Caliber’s take on Fright Night III

I’m a big fan of Fright Night. Duh.

After seeing the terrible remake, it got me thinking about how I’d really wish they’d have done a 2nd sequel, a part 3. I realized it’s not going to happen, because there’s no point in making horror in Hollywood unless it’s a remake.

So, I thought I’d try my craft as a writer and see what I could drum up. What I’ve written so far is just part 1. I thought I’d post it here for you guys, and get your opinion. I figured since it’s something entirely different from what I normally do, you might be into it. So, let me know, kids…

She sat at the bar, framed in an atmosphere that completely clashed with her outward appearance. A single orange growing in an apple tree. She wore her favorite outfit, although it appears so casual that describing it as an outfit is being pretty generous. It was composed of her favorite jeans that did more for her lower half than God ever had, and one of those pseudo-vintage t-shirts with a faded Coca-Cola logo on it Hell, she could be wearing a wedding dress, or a Vera-Wang gown and it wouldn’t make much difference. Either-or they’ll make you stand out in a vampire/goth bar.

What on Earth is a woman in her late 20′s, with no real interest in horror or the occult or anything of the like doing here at least once a week? That’s the question she gets all
the damn time, from both herself and others. No real answer to speak of. Ever since Twilight exploded in the world, places like this started popping up from the underground
and just made it all that more….easy. These vampires weren’t real, she told herself, there was no real danger.

The place was called Tepes. She thought this was terribly obvious, and a bit cliché. Didn’t seem to hurt business, the name. Place always seemed to be
pretty full, and it was as if she were the only “normal” person who wasn’t afraid of it. She didn’t understand it. Did people think that real vampires
hung out around here? That you were signing over your soul when you got the stamp on your hand at the door? But then again, perhaps hanging around and drinking
with a ton of facial piercings, plastic fangs, and some stupid clothing choices that no real vampire would have ever worn isn’t other people’s fortay.
She honestly thought she would see more “normal” people though. This place use to be a college bar, and is located near a college town. I guess
once the beer pong and wet t-shirt contests on the weekend go, so do the Alpha Betas.

She looked to the left of where she was sitting and looked out the windows, about 15 feet from her. All one can see is the tops of the businesses across the street
and people’s legs below the knees. The bar was one of those that was underneath a building, where you had to take steps downward from the sidewalk to get to it.
Sort of a Cheers, she thought. But the Sam Malone here had purple streaks in his hair instead of one-liners, and seemed more interested in keeping his fishnets from
tearing than he did any sort of Diane that may have been around. It was during this glance out the window she noticed a guy coming through the door. He looked like
the type you’d have seen here when the bar was a backdrop for future date rapes and alcohol poisoning. His shaggy brown hair framed one of those classic
jaw-lines you’d usually see in old westerns, adoring the heroes. A gray t-shirt shared half the outfit with normal jeans and Doc Martins. He walked in like it was nothing
and sat up at the bar like it was his own. She was a little surprised. She expected someone like this to be a bit peckish, apprehensive. But not this cowboy, and it was
this that peaked her interest to start-up a conversation after a couple of minutes and sips of her water.

“Hey” was her masterful opening line.

“Hey, how are you this evening?” The man smiled and turned his attention way from is beer to reciprocate the greeting.

“I’m good, yourself?”

“Just as well. I’m Jake” he said, offering his right hand

“Jessica” she said, returning the gesture. “I’m sure I’m the last person who should ask this, but what brings you here? You don’t…

“..look like the type?” he said, finishing her sentence

“Heh, exactly”

“I use to come here back when it was Study Hall”

“Study Hall?” she asked

“Yeah, you know, so if you’re talking to your boyfriend/girlfriend/mom/dad, whatever wet blanket may be requiring her whereabouts, you can tell’em you’re at the Study Hall”

Jessica let out a laugh over the ridiculous name. “I’m sure that was always bulletproof…”

“Well, the best laid plans, I suppose…”

“So, you use to come here before, and now it’s just a habit? The atmosphere and what have you doesn’t bother?” Jessica inquired

“Nope. People are people. The folks who come here are just trying to have a drink and be social. Just because they wear leather, fake fangs, and pretend they’re
Lestat doesn’t mean I should run from them” Jake answered.

