The Only Review of Scream 2 That You’ll Ever Need

After the massive reception of Scream, the flood gates were open. Not only did horror become big business, but it created a sub-genre of a sub-genre. It’s a slasher film, but it created a sub-genre of that where the killer is masked, it involves a bunch of pretty, up-start teens, and usually the covers do the floating head-thing you see in the Scream posters. Films like I Know What You Did Last Summer [also written by Kevin Williamson], Valentine, Halloween H20 [again, Williamson touched up the script], and quite a few others that for some damn reason I can’t recall, hoped right on the Scream band-wagon, and chased in while they were at it.

The Review:
Usually horror sequels are not received very well. Due to the fact that the first one out of the gate is huge, and movie companies are greedy. So they rush it. You get weak acting, effects, and story. Of course, with Scream 2, they knew they had to deliver the goods. Oh, and they were, motherfucker.

One of the fantastic things about Scream was the praise, homage, and some what parody of the horror genre. In this one, they immediately take it a notch up and even parody themselves, by the first two victims being at the premier of Stab, which is a movie about the events from Woodsboro, or otherwise known as the events in the first Scream. What footage you see of it is awesome in the way they make it exactly the way slashers were made. In that right of the bat, boom, we get some boobie action painted with thunder and lightning. Great stuff.

I love the way Phil gets it in the bathroom, being stabbed in the side of the head would suck, and I’d much rather cop a feel on some boobie, personally. It’s also ingenious that the killer puts on Phil’s coat, along with the mask and becomes indistinguishable from everyone else, since they’re all dressed to the 9’s in Stab costumes. Once he starts hacking her, people start cheering because they think it’s part of the show. It isn’t until she walks up onto the stage, screaming, and pouring blood that people start to pay real attention. Brilliant.

Syd is off to college now, trying to put the whole Woodsboro ordeal behind her, but, with the way life works, Woodsboro won’t be left alone. Word of the murder hits the news and before you know it, the campus is crawling with everyone from the lowliest on-location reporter, to the top dog herself, Gale Weathers. Whom, might I add, is looking extremely hot, and probably the hottest I’ve ever seen Courtney Cox. Well, besides the episode of Friends where she’s dressed up as Catwoman.

Syd isn’t in the mood to talk to anyone about it, as she’s trying to move on with her life. New setting. New boyfriend. But the same killer is rockin’ the scene.

One of the great things about Scream is the death of Randy. As stated, I very much dislike Jamie Kennedy, and was glad to see him go. Plus, it showed that pretty much anyone can get it, because he was a prime character, whom a lot of the fans really liked. Plus, his death was bloody as all hell.

The first time I saw this, I thought the camera man was the killer. He had the same boots, he was never around, and he was a new character. Plus, it was one of those un-obvious things that I usually catch on, but not this time.

Dewey being back was great, especially since they didn’t act like him being hacked up in the beginning was nothing, as he limped around and had nerve damage. It’s just small things like this that make Scream such a fantastically, goddamn great series.

The scene with Dewey, the killer, and Gale is one of the best of the series. Sound proof rooms, and shatter proof glass make it for a killer’s ideal grounds. It’s very tense, and pretty fucking scary. Plus, Dewey gets it AGAIN, and not just again, he really fucking gets it. Awesome stuff. Especially since he lives. The Dew is Superman.

Having the cops protect Syd was a great idea, because when the killer offed them, it really showed the insane desire he had to make sure she died. Again, the little touches.  I also thought it was cool that they played up the boyfriend angle again this time, with him dying as a result of Syd’s mistrust.

In the end, it was great that Mrs. Loomis was the killer. It made for a perfect connection to the original, with a fantastic motive. You couldn’t have asked for a better killer this time around. I mean, sure, Mickie was the actual killer, but Mrs. Loomis orchestrated the whole thing, so she gets the glory. I also liked the fact Mickie was a movie freak, such as myself.

A perfect sequel, to a perfect movie.

Number of Deaths: 10

Phil – Stabbed in the head, because he just had to try and listen to a dude getting his stroke on. Hey, it’s what I do when I’m rockin’ it. Wenis in one hand, crochet needle in the other in case someone’s trying to get a little audio action.

Maureen – Stabbed a bunch because she wanted to see a Sandra Bullock movie instead of Stab. Ironic.

CiCi – Stabbed a few times, thrown through a pain of glass, stabbed again and thrown to the ground. One of my all time favorites. A brutal scene, with an awesome contrast in the beauty of Sarah Michelle Gellar, and the dark brutality of the murder.

Randy – The death I was most stoked about, and probably the goriest of the film. There’s a ton of blood that’s splashed all over the van, and Randy himself. Awesome stuff. Oh, he’s stabbed at least 10 times.

Officer Andrews – Had his throat slashed while chillin’ at a red light.

Officer Richards – Thought it’d be a good idea to try and arrest Ghostface through the windshield of a moving car. Ended up with a PVC pipe through the back of his skull for his troubles.

Hallie – Geez, the one Token Black character we have gets whacked? Well, it is true to the horror roots, that’s for sure. Nothing special, just a throat slash.

Derek – Shot in the chest. See, that’s what happens when you trust a rather attractive girl. It gets you strung up and shot. 100% of the time.

Mickey – A guy I would have liked to seen more of, since he reminded me of myself, sans the homicidal tendencies. Well, not all the homicidal tendencies…

Mrs. Loomis – After George Clooney beat her ass on Rosanne, Mrs. Loomis teamed up with Mickey and got shot after trying to fetch some payback on Syd for killing her son. Really, did Syd have to be such a bitch? She could have just let him kill her. I mean, he only killed her mother, talk about PMS.

Box-Office Business:
101 million dollars on a 33 million budget.

Cast wasn’t given the last 10 pages of the script until it was time to film the scenes written.

Sarah Michelle Gellar signed up for the movie before a script was even done.

Started shooting 6 months after Scream was released, and was in theaters less than a year since Scream had been.

The original ending found it’s way to the internet, and had to be re-written. Syd’s friend Hallie was dating Derek, and was in on it. When they were all dead, Mrs. Loomis included, Cotton tries to kill Sydney to extract revenge, but she ends up killing him as well. I think the ending that’s on DVD is better.


~ by Caliber Winfield on April 16, 2011.

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