Breaking The Code: The Chris Jericho DVD – Disc 2

Waddup, kids? Are you ready for the hotness? I knew you would be.

“Cowboy” Chris Jericho vs. Lance Storm
Calagary, Alberta – October 2nd, 1990
Duration: 11:21

The Review: If it weren’t for Lance Storm, this would have probably read “Cowboy” Jack Action. Chris had to be from Casper, Wyoming. For 1990, this match is incredible. They were really doing things, at least here in the states [I know, it’s Canada, same thing in the wrestling world] that Brian Pillman was really only doing, and not on a huge scale. For a first match, this is great. After the bout, Lance Storm told Chris that “you were like Hulk Hogan out there! That was amazing!” Chris received $30 for the bout, and thought he was rich.
Rating: * * * 1/4

The Thrill Seekers vs. The Infernos
Smoke Mountain Wrestling – March 12, 1994
Duration: 3:01

Review: Why is this even on here? I guess just to show some Thrill Seeker action, but I want the bout with The Heavenly Bodies. Chris wrestled with a broken arm, and also bled like crazy. Some hillbilly in the crowd thought the blood was fake, and loudly proclaimed so. Then he put his finger in a pool of Jericho’s blood and tasted it, confirming is belief it wasn’t real.
Rating: No rating

Chris Jericho [C] vs. The Ultimo Dragon
IJ Heavyweight Championship Match
Japan – July 7th, 1995

Review: This was probably the match that made Chris. Tapes got around, and earned him a lot of work. Most important was the tape landing in the hands of Mick Foley, then in the hands of Paul Heyman. It’s no surprise this bout caused his star to rise, because it’s fucking fantastic. They’re all over the place, doing things motherfuckers hadn’t ever seen, at least stateside.
Rating: * * * * 1/4

Chris Jericho vs. Cactus Jack
Hardcore TV – March 12, 1996
Duration: 12:45

Review: This match is just fun. I love Mick in ECW, easily one of ECW’s top characters. Him and Chris just go out there and enjoy themselves. Not a technical masterpiece, but it in no way needs to be.
Rating: * * *

Chris Jericho [C] vs. Eddie Guerrero
WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match
Fall Brawl – September 14th, 1997
Duration: 16:44

Review: This match is a clear indication of everything that was wrong with WCW. First off, two of their most talented workers are opening, and while they’re putting on a hell of a clinic, all the stupid announcers can talk about is the nWo. God, it must have been seriously terrible to work for WCW while coming up in the business. As I stated earlier, this match is awesome. It’s non-stop, and watching it, you have to believe that the higher ups at WCW have brain damage, because these two have star written all over them.
Rating: * * * 3/4

Chris Jericho [C] vs. Juventud Guerrera
Mask vs. WCW Crusierweight Championship
SuperBrawl VIII – February 22nd, 1998
Duration: 13: 27

Review: This how also featured Scott Steiner turning on his brother. So, what do you think was the highlight of the PPV? Scott Steiner doing this, or Juventud being forced to remove his mask? Yup. Jericho lobbied to have Juvi lose by Jericho cheating, but nope. Juvi tapped out in the middle of the ring, clean as a sheet. Of course, Bish promised to push everyone to the moon for being able to lose their masks. Juvi was pushed as a Rock rip off, and Rey Mysterio became a homosexual gangster. At least that was a first. Everything you’d expect about this match is there. It’s great.
Rating: * * * 1/2

Chris Jericho [C] vs. Dean Malenko
WCW Crusierweight Championship
Nitro – July 27th, 1998
Duration: 6:19

Review: I have no idea why they have this match. Out of the entire feud between these two, this is what we get? Couldn’t they give us the end of the battle royal that Dean snuck into, and the match proceeding it? Bastards.
Rating: * *

Chris Jericho [C] vs. Kurt Angle
IC Title match
No Way Out – February 27, 2000
Duration: 10:12

Review: This came after Jericho finally becomes the sole owner of the IC Title, after having to share it with that hack Chyna. Why the FUCK did they think that would be a good idea? Anyways, this match is decent, but I would have liked to see the bout go a little longer. If you ask me, Angle needs to head back to this heel character, it’s one of the all time greats. He was an arrogant jerk who was funny as hell.
Rating: * * *

Triple H [C] vs. Chris Jericho
WWE Championship Match
Raw – April 17th, 2000
Duration: 9:50

Review: I can understand why this is on here, but c’mon. Where’s their LMS match from Fully Loaded? That’s a 5 star bout. This match is alright, and the crowd reaction for Jericho’s win is monsterous. I’m surprised they didn’t decide to just keep the belt on Jericho, hell, even Michael Hayes says they should have.
Rating: * * 3/4

The Rock [C] vs. Chris Jericho
WCW World Heavyweight Championship
No Mercy – October 21st, 2001
Duration: 23:47

Review: Are you fucking kidding me? How on Earth is it I’ve never heard of this match before now? It’s absolutely incredible. They go non-stop for over 20 minutes. It’s fantastic back and forth from beginning to end, neither one of them gets the upper hand for too long, and we even get some hardcore aspects as The Rock drags Jericho outside and delivers a Rock Bottom through the table. We have reversals, kick outs when you’re sure the bout is over with, and a relatively clean finish. I totally forgot about Jericho using the Skull Crushing Finale years before the fucking hack started using it. I think these two are each others greatest opponents.
Rating: * * * * *

Stone Cold Steve Austin [C] vs. Chris Jericho [C]
Undisputed Heavyweight Title Match
Vengeance – December 9th, 2001
Duration: 12:37

Review: I think having these two go at it right after Jericho beat Rock was a mistake. If they’d had a little more time to take a breather, I think they could have really delivered. It’s still a solid match, and a complete display of the WWE main event style. No one in the World thought Jericho would end up the winner here, but it was a damn fine move, I think. I just wish it would have been clean, and not having exactly 39 people interfere. Of course, the subsequent angle where Jericho is pussy-whipped without the pussy, and WM18 was headlined by Triple H vs. Steph almost makes you wish he hadn’t won.
Rating: * * * 1/4

There’s a ton of other classic Jericho matches out there, so I  hope we get another collection. This one is fantastic, with a great documentary, tons of supplement material, and some incredible matches. It took these bastards long enough to come up with a release for him, but it was worth the wait.


~ by Caliber Winfield on February 21, 2011.

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