join, saying things could get tough if he didn’t. Well, he accepted and shook Hall’s hand. But as Hall walked away, DDP pulled him in and BANG!. It was one of the coolest moments I’d seen in wrestling, and the pop was huge.

2. Goldberg – Halloween Havoc, 1998
In what’s easily Goldberg’s greatest match, DDP made the highlight of the evening after he turned Goldberg’s JackHammer into the Diamond Cutter, thus proving he can truly do it at any time, any where.

1. Eddie Guerrero – Saturday Night.
Are you fucking kidding me? Just check out the video.

and on that note, let’s just take a look at a compilation of The Diamond Cutter, in all it’s glory.


~ by Caliber Winfield on January 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “Top 5: Greatest Finishers In Wrestling History”

  1. no pedigree or sharpshooter? I think one of those could arguably be better then the socko mandible claw

  2. The Pedigree, although great, has just become sloppy as fuck. If Triple H kept doing it the way it should have been done, then maybe.

    The Sharpshooter? It’s not bad, but it’s sort of bland.

    People give me crap for choosing Socko, but look, it got a huuuuge pop, it was original, and it became just as big as the wrestler. Plus, it’s something you could really do to someone.

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