In The Last 7 Days….

You know why you’ve got that awesome feeling in your pants right now? It’s because it’s The Weekly Wrestling Round-Up!

Sorry for this being late but on Sunday I couldn’t really write anything up because my Brother was hogging the computer all day and I was kind of, sort of grounded for um, putting away laundry. Anyway by the time I got on the computer it was 10:36 PM, I have to go to bed at 11:00 PM and still had to watch the end of Hell in A Cell for you people. So I stayed up till 11:30 and then laid in bed for six hourse tossing and turnning. I was going to do it yesterday but I was only on for about twenty-forty minutes total yesterday and about thirty of that was while Raw was happening. Our family went to pick up pharmacy drugs for my Mom and then we went out to dinner because my Stepadad was tired of eating Publix chicken wings. I for one DEMAND to know what the fuck Publix Chicken is.

Onto Raw from last week, we had a stupid segment with Trips bitching about The Awesome Jobbers and then sued Mark Henry. That didn’t really lead to anything but then a pretty funny segment happend between the Smackdown midcardes plus Dolph Ziggler where they complained and then Trips complained about them complaning. He mad matches for each man leading to…

Cody Rhodes in a giant over the top Battle Royal. Drew was in this but he got eliminated so fast I honestly didn’t even see him. There was some stupidness with the Sin Cara’s. Danielson got tossed by Ezekial Jackson for some reason. Cody ended up winning in a really weird botch where Sheamus went for the leg kick but got stuck on the second rope so Sheamus kind of pushed himself over. Still kind of fun though.

David Otunga wore a bowtie. Yes bowties are cool. Only if they’re worn by Mr. Pee-Wee Herman.

We had a Diva’s match which I skipped because its Diva’s. I mean, what’s the point of this whole Beth angle anyway? They’re monsters that somehow dominate the WWE and they never win matches? If you can push Mabel over Shawn Michaels I think you could push Beth over Kelly Kelly. Yeah, it seems kind of backwards. It’s like Beth just can’t get over on this monster-ring-master K2. She’s tried, and tried, and she finally won the big one, yet, she’s the heel.

Mark Henry beats up the Great Khali promoting thir match on Smackdown. Whatever, don’t really have a problem with it. Some people are bitching about it but they didn’t even wrestle! On top of that you can change the channel to something else, I think No Country for Old Men was on last week. No Country For Old Men is almost always the choice to make, baby. Goddamn what a great film. Henry vs Khali? Really? Do they really think that’s gonna light the world on fire? Cena, the master of getting a marginal worker over, was only able to get Khali to a watchable match. Henry, the guy who’s only now having decent matches after 15 years, is not the guy to put with him.

John Cena cuts a really lame promo hyping the ppv. It was just lame. The fans were about 50/50 for him before the promo but afterwards he was just booed out of the building. Well not literally out of the building but you know what I mean. You’re wrong, actually. They booed so hard that he flew out of the building and landed on the Wicked Witch of the East. Least to say, he must find the Ruby Red Championship Belt to get back. Or make the Witch of the West tap to the STF.

John Cena wrestled Christan in a three minute match.It was okayish though Cena had to be made to look like the winner before the interference. CM Punk and Del Rio were on commentary and Punk was awesome because he’s CM Punk but Del Rio didn’t come across as that great. Anyway Del Rio attcked Cena leading to Punk saving Cena… for some reason. Christian v Cena would be AWESOME. They’d make enough money to use $100 as something you wouldn’t normally use’em for.

Zack Ryder vs Dolph just had bad booking. The fans were totally behind Zack and wanted him to win so Ziggler goes over for some reason. Swangle helped him which makes no sense because if you’re actually following this horrible story Swangle/Ziggler were fueding last week. Heh, for a second there I thought he was mispelling Swagger’s name TERRIBLY.

Anyway this lead to a six man tag where Zack and Air Boom teamed up against Ziggling Swanglish Roided Ryan (best name I could think of) and for no real reason Ryan turnned on his heel team and joined the Rebellion. Or something.

The main event was CM Punk vs Del Rio and it was a really good match actually. I liked it a lot but then again I love everything about Punk. My only real problem with the match is that 95% of Del Rio’s offense was enzguris. It got kind of old after his second one. CM Punk won with a side kick which some people complained about however if you remember Punk also beat Rey with it. Its kind of like Punk’s other finisher since he can’t use the Pepsi Plunge. For some reason the Cell lowered and Del Rio beat up both Punk and Cena with a chair.

Still kind of lame because Del Rio just looks like such a lame duck, he hasn’t beaten either man in a match while both have beaten him and each other. Also Del Rio just lost the championship, I really didn’t think he was going to get the championship back at Hell in A Cell just because they were making Cena’s tenth championship seem like such a big thing but really the WWE Titles getting switched more than the WCW Championship in 2000. I know. As a kid, it was a HUGE deal that Bret was a 5 time champion. I couldn’t believe it. Then when Razor became the IC Champ for a 4th time, it was unheard of. Now anyone who’s been a champion at least three times has been a champion 15 times. It’s pathetic.

I also watched Smackdown and it was a really bland show. Really, really bland. I hardly remeber it to be honest. I know that Bryan wasn’t on it and the main event Randy vs Christan ended in a count-out. I was really pissed off about the ending so I was just said screw this and turnned it off. Randy vs Christian all day, baby. All day.

Alright this headace is killing me and I have to see if Facebook is still being really weird. Have a good week everyone and remember I’m better than you. Well, he’s right. You can’t fight right.

I know this is getting a bit of a jump start, but man was the ending to Raw perhaps the STUPIDEST ending of all time? So, the whole roster walks out, the show is over, then what? Then the whole roster comes back out to do Smackdown? Man, it was pathetic.

Now, since Sebastian didn’t have a chance to watch TNA, I’ll just throw in my thoughts. It was alright. They had a main event of AJ Styles v Bobby Roode, and it was pretty decent. The incredible part was that Bobby defeated AJ clean as a sheet. This is AJ Styles, the best wrestler in TNA. A former World Champ. This is the best build up I’ve seen from TNA in years, as I really believe in Bobby, and think he’s gonna win the title from Angle. Hogan made an announcement, that was to say he’s going to make an announcement next week. That announcement is he’s going to retire. We know that, because that’s what he said. Man. Get him the fuck off TV. Immortal is one of the worst groups of all time. Holy shit.


~ by Caliber Winfield on October 5, 2011.

3 Responses to “In The Last 7 Days….”

  1. Don’t get the whole Beth thing either. She won the title and was made to look horrid on this week’s Raw. No Country For Old Men is one of the best movies EVER!! CM Punk on commentary made my Monday and he looks 15 kinds of yummy in his announcers jacket. Love the way their treating Bobby Roode and really hope he wins at BFG. And yes, Hogan GTFO!!! Immortal is terrible.

  2. are you guys kidding me? immortal is as awesome as heath slater being the WWF champion. k2 is boring, I’d love to see her bleed in the ring.

  3. Ooh, I did actually see the Styles/Rhoode match because Archer was on commercial and I was actually kind of shocked Rhoode went over.

    I’m also kind of lucky as I almost always see the best parts of the show and miss the really bad stuff. Well most of it anyway.

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