America, fuck yeah!

It’s not secret that I hate the country I was born in. I just think it’s a disgusting place that’s completely ass backwards, high off it’s own self described superiority. What on Earth gives this Nation ANY reason to say we’re number one, or even close to it? Especially what we do in the name of God, and by God, I mean money.

We don’t take care of our elders. To be old in this country is looked upon with disgust,  as useless, and nothing more than a burden. The amount of money and time spent by people to avoid being old is astronomical.

According to a report done in 2006, by Global Industry Analysts, World Anti-Aging Products Market to Reach U.S. $115.5 Billion by 2010. So, imagine what it’s at now. People spend more money on Botox, and microdermabrasion than they do on diabities medications and treatments for chronic illness. These are the same people who cannot afford health insurance to take care of certain things they need, but still manage to finance money for vanity operations.

“Out of the roughly $14 billion spent on cosmetic procedures last year, $1 billion was financed,” sad Tom Hooyman, a health care administration professor at Regis University. “And that’s a real trend. Finance companies are now allowing people, even people without health insurance to take advantage of these procedures.”

“A 2004 study showed that one-third of the people who had cosmetic surgery last year, had average household incomes of under $30,000,” he said. “It’s opened up a whole new field of vanity medicine.”

Can you fucking believe that? This is our beautiful country, and the people who help hold it up. Well, actually, if this is America, the people holding it up with try and find someone who’s poorer than them and exploit that fact.

In the same vein, we spend about 40 billion dollars a year on weight loss products.

We turn on the TV, and it’s nothing but gorgeous people telling us that we can look like that too, and if we don’t, we’ll find no one. We have people trying to tax soda so that way it’ll be harder for people to buy it, and hopefully wipe soda out, because as Americans, we know what’s good for everyone! We know what you want, and what you need! Americans run around trying to ban fast food, take it out of zones where schools are, and everything in between because once again, an American knows what you need! We stick our faces in everyone’s face, all the time, because we want people to not only know what we think, but think just like that.

Money is God, here in America, and what we do with it is laughable. Truly laughable. We pay people like Kim Kardashian 8 million dollars a year for doing what? We pay The Situation from Jersey Shore a cool $5 million, for doing what? These people are paid for doing absolutely nothing, yet we have to have fund raisers for cancer, and AIDS research? Really? There are families in America living off of less than a dollar a day, and we give Kim Kardashian 8 million dollars a year. We have programs that showcase things like parents spending a million dollars on their worthless, obnoxious little brat of a daughter. We don’t shame these people. There’s no longer a shame in being a vapid, worthless nobody without an inch of skill. In the early days of Hollywood, you had to be able to sing, dance, act, and do it all at the same time, dammit! Now? Being able to do nothing is the new Jack of all Trades.

On the Statue of Liberty, it states that she welcomes the tired and huddled masses, yearning to be free. Yet, thanks to the Secure Fence Act of 2006, we’ve spent 3 billion dollars putting up 700 miles of fence on the border between Mexico and America. The border itself is 2,000 miles, and that 700 miles isn’t consecutive. It’s broken apart and placed here and there. One of the companies that built part of it was fined $200,000 for using, you guessed it, illegal immigrants! Color me shocked. This same fence that in January of 2011, two young girls, about 5″5 each, climbed to the top of it in 18 seconds. I’d say that’s worth the 3 billion, and another 6.5 billion it’ll cost to upgrade and maintain over the next 20 years.

But, obviously, we need it! We have to keep out these horrible people just trying to escape the wretched places that they live. These people who are truly risking life and death to come to a place and suffer racism and hate. Truly living the American dream. They come here, get exploited by Americans in the work force, all so they can better a life for themselves, and their family. What I love, is these obnoxious, pathetic racists who have a problem with immigrants, is they fail to realize that America isn’t their fucking country! It belonged to the Natives, then the white man came here, murdered, and raped the Natives, and then stole their land. Of course, we were too lazy to actually build it, so we had to head on over to Africa to buy and steal slaves. And now these assbackward people are trying to say that Mexicans are hurting America? Yeah, how dare they do a hard, demanding job for less than what a registered person would make. Those bastards.

