The Only Review Of WrestleMania 15 That You’ll Ever Need

Wrestlemania 15
March 28, 1999

He was given the choice of watching WrestleMania 15, or…..I think he made the right choice.

You know, WrestleMania 15 is very under-rated. Under-rated when it comes to talking about shitty PPVs, or shitty WMs. I never hear it talked about when people bring up the topic of the worst WMs [it’s number 4, people. Not a match over 3 stars, and it was boring as all fuck]. It could possibly be because of the big main event or something, but I ‘m not sure why. I hadn’t seen it since I ordered it back in 1999, so it wasn’t fresh in my mind whatsoever. Foolish me, I was excited when it popped up on WWE Classics. The real kicker is that it’s one of those PPVs that the fans vote to see. The main event reseneted that well, I guess. People gotta realize, other than the main event scene, the Attitude Era was TERRIBLE. Although, the year 2000 was prime, prime stuff. Bottom line, let’s get down to it…

WWE Hardcore Title Match: BA Billy Gunn [C] vs. Al Snow vs. Hardcore Holly
Duration: 7:06
I actually miss the burgeoning Hardcore Title scene. They made for great openers, and over-all matches. It gave guys a chance who perhaps weren’t extremely technical a spot in the lime-light. I’ve always been a fan of hardcore wrestling, so it’s usually pretty easy to get me over on a hardcore match. Of course, the people wrestling have to actually be decent, other wise I’d be watching crap like CZW all the time. Anyways, I liked this opener fine, and I miss The Job Squad.
Rating: * * 3/4

WWE Tag-Team Title Match: Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart [C] vs. Test & D-Lo Brown
Duration: 3:58
What should we do with the tag match?
Well, who are the champs?
Owen & Jeff
Ahh, so two guys who can wrestle pretty damn well, huh?
Yup, and they’re over.
Mmm, well, this has failure written all over it. Let’s throw’em in there with two guys who suck and call it good.

I assume that’s the conversation that put this match into motion. It sucks, end of story, man.
Rating: Dud

This next bout, I’m just going to post the whole video, because of how awesome it is.  Honest, just for how entertaining it all this, I give it 5 stars, easy.

Rating: * * * * * [for the sheer entertainment of it all]

Referee Match: Mankind vs. Big Show
Duration: 6:50
In Big Show’s documentary, which you can stream from netflix, he talks about how miserable his wrestling ability and style was the first two years he was with WWE. Because in WCW they kept protecting him, and, obviously, seeing who he had to wrestle, Hogan, Nash, Hall and such, he was never in the ring with guys who ever did barely more than they had to. Well, this match shows these type of things. It’s boring as all hell with an extremely stupid stipulation. You save this bullshit for Raw or Smackdown, not the biggest PPV of the year.
Rating: *

4-Way Intercontinental Title Match: Road Dogg [C] vs. Goldust vs. Val Venis vs. Ken Shamrock
Duration: 9:47
A lot of people don’t dig this match, but until the stupid assed double-count out, it’s actually a pretty decent match, I was really getting into it until the previously mentioned, completely unnecessary double-count out just ruined the whole thing. I don’t get it. I mean, I know Pat Patterson has been one of, if not THEE guy who puts together matches backstage and has been since the late 80’s or whatever. He’s the first guy to win the IC title, so I’d assume it means something to him, and the goddamn title meant something then…so, we get this?! The 2nd biggest title, on the biggest show of the year? The same PPV where IC bouts like Savage v Steamboat, Hart vs Piper, and Micheals vs Ramon took place, this kinda crap goes on? The Attitude Era was in fact the death of the title…
Rating: * * 3/4

Triple H vs. Kane
Duration: 11:33
There really isn’t much to say about this match, to be honest. Chyna turns on Kane and DX reforms, in a swerve I’m pretty sure we all saw coming a mile away. I didn’t mind this one so much, but Kane just refuses to have a really good match, so, you know how it is. Also, any decent pace they were cutting was all for not when these stupid assholes had a DQ. ANOTHER DQ? Are you shitting me? Goddamn.
Rating: * * 3/4

Sable vs. Tori
Duration: 5:09
What do you really expect, here? Sable couldn’t wrestle for shit, and Tori was no Trish Status. So, we get a bunch of bumping around the ring, then Nicole Bass comes in and wrecks some shit. End of story.
Rating: Dud

European Championship: Shane McMahon [C] vs. X-Pac
Duration: 8:41
There isn’t too much to go on here. Shane was good, but not nearly as good as he’d become over the years. X-Pac, he’s still in good shape here, and able to pick up the slack where Shane isn’t. But again, this is WrestleMania, a rookie, who’d only had a hand full of matches doesn’t need to be in a title match, pretty high up on the card at WrestleMania. Then of course, earlier we get the DX reunion, and at the end of this match Triple H turns on X-Pac and breaks up DX. Again.
Rating: * *

Hell in a Cell Match: The Undertaker vs. The Big Boss Man
Duration: 9:48
Ah, the bastard son of the Hell in a Cell series. The DVD that came out had Hell in a Cell bouts that were less than 5 minutes long. This match was so awful that they didn’t even include it. Seriously, it’s God awful. They bumble around and punch each other until ‘Taker hangs the Bossman. Ross says it’s symbolic. Symbolic of what? A hanging?
Rating: Dud

WWE Title Match: The Rock [C] vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
Duration: 16:52
This main event was the only thing WrestleMania about this whole damn PPV. It was a huge deal back then. I remember being so damn excited that they were going to meet at WM. The Rock and Stone Cold were my two favorites at the time, with The Rock actually edging out Stone Cold a bit, who’d been my main man since 1997. They were both just spot on, and you’d think shit couldn’t get any better. But their Backlash match a month later was even better, but this didn’t suck and totally delivered. Funny that Stone Cold forgot his vest on the biggest night of the year and had to wear a shirt.
Rating: * * * * 1/4

Well, there we are. A big bag of shit with only one solid highlight. A few other minor decent bouts, but nothing you should have to pay money for. Not by a long shot.


~ by Caliber Winfield on March 27, 2011.

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