“Well, how liberal of you”

“Heh, I wouldn’t call it liberal, just being smart, I guess. Or are those one in the same?” he said with a smile

Their conversation kept an even clip, and helped to bleed the hours of Friday night into early Saturday morning. At around 2am, when the bar was at its fullest and both having imbibed
their fair share of alcohol, they opted for a change of scenery.Jake was pretty insistent that they should head back to his place, but Jessica wanted to play it smart, so
after a bit of convincing she got him to agree to go to the safer location of her apartment. Plus it was only across the street, so not having to risk a DUI or paying for a cab is a solid plus.
After getting up from the places they’d spent the last few hours, they sauntered over to the door, exiting and heading up the stairs to the busy street.

Being less than a mile from the college, and a Friday night, the streets had more people than pavement on’em. Jessica & Jake held hands as they crossed the street, avoiding both
people and vehicles. Jessica stepped up the stoop and punched in the code on the number pad to get inside her building, opening the door she walked in and realized that Jake wasn’t
right behind her, but instead at the bottom of the stoop, looking out into the street, his attention seemingly elsewhere.

“Jake? Hello?” Jessica asked, a bit miffed his attention some how waned off of her.

It broke his attention, that was being paid towards nothing, he looked up towards Jessica with a “sorry” look.

“C’mon in, you’re invited, chump…” she said with a smirk.

Jake smiled and hoped up the stairs with a jump in his step. His attention back where it belonged. Jessica lived on the third story, but they rushed up the stairs and were at her door as if
she were the first door on the first floor. The smell of the old carpet and the look of the walls that needed paint was foreign to Jake, yet told Jessica she was home. She grabbed the keys
from her pocket, something she was always proud of. Her keys could fit in her pocket, as there were only two. Her apartment, and her car. Most woman kept keys like a collection,
she noticed. Opening the door, they both rushed in, eager like kids on Christmas morning. Jessica shut the door, passing the kitchen to her left she walked into the living room where
Jake was standing, amidst a mostly empty room. A TV, a sofa, but not much of anything else. A college kids budget, he assumed.

“Not too big on decorating, I see?” Jake asked

“Heh, I’ve been meaning too, but I’ve had a history of moving from place to place, so it’s sort of like I just don’t get to dug into to a place. I’m an Army brat” she answered

“Right. I had a friend growing up who use to always move around too. I only knew him for a y ear, but apparently that was the longest he’d stayed anywhere. You know,
the really awesome, and amazing thing is that when I moved here for college, he was here too. I couldn’t believe it. I mean, what are the mathematical equations on that?
You know? He’s gone now though. Up and moved again after only a couple of months. I’m not sure if he dropped out, or what. But, uh…anyways, enough about my friends” he said

“My roommates are totally different. I’m surprised they haven’t decorated the hell out of this place…”


“Yeah, they’re a couple, and they sleep across the hall from me” Jessica answered

“Well, uh…should we hang out in your room then? Just in case your roommates want to hang out in the living room?” Jake offered

“In the middle of the night?” was her response

Jake just smiled and shrugged his shoulders, basically admitting that was as suave as he could be.

As they walked towards Jessica’s room, Jake made note of the fact her roomates’ door was open, and the room empty. Awesome, he thought. Now as much noise can be made
as desired.

Jessica opened her door and stepped in as Jake stood in the hall, standing at the door frame, Jessica wagged her index finger in a “come hither” motion as Jake slid his way in. He
walked to the end of her bed and turned around facing Jessica as she closed the door. She walked up to Jake, until they were almost touching nose to nose. She smiled and looked down,
leading Jake’s gaze.

That’s the last thing he remembered before Jessica brought up a stern right uppercut, knocking Jake out cold for the moment and sending him cascading onto the bed.

Jessica smirked, as she thought to herself…

The vampires at the bar aren’t real, they never are. She’s never in any danger, they always are.

Jake murmured as he stirred, bringing his head up to look at Jessica, standing at the end of the bed.

“Wha…what the fuck? Wh….what the hell are you doing?” he asked with a bit of cloudiness to his voice

She smiled as the roomates Jake thought gone appeared from each side of him and pinned his arms down, keeping him from attempting any sort of…well, anything.

“What the hell do you want?! What is this?!”

Jessica laughed.

“I’m sorry, Jake. Isn’t this how it goes? No? I’m sorry…let me try to be a bit more normal…”

At this point Jessica was nothing more than a silhouette, no detail but a shadow, as well as the two at this sides, thanks to the beam of light coming in from the outside. Slicing
the darkness and bathing him from his torso to his face in artificial light.

“I should at this point, slip into something more comfortable, no?” Jessica asked as she crept onto the bed.