On September 11th, 2001, there was a major deal that went on in New York. You know what happened, I know what happened. Of I tend to not believe what everyone else believes about that day, but that’s for another article. Regardless of who was behind what, we had a ton of selfless fire and policemen, and just awesome citizens who did whatever they could, for as long as they could, to help people. To save lives, even though it risked theirs. So, what do we do? Even though we’ve had fire and police men risking their lives for us everyday, we start signing their praises. Wearing FDNY & NYPD shirts and gushing over them non-stop. For about 6 months. Then the trend is over, and we go back to not really paying attention to them. Yet, we jump up and down all day every day for soldiers. Why? They just sign up for a job, and then they go do their. Do they protect my freedom? Nope. Haven’t done that since WWII. They’re over there for one thing, money. That’s why we went over there, to get that oil. So why on Earth should I support these troops? What do they do for me? Nothing.

Police and firemen have been there for us every day since the whole instituion was started, yet we never say, or do anything for them. The First Responders from 9-11 now have cancer, and other terminal diseases and horrible injuries that have left them unable to work, and thus, because we’re such an awesome country, they don’t have health care. They have to host tiny little fund raisers for themselves in taverns. In 2010, a bill was presented to congress to make it so those involved with 9/11 First Reponse, could get free health care.

It was rejected.


But what bill did they make sure passed? The bill that grants American’s a tax break, especially those who make a shit ton of money. Wow, so the rich get a nice, fat, tax break? Truly, THAT is American.

For now, to end this, I’ll leave you with some statistics on how we spend our money. Thanks to for’em.

“States began cutting their budgets in the spring of 2008, as the recession brought sharply weakened revenues. The cuts have intensified in the face of high and persistent unemployment. Even as the need for state-funded services rose, states cut funding for services by 4.2 percent for fiscal year 2009 and an additional 6.8 percent for 2010, according to estimates by the National Association of State Budget Officers (NASBO). NASBO projects that state spending for 2011 will remain 7.6 percent below 2008 levels.[2] Indeed, the cuts that many states have enacted for FY2011 have been even more severe than those implemented in previous years. For example:

* An estimated 8,200 families in Arizona lost eligibility for temporary cash assistance as the time limit for that assistance is cut back to 36 months from 60.
* Colorado cut public school spending by $260 million, nearly a 5 percent decline from fiscal year 2010. The cut amounts to more than $400 per student.
* Florida’s 11 public universities raised tuition by 15 percent for the 2010-11 academic year. This tuition hike, combined with a similar increase in 2009-10, results in a total two-year increase of 32 percent.
* In Minnesota, as a result of higher education funding cuts, approximately 9,400 students lost their state financial aid grants entirely, and the remaining state financial aid recipients will see their grants cut by 19 percent.
* Virginia’s $700 million in K-12 education cuts for the current biennium include the state’s share of an array of school district operating and capital expenses, and funding for class-size reduction in Kindergarten through third grade.
* Washington will reduce assistance for thousands of people who are physically or mentally incapacitated and unable to work in early 2011. For 28,000 adults receiving cash grants through the state’s Disability Lifeline program, the typical monthly benefit will fall by $81 to $258 from $339.

These cuts are affecting a wide range of important services. Since the recession began:

* At least 31 states have implemented cuts that will restrict low-income children’s or families’ eligibility for health insurance or reduce their access to health care services.
* At least 29 states plus the District of Columbia are cutting medical, rehabilitative, home care, or other services needed by low-income people who are elderly or have disabilities, or are significantly increasing the cost of these services.
* At least 34 states and the District of Columbia are cutting aid to K-12 schools and various education programs.
* At least 43 states have cut assistance to public colleges and universities, resulting in reductions in faculty and staff in addition to tuition increases.
* And at least 44 states and the District of Columbia have made cuts affecting state government employees.”


~ by Caliber Winfield on May 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “America, fuck yeah!”

  1. Beautiful, beautiful rant. I was left out in the cold last year by our govt, in fact I lost a healthy kidney transplant over it. I now do miserable dialysis because of it, and guess what, the medicine that they denied me, yeah it’s cheaper then the 2,000 dollars each treatment of dialysis cost, that’s some great logic. Go USA!

  2. What? that is absolutely shocking that our sparkling government would do such a thing.

    I’m glad to hear from you, it’s been a minute.

    Besides all of that, how are things going?

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