WrestleMania 27: Caliber’s MIGHTY predictions

Whoo, baby. WrestleMania today. I admit, I’m pretty excited.

This will be the first time I’ve seen a WrestleMania as it happens since I attended WrestleMania 19. So, I thought I’d do you guys a solid and offer my predictions, which of course will be spot on, and right as rain. Then tomorrow I’ll give my review. For now, I’ll give my prediction, and also what I’d like to have happen. Let’s get into it.

8-man tag match: I have no idea what this match is. So I could care less either way.

US Title Match – Sheamus vs. Bryan: I’m thinking that Sheamus is going to get the win. What I’d like is for them to absolutely tear it up. I think they very well could. I hope they get the time, and really go balls to the walls here. I believe they have a great mashing of styles. And I’d like Bryan to go over. Sheamus doesn’t need another rub.

Morrison, Stratus, Ugh vs.  Ziggler, Lay-Cool: I know Morrison and his team will win. What I hope is that Snooki pulls a Rodman, is in no condition to perform, isn’t allowed to wrestle and WWE never deals with her or any fake celebrity again.

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes: This feud needed more TV exposure, I think. It’s an interesting angle, and I really dig what Cody is doing. They won’t get much time, which is a shame, but I think it’ll still be decent. I see Cody getting the win here, via a cheap shot, as well as him finally taking off the mask.

Lawler vs. Cole: God knows, really. I’m hoping it’s short, with Lawler just beating Cole all to hell. Cole’s been a fantastic heel for a while, really getting you wanting to see him get his ass kicked. And, here’s a really far out there prediction, but I predict that Stone Cold will stun both Swagger and Cole, then have a bunch of beer, then offer either one or both of them a beer, they’ll take it, reluctantly, and both get stunners again. I know, I know, hard to believe.

Randy Orton vs CM Punk: Punk is awesome, just flat out awesome. He deserves a lot bigger push than he’s had over the years, and hopefully tonight will be just that night. I think Orton will get the win here. What I’d like is for Punk to get it, perhaps via cheating, so we can get a return match next month in some sort of gimmick. Then eventually give Punk the title, because that would rule. I’d also like to have him leading the SES again, and not this 2nd rate NXT.

The Undertaker vs. Triple H: I don’t believe HHH will be the man to end the streak, and will instead become the 3rd man to have lost twice at WM to ‘Taker. I think they have a great chance at having the best match on the card. I also think that Shawn is going to cause Triple H to lose, which would be stupid. Because the streak is a once a year shot. It’s not like a title match you can have again the next night. The streak needs to be treated with integrity. No bullshit. A clear cut winner, and a clear cut loser. What I’d like to have is for Vince to quit being a bitch and lift the no-bleeding policy. Since this match is hardcore, I’d love for it to be an epic blood fest. That would be fucking fantastic.

World Heavyweight Title Match – Edge vs. Del Rio: Man, the most boring build up ever. Who the fuck cares about this, really? I applaud them for trying out someone new in the main event, but why not Christian? He’s a proven ass kicker, he’s way over, plus him and Edge have an immense history they could have built on. It would have made for one of the best builds in WM history, plus a great match. Meh. I think Del Rio will get the win here, with Christian causing Edge to lose. Then they’ll have the feud that will rock. And Del Rio will probably feud with Taker. I dunno. Well, after Undertaker takes his 6 month post-WM vacation.

WWE Title Match – John Cena vs. The Miz: Del Rio v Edge has the most boring build up. This match is the most under whelming match ever. I have absolutely no belief that The Miz could even come fucking close to beating John Cena. He’s no where near the same level, not even. The other night on Raw, while he was standing there with Alex, I told my brother that Alex could be holding the title and it wouldn’t make a shit of difference. Absolutely no difference. I would think Alex has the same chance as Miz. The same skill. The same everything. Lame. Lame. Lame. The Miz is fucking crap. Before winning the title, on a fluke, by the way, he lost very much so to Daniel Bryan multiple times, then he had a feud with a 60 year old retired wrestler, in which he had a hard fought battle with. He’s expected to take on the most unbeatable wrestler the WWE has had in 10 years? It’s just so stupid I can’t even grasp why they even think people would buy tickets to see it. Not to mention they have The Rock involved in some weird kind of role. He’s promoing like he’s gonna wrestle, he’s fighting people like he’s gonna wrestle, but he’s not gonna wrestle. The whole angle with John and The Rock is far cooler and more interesting, and The Rock isn’t wrestling. So, this makes the crappiest build in WM history, probably, at least for a main event.

I pray Cena wins, so we get the strap off of Miz. Please, please, please. I’d then like it to set up a Rock v Cena match in some fashion. What I think will happen, I’m not sure. I think it could go either way. Either Cena wins clean, no problem, and then probably makes up with The Rock, which would suck. Or Miz beats Cena due to cheating of some fashion. Perhaps The Rock can cost him the title, and that sets up Cena v Miz.

So, there we go.


~ by Caliber Winfield on April 3, 2011.

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