The Horror Section – Urban Legend

All October, every day I’m going to recommend a film you may not have heard of, or one you saw long ago and forgot about how great it was. It’s called The Horror Section, because that was always my favorite part of the video store when I was a kid. I’d actually started this on Facebook, it’s caught on a bit so I thought I’d move it to my site, to reach a larger audience.

Movie: Urban Legend
Year: 1998
Stars: Rebeca Gayheart, Jared Leto, Robert Englund

Horror always has it’s boom periods. A film will come along that explodes in the mainstream, to which all others try to follow the success. It started in the 30’s with Dracula & Frankenstein. After those hit, we had an almost 20 year boom period with studios pumping out as many monster films as they could. The late 70’s saw Halloween, and for 10 years we had slasher after slasher trying to create their own franchise. Once the mid 90’s came along, Scream broke it all open again, afterward we got a lot of cute up and coming teens running from a masked killer as we spend the 90 minutes trying to guess who it is. Most of them suck, but in Urban Legend’s case it can actually consider itself to be in the same league as Scream.

The film takes place at a college in the North East, in which a killer in a parka and fencing mask goes around dispatching college kids in different manners based on old school urban legends. Pop rocks & coke, the killer in the back seat, flashing your lights at gang-bangers, all the greats you heard growing up. It’s this little story point that enables Urban Legend to stand out from the pack, and give everything from the atmosphere, to the acting, to the script something to build upon.

Originality is a big points earner for me, and this movie gets it in spades. Everything from the story, to the kills, to the big reveal at the end excellent, and truly earn Urban Legend a place in the pantheon with all the other greats.

Best Death: After having their dog cooked in a microwave, said person then has a tube & funnel shoved down their throat, and Draino poured into said funnel. I can only imagine what a fucking bummer that would be. Suffice to say, I would not have a boner. Well, maybe…


~ by Caliber Winfield on October 5, 2011.

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  2. Satan’s little helper is better then scream. It’s the best horror film.

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