Quick rundown of WrestleMania 27

Waddup, kids.

Well, lots of people seemingly split on whether WrestleMania was decent or not. Honestly, unless something is just utter crap, like WrestleMania 15, don’t complain. I get so sick of wrestling fans sometimes. They sit there, fat, talentless with little to no personalities, constantly bashing the product, yet watching it with baited breath. It’s just obnoxious sometimes. Anyways, I didn’t have a notebook to write anything down, so I won’t be reviewing the whole thing, just the main points.

I was shocked that they had the World Heavyweight Title match open the show. I thought it was very disrespectful to the title. They needed more time, because they were kicking some serious ass out there. Extremely bland ending though. I wanted the Christian turn. If not that, then why not pull the trigger on Del Rio? Not since WM23 has the winner of the Royal Rumble actually won at a WM. It’ll take a second viewing before I can give a solid rating, but for now we’re sitting pretty at * * * 1/2

Orton/Punk was good, same with Mysterio/Cody. I’ll have to watch’em again to get ratings. Because I’m so rad, I called what costume Mysterio was going to be. I should sell my skills as a psychic detective. I’d buy the Criss Angel magic set and just amaze people with that, and try to stay away from actually having to solve crimes. I’d be old school, and use an awesome wand. Which of course, would be my boner.

HHH vs Taker was incredible. The most fun I’ve ever had watching a match. As well as the most interested I’d ever been too. I had 3 other friends with me, 2 of which wanted HHH, and myself and the other wanted Taker. When HHH dropped the Deadman with the Tombstone and pinned him like that, we fucking exploded when Taker kicked out. It was absolutely amazing. We’ll see how it holds up later, when the thrill of ‘who’s gonna win?’ is no longer a factor. But I think it’ll do just fine. For now, I have the rating at * * * * *

Cole v Lawler was a 3 minute match stretched into a 2 and a half hour event. Man, it just drug on, and on. Hell, the crowd was even chanting “boring! boring”. It earns a big fat DUD

Miz/Cena was a joke. It’s a testament to just how fucking awful The Miz is. John Cena is the man in the main events. He ALWAYS delivers an awesome match, especially at WrestleMania, and Miz couldn’t even ride those coattails. Just an embarrassment. The double count out was ridiculously stupid and just killed the crowd. Of course, having the match restart and end a minute later didn’t do any better. Now, they better deliver on The Rock vs Cena, otherwise this is all for not and just a waste. The rating I’m thinking is about  * *

I feel bad for anyone who bought WM just for The Rock. To be honest, I’m sick of the Rock already. He just runs his mouth and that’s about it. He says the same stuff over and over, and I’m bloody well tired of it.

Also, really, Snooki comes out AFTER Taker? I mean, it makes total sense. The crowd needed to recoup after the big epic match, so throw them the biggest trash you can find, but still, Snookie being higher up the card than Taker, at WM. It’s just insulting.


~ by Caliber Winfield on April 4, 2011.

11 Responses to “Quick rundown of WrestleMania 27”

  1. Hey Caliber. I saw Wrestlemania yesterday and I thought it was a fun show. Nowhere near as bad as Wrestlemania 25. Being an old-school fan, I loved the psychology involved in the Triple H-Undertaker match. That match definitely did not deserve the criticism and hate it got. Although I liked Wrestlemania I’ve gotta admit, I thought that Ring Of Honor’s two weekend PPVs completely blew Wrestlemania out of the water. Overall a great weekend of wrestling.

  2. Really, you thought Wm25 was bad? I thought it got a bad rap.

    You had a great MITB, Hardy v Hardy went well, and the Triple Threat was really great too. If I’d like Shawn v Taker, then I’d consider WM25 one of the best.

  3. I agree about 25’s good points. Especially about the Triple Threat, that was the best Big Show match I’ve ever seen. THAT should have went on last. But with that show, the bad definitely outweighed the good. This year’s show is already getting an unfair bad rap. I think you and I can both agree though that next year’s Rock-John Cena match will be nothing short of awesome.

  4. Oh and I agree with you about annoying fans. I feel like if something is really bad, then don’t watch it. Which is why I don’t watch the weekly TV shows anymore. Now if only the majority will do that with Jersey Shore.

  5. Yeah, Big Show relishes in Triple Threats. Have you ever seen Angle v Lesnar v Big Show from….shit, I believe Vengeance ’03. A fantastic, fantastic PPV. That match rocks.

    Yeah, this year’s show is getting a bad rap. I don’t know why, I had fun. I just think people like to bitch. Especially wrestling fans.

    I cannot wait for Rock/Cena. Cena’s one of my all time favs who always delivers in the ring. Always.

    I don’t get it. If Jersey Shore was on in the 80’s, we’d be done with it by now. But it seems in this era, fads are no longer fads. They stay around for fucking EVER. If 11 years ago you’d have told me that Britney Spears would still be relevant, I’d smack your face.

    My Nitro reviews got the boot from Scott. That Tommy kid is able to do it from the beginning, plus he had a better showing out of the gate. We’re working on just exactly what I can do now. It’ll either be a focus on the nWo, recapping feuds, like my Hogan v Warrior, or perhaps just reviewing random stuff from Classics on Demand.

  6. Oh, by the way.

    Do you dig the Nitro reviews I do for this site? Or do you think I should put my awesome powers of wrestling review to another aspect?

    I thought about instead doing the reviews for 98 Nitro. Sting JUST joined the Wolfpac, which also just got started. I’ve always thought that this is where WCW started to die. I mean, two nWos? Sting joins the enemy? Shit’s going 3 hours? I thought it might be more interesting to start following the decline.

    I dunno. Your thoughts?

  7. I actually liked your review on Scott’s site despite the irrational hate it received. That said, 98 would be more interesting. Nobody ever reviews those shows. And besides, The Warrior’s segments alone generated more laughs than a Simpsons marathon.

  8. Oh and I’ve been checking out Tommy’s site as well for the TV recaps and I think you and Tommy are both pretty good. Man does TNA look more and more like WCW 2000 by the day. And they’re not even doing the few things WCW did right by the end.

  9. Oh yeah, the Warrior stuff is fantastic. And a Simpsons marathon so long as it ends in the year 1999. After that, goddamn did the show start to suck, and has only gone down hill since then.

    Since you find the Warrior stuff funny, have you read my article on the Warrior Hogan feud? It’s one of my more popular articles.

    Scott and I figured out what I can do. I’m gonna do a weekly article that’s The Top 5. The first article I sent Scott is the one I did recently, the Top 5 Greatest Finishers. They’re easy to write, and it’ll really spark up conversation.

  10. Yes I read the Warrior-Hogan article you did way back. That and your recap of the RoboCop-Sting debacle were funny as hell. The new weekly idea sounds like something tailor-made for Scott’s blog. I mean there is a similar one done at 411 but the douchebags in the comments page really ruin it. Hopefully, the same doesn’t happen here.

  11. Oh yeah, the Contentious Ten, right? I do like his articles. I think Ask 411mania is stupid, when you can just google anything these days.

    Man, I’ve auditioned for 411mania something like 4 times, last time I was actually considered, doing Nitro reviews. I just want them to say they need a writer for the movies section, so I can offer The Man Movie Encyclopedia. They’d be stupid to pass that up, and that’d be my chance to eventually get a book deal.

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