Money In The Bank Thoughts

I didn’t order the PPV, but I will be watching it in the next day or two. Just wanted to give my thoughts.

I could careless that Del Rio won MiTB.

Daniel Bryan though? Hell yes. If they could have him and Punk feud, fuck that’d be money. Money in the bank? Oh snaps.

The Christian/Orton match sounded fantastic. I love how they booked that, with Orton going back to being crazy with anger. Christian being a little worm, and having to win the title via DQ is awesome. Perfect form with his character.

CM Punk winning clean is absolute. That’s it. Just absolute. Absolute what? You name it. Anything positive, that result was absolute. It’s proof again that Cena is the fucking man. I just hope he’s actually fired now for a while. I mean, this is the 2nd time in a year.

– Caliber


~ by Caliber Winfield on July 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “Money In The Bank Thoughts”

  1. Hey Caliber, if you haven’t seen this PPV yet, you should as soon as possible. I’m mostly a WWE and TNA hater nowadays but I have to admit that was easily WWE’s best show in several years. Although I’m amazed anyone could get info on that show, considering that almost all of the major sites crashed the day of the show. Even the site I was watching the show on crashed about 5 minutes into the Cena-Punk match, but thankfully I was able to rewatch it after everything slowed down. The way it looks right now, the only match out there that could be more awesome than Cena-Rock would be CM Punk vs. The Rock.

  2. Haha, no kidding, CM Punk killed the internet. Pretty remarkable….

    What they should do, is when they have CM Punk back, have him feud with who’s ever the champion then. Like when Shawn came back with the IC Belt….so, we have CM Punk win that feud, and start talking about how he’s the greatest WWE champion that’s ever lived…when all of a sudden, the glass breaks…Stone Cold comes out and has a few problems with Punk’s statement….then TADOW….Punk vs Austin and Cena vs Rock at WM28….that would bring them so much money the government would have to give’em a money printing machine and tell’em to go crazy…

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