Thursday Re-Run – 2/24/11

Waddup, kids? I’m always looking for new articles to start writing, and thought of this bad boy. Thursday, at least for me, is the best night for TV. Three of my favorite shows air that night, along with wrestling and occasionally other things, such as Destination Truth. Since I know you guys don’t like to form opinions without me telling you what to think, I’ve decided to tell you if an episode is gangster or not. If it’s worth your time, or if it’s something that’ll make you knock on your neighbors door and give her an RKO onto a bed of nails and cactus’ that you accidentally [winkwink] left on the ground. Let’s get busy….

Season 2

I’m not one for watching current shows, really, there’s really only about 4 or so. 3 of those are all on the same night. The first of them, being Community. I came across this during the 2nd episode of it’s first season. My original driving force for viewing was…

She’s insanely cute, and I’d have no problem forcing you to eat your own arm if it made her happy. Amidst my pining for her, I noticed the show was actually funny, and very inventive. The show has a ton of style, and is one of the smartest shows on TV. One only need see their Halloween episodes, or the paintball episode from season 1.

This episode is another example of the creativeness. Joe Biden was due at Greendale, and was looking to meet the president of the student body, however, Greendale didn’t have one. So, the election was on.

As usual, Pierce was spot on. I really liked Abed & Troy’s Decision 2011 program, as it was another example of the show’s originality, especially with the side romance between Abed & the secret service dame. I was glad to see the Dean have a prominent role in this episode, he’s great as the wirey, Jeff Winger-obsessed leader of Greendale. And him rocking the Aunt Sam costume was right on.

The only thing I was hoping for that we didn’t get, was Annie deciding to use sex as a way to get votes, and then run around in a bikini or something. Perhaps I’ll have to up my letter writing operation to two a week.

Rating: * * * * out of 5


The Office
Currently: Season 7

I’m sure I don’t need to get into it, as it’s well known I love The Office. Now, since turnabout is fair play, or what have you, I’ll present a hot picture of Pam;

Man, that shit is just ridiculous.

The beginning of Season 7 has been incredible, with a ton of fantastic episodes. After their 2 parter, Classy Christmas, The Office went on a hiatus for about a month. Upon their return, the episodes started to lose a bit of their luster, and generally weren’t that funny. Thankfully, they saved themselves with Threat Level Midnight, which was last weeks episode. How did this week fare? Pretty well. They brought in Todd Packer, Michael’s long-time best friend and former sales partner. Todd Packer is the absolute fucking worst, and he’s basically exactly like that one friend we all had. Loud, abrasive, obnoxious, and think they’re way funnier than they really are.

I was worried for a second they might try and make the Wacky Packy dynamic work, because in small doses, it does. Thankfully they opted not to, and we just got an episode of him. It was great to see The Office almost go after Holly in a lynch mob once it was officially announced that Todd was a permanent sales man now. Dwight trying to feed Packer hot chocolate was another high point, as Jim then had to try and teach Dwight, in vain, the art of fucking with someone.

What I find interesting, is that Michael Scott has long since been one of the most aggravating characters in TV history. At times forcing you to get in your car and run over a drifter just to release the tension and anger be builds inside of you. But, now that his days are winding down, he’s really no longer doing anything to piss people off. In fact, he’s evolving, which we saw in Threat Level Midnight, when he realized his film was terrible. As for his replacement, it shouldn’t be an outside hire. Figure something out, and the rest of the cast will pick up the slack. There’s enough to do with Dwight, Jim and Andy to basically have their own series.

Rating: * * * 3/4 out of 5

Currently: Season 11

I usually tend not to like things that are big time. I’m not one of those lame ass ‘elitist’ that just hates things because they’re popular. It’s usually just that way because if it’s popular, that means a lot of folks like it, and most people are fucking morons and like crap. IE Jersey Shore, American Idol, Family Guy.

CSI however, is one of those super popular deals that’s actually really kick ass. It’s also one of the few shows to continue after a major change in the lead characters. Grissom was my favorite, and was bummed when he left. However, Ray is a super cool dude himself, and a fine replacement for my boy.

This weeks episode was a fine example with one of the major problems with CSI. Last week the episode ended on a major cliff hanger. This week? It barely referenced what happened and just went on another story. CSI will give us an episode that follows up on that in probably 3 months or something. It’s really obnoxious. But I digress…

This weeks episode was interesting, which is something CSI also does strong, having really interesting and original story lines. A paramedic brings a DOA into the morgue, and leaves it on the slab. Dave, one of the coroners gets ready, and as he’s doing so, the stiff gets up and shambles out the door. Later in the day, an officer alerts the CSI about a dead body he’s found, but when they go to the spot, tadow, he’s gone too. So, Vegas has a zombie problem on their hands.

Of course, it all just ended up being a result of the same nurotoxins used to make zombies and such in Haiti, but it was cool for a while. Once the whole zombie aspect of the episode was dissolved, it got a bit boring when we were just dealing with some trippy college kids and a fired former professor.

We’ve now got two story arcs going on, one of them the escape of Nate Haskel, and the contortionist who hangs around in a black, latex outfit and cuts people to shit who don’t come forward with their dirty secrets. Whether or not they’ll ever get to either one of them anytime soon is anyone’ guess.

Rating: * * * 1/4 out of 5

Normally it isn’t going to take me till Sunday to deliver this, but I was busy and didn’t think about Thursday Re-Run till Friday night.


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