88MPH Reviews – WCW Monday Nitro – 6/15/98

WCW Monday Nitro

The Public Enemy vs Meng & Hugh Morris – Street Fight
It’s definitely PE’s type of match, so it isn’t that bad. Although come the end, a few spots get blown pretty bad. It starts with Jimmy Hart trying to hit Rocco over the head with a trash can lid, he gets a few raps in, and then Rocco throws up his hand to stop it, but Jimmy has stopped, so, Rocco’s hand is just up there. Jimmy quickly, after a second or so, fixes the error and tries to hit Rocco, but alas, he’s telepathic and knew Jimmy was going to, thus be blocked it with his hand. That was already up in the air. So, he tries to suplex Hart in, and that takes forever. Once in, you see Hugh and Meng on the apron, with Grunge in the suplex position, obviously waiting for Rocco to come and stop it. He finally comes over it, stops it. Then, Grunge gets down on all 4’s, and Rocco leaps off of his back into the arms of Barbarian and Hugh, except, he doesn’t really make it over the ropes, and the two guys have to lift him up. Then, Grunge grabs Hart and uses him as a battering ram to knock the three guys over into tables. This being a street fight, Nick Patrick counts them out and awards the match to PE. But of course.
* 1/2

We then get a clip of Mike Tenay going outside, and asking the fans who will Sting pick as his tag-team partner, now that he has the tag-team belts? A little kid says Lex Luger, and this one dude is screaming “ULTIMATE WARRIOR” like he’s being raped. So, Tenay has to stop asking the question and instead asks if New York is ready for Nitro! Whooo! Oh, and some girl is wearing a No Limit necklace, you have to love 1998. Make’em say uuuugh, baby…

Mean Gene is in the ring, and introduces the machoest of all the macho men, Macho Man Randy Savage. It’s funny, in this day and age, calling yourself “The Macho Man” would probably be the most ridiculous, and ridiculed thing you could do. Macho refers to the Wolfpac as the Hole In The Wall gang. Is The Madness out cruising for glory holes? Anyways, he challenges DDP to a cage match. If he can win, then DDP can become a member of the Wolfpac.

DDP comes out and accepts the challenge. He then talks about what is soon to be the worst match in history, DDP & Malone vs. Hogan & Rodman.

Man, are you FUCKING serious? Here’s another interview. It’s Roddy. No joke, if we had commercials, we’d be about 40 minutes in, with about 6 minutes or wrestling so far.

Chono & Tenzon vs High Voltage
Honestly, this isn’t a bad match. High Voltage have really stepped their game up with great double team maneuvers, and high power moves. Something is going on in the audience, so there attention is up in the higher levels. Since it’s nWo, they win the match, despite the fact Voltage really carried it. Oh, and during this bout we find out Henning has gone over to the black & white.
* * 1/2

Thank God, Wolfpac is coming out to interview. All that wrestling was really putting a kink in the brand name of World Championship Interviews. Konnan is so fucking annoying. You know, a lot of people cried fowl, and still do that Nash got the world title after Goldberg, but it made sense. Nash was extremely over in 1998. Stinger won the tag titles in a singles match last night. As only WCW can do. Now he has to pick a partner, good money is on Lex, so we’ll see. Shit, I just saw that wrestling superfan you always see in 90’s videos. You guys know who I’m talking about. He’s kinda fit, looks like he’s half white, half black, wears glasses. You can see him at WM10, in the front row, he’s with two other people in tuxedos with a W painted on his chest. I see that motherfucker every where. Anyways, this was hyped where Sting tells us his partner, and of course doesn’t. He says he’ll tell us later tonight.

Kanyon vs Sick Boy
Lodi is outside, being Sign Guy Dudley. I do enjoy his “No Cure for Sick Boy” sign. Not too much went on here. Your basic 3-4 minute match. Kanyon is finally getting over a bit, but we’re all waiting for “Who betta than Kanyon?”.
* *

Henning and Rude come out. Rude talks about how Henning rocks, and he’ll get Goldberg one day. Henning talks about how he swerved the Wolfpac, and swerved the Horsemen. He then promises Rude that he’ll never swerve him. Then they actually have a funny moment where they both start second guessing each other with looks.What would have actually been interesting, is if they swerved Wolfpac to join WCW. But then again, if I were wrestler, I’d want to be on TV and used as a talent too.

JJ F’ning Dillion  comes out for tonight’s 47th interview. But thankfully it’s saved by the fact that Jericho has come out to save us all. This really is the most entertaining character in wrestling history. Fact. Man, Malenko comes out and cracks Jericho from behind, and Mean Gene screams “DEAR GOD!” with such gusto, you’d think he passed out, and woke up in the center of a Bukkake or something. No joke. Dean ends up beating Jericho all across the backstage, who eventually gets outside, stops a car, and get’s away. It’s really no overstatement when Jericho said that this feud was the pinnacle of Dean and Chris’ career in WCW.

The Giant v Chris Adams
The Giant is of course smoking. Which, is honestly one of the most confusing things in wrestling that I’ve ever seen. What was the point? Was it suppose to make him cool? Working class? A heel? The Malboro Man? I’ll tell you one thing, it must have been awesome to be Chris Adams that night;

Chris Adams: So, what is our plan tonight? I’ve got a few ideas!
Terry Taylor: The Giant is gonna come out smoking, he’s gonna prop on the ropes having a butt, then you come over and ask to fight, he punches you. You get up, and try to get him to fight again, he choke slams you and pins you with one foot.
Chris Adams: …..life insurance doesn’t pay with a suicide, does it?
Taylor: Why do wrestlers keep asking that?

nWo Hollywood interview. Hogan talks about the Bash match. Well, it isn’t official yet, but it’s building. Seriously, watching this, knowing what it’s building to, is like finding out you have a cancer that can only be cured by getting your balls crushed by a hammer.

