The Only Review of Scream 3 That You’ll Ever Need

It’s rare that a trilogy of movies is kick ass from beginning to end. Very few franchises have been able to do this. Is Scream one of those? You better damn well believe it, man.

Released: February 6th, 2000

After 1 and 2 were so kick ass, I had complete faith in the 3rd. Even when I found out that Kevin Williamson, the brilliant writer of the originals, wasn’t penning this one, I knew he’d at least have a hand, and wouldn’t let some hack shit all over it.

Scream 3 gets panned by fans pretty often, and they blame Ehren Kruger for the lame script. I have no fucking clue what these morons are talking about. Scream 3 is fantastic.

The start is on part with the other 2, a fantastic opening. Cotton has his wish now, and is a minor celebrity. Hosting his talk show, and thinking he’s big time shit. He was a major player in part 2, and an important part of 1. So for him to get killed in the opening, that was pretty shocking. So, right off the bat we get a cool turn, and even more so with the fact that the killer has a voice changer.

As it goes, and other peeps start dying off, we realize that the killer is killing people in order of the script for Stab 3. Which I thought was pretty cool, because of the multiple drafts, and people not knowing just who exactly is going to die.

Having Gale as a callused loner now was great character development. As she said in her speech to the college, you have to be willing to figuratively cut people’s throats to get ahead. When the student asks if it was worth it, she doesn’t answer. Having Dewy back was great, because he’s a fantastic character to have in a world like this. The killers are burly, the cops and a good portion of the other males are burly, but Dewy isn’t. He’s a total laid back, dork. The kind of guy you think could never be a cop, yet he’s quite proficient and dodging death, protecting people, and solving crimes. Having him date Gale without having to date Gale was again, another nice touch.

I loved the building mystery of just what exactly the killer meant by his claim that he killed Sidney’s mother. Mystery is one of the greatest and most entertaining parts of Scream, and to get two in this one movie is another reason to why this movie is flat out incredible.

Having Sid locked away from the world like that was the next logical step. Because just what the hell would you do after going through what she has? It might have been a bit of a lonely existence, but hey, at least it still was an existence.

The scene at Jennifer’s house is one of the best out of the entire series. It’s like something out of an action movie. Everyone’s sitting around, falling apart, and BAM, Stone comes in, classic death style with the falling down to reveal the knife in the back. Then the killer taunts them, making them run back and forth from outside and in. The faxing of the new script was a cool idea, and I loved the exploding house. Although it was extremely far fetched and what have you, it was still very inventive, and very cool.

Having Roman being the killer was great. The studio was never going to let him make his movie, so he went and did it himself. Having only one killer this time was a nice change. Also, keeping the mother as the epicenter for it all was great as far as keeping it on track. Him looking for his mother and being shut out was a fantastic motive for all the things he’s done. Just an awesome way to do it. People need to shut their damn mouths, this movie rocks.

Number of Deaths: 10

Christine Hamilton – Stabbed in the back

Cotton Weary – Stabbed in the head

Sarah Darling – Punched through a window and stabbed in the back

Steven Stone – Beat all to hell, then stabbed

Tom Prinze – Smelt the gas

Angelina Tyler – Stabbed in the chest

Tyson Fox – Stabbed, had carpet pulled from underneath and lands on his head, then thrown off a balcony

Jennifer Jolie – Stabbed in the back and the stomach 3 times

John Milton – Throat slit

Roman Bridger – Shot in the head

Box-Office Business:
Budget was 40 million, and it did about 161. So, I’d say that’s a a decent turn around. Shocked the studio

The house of John Milton, where the last reel takes place was the same place they used for the battle with Michael Meyers in H20. Which Kevin Williamson wrote the script for.

50 gallons of blood was used in the first Scream, 30 for the next, and for this one it was a meer 10.

They filmed three different endings so the cast wouldn’t know which was legit.


~ by Caliber Winfield on April 19, 2011.

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