The 88MPH Reviews – The Power Rangers: Green With Evil – Part II

Green With Evil – Part II

Back at the Command Center, Billy is working on Alpha.

Alpha has a virus. The Gay robot has a virus. I wonder what it is….probably influenza.

Rita is very much a lesbian. She tells Tommy to keep this ranger shit a secret. Thankfully, the Rangers are really fucking stupid, and won’t piece together the fact that all of this started when a new guy, who wears nothing but green, and knew martial arts showed up. He keeps in good order with this whole secret business by launching green lazers from his eyes to attack Bulk & Skull.

The Rangers have just now pieced together that it’s the Green Ranger who destroyed the command center.

There’s Tommy, wearing bright green jeans, and this really bitchin’, James Woods-style green-mesh sleeveless shirt. They want to give him this ultimate sword, but first he has to pass a test. Defeating more Puddy Patrols. Really? That’s the test? Me jacking off while in a straight jacket is more of a threat than these assholes. They’re super impressed, despite the fact he’d done this bullshit already. I was hoping the sword would be really cool, but it looks like some lame, Arabian night sword that was bedazzled.

Tommy is doing his best again to keep shit a secret by busting out his powers in the middle of high school and capturing Jason. He’s been teleported to a small arena, and forced to fight Goldar without powers.

The Rangers, sans Jason, morph and try to take on Tommy. He busts out the sword and starts whooping on’em. I’ll give it to’em, the battle scenes between the Rangers actually hold up, the martial arts is well coreographed. I mean, it’s not a Cory Yuen or Jackie Chan fight scene, but it’s more than tolerable.

We leave off as Goldar is about to bring the pain, sword style, on Jason’s crotch….to be continued.


~ by Caliber Winfield on August 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “The 88MPH Reviews – The Power Rangers: Green With Evil – Part II”

  1. You should watch the return of the Green Ranger where Tommy has to fight his evil clone, badass.

  2. I don’t dig power rangers.

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