The Horror Section – Friday The 13th: VI – Jason Lives

Movie: Friday The 13th: Part VI – Jason Lives
Year: 1986
Stars: Well, no one, really. But it’s got Horshack from Welcome Back, Kotter.

I know that with my reckos I try and come up with a film people may or may not have seen, or even heard of. However, when it comes to the bad-ass month of October, people are always going to latch on to the popular classics. In this case, my favorite franchise, Friday The 13th. So, you’re standing at the video store, or looking online at netflix, or checking out a friend’s collection and you ponder:

“Do I watch Jason going on a magical boat-ride to New York? Or view his antics in the 3rd dimension? But then again, there’s the possibility seeming him die for good in Part 4, The Final Chapter.”

Well, since I’m your friend, and friend to all, I’m here to let you know which is the best. That of course, is Part 6: Jason Lives.

The Director, Tom McLoughlin really brought a brand new and awesome style to this one. He had great influence from the original Universal classics, and you can see that from the very opening scene, in which we see Camp Crystal Lake being over-taken by a looming fog. The following scene here also showcases the brilliance…

The woods have never looked cooler before in a Friday The 13th, and never did after. Scenes of cemeteries, storms, resurrection via lightening, and other types of gothic imagery that was born in Universal are peppered all through out this film, it’s fantastic.

There are plenty of kills, originally it was set at 13, but they wanted more, so they got more, 3 to be exact. In cased in this film are some of Jason’s greatest and most memorable kills. The triple decapitation, twisting a girl’s head off with his bare hands, as well as shoving a girl’s head into a mirror so hard it makes an indentation in the RV. The video below shows off all the deaths, so you’ll be able to see the one’s I’ve mentioned.

I’m a fan of all the Friday The 13th’s, but this one just has the best story, atmosphere, direction, music, and deaths. It’ll never win any Oscars, but who gives a shit? These films are fun as all hell, and I’d rather spend my time with my boy Jason than Vito Corelone. Trust me when I say this is your best choice when it comes to a Friday the 13th.

Best Death: A cop keeps trying to fuck with Jason, why? I don’t know. Probably because the cop knows that bitches just throw their titties into Jason’s hands, while the cop has to cop a feel during frisks. Anyways, he tries to bring the pain by bashing a rock into Jason’s skull and get’s an answer by Jason bending him the fuck in half! There is no business end of something on Jason, is whole body is the business end.


~ by Caliber Winfield on October 6, 2011.

One Response to “The Horror Section – Friday The 13th: VI – Jason Lives”

  1. Yeah I love this one. I still think 2 is the best but this one is totally badass.

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