Sting comes out and says that Nash is his new partner. Schivone says that he really fooled the “experts”. So anyone who’s watched this show for 7 minutes and knows that Sting & Luger are best friends is an expert? Good to know.

Sting & Nash [C] vs. The Harlem Heat – WCW Tag Team Championships
People clowned on Sting when he went red, but I always thought it looked really cool. Still do. So, there we have it. You know, it’s only been about 13 years, but the Sting of today, looks like old Sting’s dad. This is shaping up to be a pretty decent match, and one of the best I’ve seen on Nitro. I’m not sure if Stevie Ray is injured, or in the dog house, but he isn’t doing much during all this. After a while of taking a severe beating, Booker gets the hot-tag, and the crowd is so un-interested in this, they practically dismantle their seats, just so they can actually sit down even lower than usual. Stevie Ray is in for about 20 seconds before catching The Scorpion Death Drop and the pin.
* * 3/4

The following announcement has been paid for by the New World Order.
Alrighty, we get footage of Scott Steiner being a Hollywood superstar. Hanging out with Hogan in a wig, and Carl Weathers not in a Rocky film.

They show the steel cage, which means, holy shit, we’re going to get about 20 minutes of action, a….ah, crap. Here comes Bischoff & Steiner. It’s interview time, which, since it’s Scotty, it’s alright with me. He’s talking about what New York has to offer, and what LA has to offer. He let’s us know that “Taxes drivers who don’t speak English” live in New York. Ooh, he was out in Hollywood with “Howk Hogan”. He says that’s celebrities just wouldn’t stop talking to him, my guess it’s because they had to keep telling him to stop rooting through their trash.

DDP vs. Macho Man w/ Roddy Piper as the special ref – Cage Match
DDP and Macho had great chemistry together. I don’t really know why they bothered breaking out the cage here, because the match just isn’t that long. They do a bit of brawling, and beating the hell out of each other, as is standard for a DDP/Macho affair. Of course, Piper get’s involved, and since he’s about 100 years old, with a plastic hip, he kicks the hell out of both DDP and Macho Man at the same time. Sounds about right. The cage is risen, and nWo Hollywood rushes in to kick the hell out of the 3 men. Cage lowers, Wolfpac is upset with this. Cage rises, Wolfpac is happy with this. I’m happy with this because the program ended at this point. I’ve only been watching these old Nitros for a couple months now, and I’m already sick of these DQ endings because of the nWo. I can’t imagine having watched this steady for 3 years. No wonder the WWE started kicking their ass.
* * 3/4

This show was middle of the road. 3 hours is just too much WCW. On a PPV level, sure. Because it’s a lot of wrestling, but 3 hours of Nitro? No. So, who will DDP side with? Will he hitch a ride on the B&W Express? Will he become another member of the Wolfpac, or will he keep proud the name that is WCW? Don’t read wikipedia, or old results, or youtube, or ask people, tune back here to Str8 Gangster, No Chaser to find out!


~ by Caliber Winfield on May 25, 2011.

7 Responses to “88MPH Reviews – WCW Monday Nitro – 6/15/98”

  1. Hey Caliber, good review. I know this sounds crazy but if they gave Steiner and Hogan this much interview time today, I would actually start watching Impact again. Their promos are excellent unintentional comedy. By the way, good Top 5 list this week and a great one last week. Thanks for paying tribute to one of my all-time favorites.

  2. By the way, judging by all of the alleged celebrities WCW used, it’s scary to think that if WCW was still around, Larry The Cable Guy would probably be in one of their main storylines. Which do you think was dumber, Dennis Rodman at Bash At The Beach 98 or the Battledome invasion from late 2000? Because both were collosally retarded.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate that. Which one of your all-time favs did I pay tribute to?

    Haha, man, you are so spot on with your claim that Larry The Cable Guy would be involved. I can see them starting up a Blue Collar kind of group, basically like the West Texas Rednecks or something.

    Honestly, I have to go with Rodman. But I’m biased, because I absolutely hate that match, I hate it. I think it’s the worst match in history. Rodman was a complete joke, a mockery of the sport, and an embarrassment.

  4. I was referring to Macho Man of course. Agreed to an extent about Rodman. It’s not the worst match I’ve ever seen but it’s close. My favorite spot is where they fuck up a double-team punch and Mike Tenay does the most laughable cover-up I’ve ever heard out of an announcer.

  5. I mean, Rodman couldn’t even stand up, it was embarrassing…

    Oh, of course, Macho Man…how on Earth did I miss that….

    Scott fired me. I’m no longer writing for Blog of Doom. He told me had to cave to the pressure of people emailing him, and saying how my writing style hurt their feelings. Honestly, it’s a good move, because I hated about 90% of the people there, and was sick of the whinny, wussied assed sissies who wouldn’t know humor if it drop kicked them in the face.

    I need to dedicate all my time to my own blog, and the awesome, awesome people that hang out here.

  6. Sorry to hear about that. Your column was one of the better ones on the blog. Agreed to an extent about the posters on the Blog Of Doom. They’re too deadly serious most of the time but they’re not nearly as annoying as the trolls that post on 411.

  7. Appreciate the kind words.

    Yeah, the 411 peeps are fucking awful. But then again, most people on the internet are.

    New Man Movie Encyclopedia coming up here in about a week or so…

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