Jake didn’t notice her put anything else on, but as she crept into the light he immediately realized what she meant, and at the same time refused it. Because this couldn’t
be real. The one attractive Jessica was now adorned with burning eyes that looked like fire embers right before they reach white, her milky skin now a shade of gray
that colored everything except for the seemingly endless rows of yellow teeth that seemed to stretch from ear to ear. Drool flowed from top to bottom as strings of spit
attached to the rows of teeth as she smiled.

“AHHHHH!!!” was all Jake was able to get out, his mind unable to really grasp just what was happening to him, the only notion in his entire body was fear. Nothing else.
Stripped down to it’s most primal essence. Even if he wasn’t pinned down, there was no real chance of movement.

Jake’s screams were drowned out by the three’s laughter.

“It never get’s old, does it?” Jessica asked the person to her left who was now allowing their face to be illuminated in the same space of light.

“Never”…”never”, as if there were an echo in the room. As if mirror images, both creatures to the side of Jake had their faces illuminated. To the left a buzz cut crowned a head colored the same as Jessica, if not a bit darker. A thicker brow ridge allowed his eyes to appear even more sunken. Although not red like Jessica, these were as orange as any fruit, with wisps of yellow brushed inside. He didn’t have
as many rows of teeth, but what he did have was a set that were pink with hints of white where all the blood over the years hadn’t stained yet. The incisors, top to bottom had to
be at least an inch long, while the rest were even and appeared razor sharp, like something a child would draw on a creature.To the right, long black hair framed a face that for a second
gave it a soft look, if it weren’t for the same orange and yellow eyes with shark like teeth. It didn’t have the same brow ridge, leaving one to assume this one must be female.

“Jake…” Jessica began as she scraped a talon alongside the head his head, drawing beads of blood along the way…

“Where do I find Thomas Barker?”…she drew her hand back, and the creature to Jake’s left took the cue to lap up the blood dripping down the side of Jake’s face.

It was only mere seconds before he spoke, but to Jake, it felt like it’d been hours. He stammered…

“Wh….what…what do you want?” he sheepishly asked

Jessica grabbed Jake by the jaw, as if to lean in for a kiss, but unfortunately for Jake there was no such promise of something so delicate. She came within an inch, her warm breath that
smelt of iron and dirt smothered Jake’s senses. He could not only smell it, he could taste it. She hissed….

“I want Thomas Baker’s whereabouts” she tightened her grip on Jake’s face, causing him to cry out “Ooh, sing for me, baby…”

“I…I don’t know. I told you. He and his family jump from place to place! It was just chance I met him here again!”

Jessica drug her finger-nail down the other side of his face, going all the way down his neck.

“Don’t lie to me, baby. Do you think us meeting was coincidence? I’ve done my homework. And I’m not going to have all my work be in vain because you want to be a
good friend!” Jessica’s voice was starting to grow impatient and angry.

“Really, I don’t— AARRGH!” Jake was cut off mid-sentence, a cracking sound coming from his right

“See, my friends, Mark & Josie, they like wasted time even less than I do. For every lie, a bone breaks, you shit.So…. TELL ME WHAT I WANT TO KNOW!” Jessica howled, her voice becoming guttural.

Jake’s panting was as heavy as the his chest was tight. Fear and adrenaline sending his body haywire.

“I…I uh….” he stopped to breathe deep, his resolve flushed when he felt fingers on both hands starting to bend.”Clovis….Clovis, New Mexico…”Jake said, his words dragged down by the sound of defeat in his voice. “He…he said that might be a place he’d end up next…”

“Ooh, lover…” Jessica cooed as she drew her face closer to Jake’s, but before moving any closer Jake summoned whatever courage, or stupidity he had left and spit what
he had left in his mouth all over Jessica’s face.She roared in anger, wiping her face before driving it into Jake’s stomach and ripping through the flesh. The two at Jake’s side followed
suit and took a place at his chest and throat. His life drained through the lips and teeth of the 3 vampires who pulled it in without any regard or sympathy to the fact that this
blood once carried a life with it. Their needs. Their hunger is all that matters.

Jessica was the first to finish. She whipped her head back, her face once again that of an unassuming, attractive girl, with the exception to the blood that was slathered all over the bottom
of her face and neck. She wiped some of the excess with her back hand as she smiled….

“Well, ladies and gentlemen. Looks like we’ve got a date in Clovis, New Mexico. I can only hope—” She continued as she slurped blood off each finger “—that he hasn’t come up with yet another
pathetic fake name once we get there. But then again—” she said as he got off the bed “—if I were the son of Charlie Brewster, I wouldn’t want anyone knowing it either”


~ by Caliber Winfield on September 7, 2011.

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  1. Twist was REALLY good. Nice job, this was very well written.

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