The Horror Section – Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

Year: 2007
Star: Henry Rollins
Director: Joe Lynch

Yeah, there wasn’t one yesterday, and that’s because I caught a rocking flu. I was really unmotivated, and figured I’d just make it up to you kids later. So for now, let’s get into one of the best slashers of all time…

Wrong Turn 2

Wrong Turn, the original, is fantastic. A bit of a sleeper that crept in under and the radar and has since become a cult franchise. It actually started a horror sub-genre, much like Saw & Hostel. A branch off of slashers, where’s instead of masked men, or those like Freddy & The Shocker, it’s deformed, inbred hill-billies. Which is awesome, because it’s something that is more than plausible. As I stated, the first one rocked, and when it comes to horror, the direct-to-video sequel can be the touch of death. But in this case, it’s the touch of crushing your colon with awesome.

The immediate give away that this film is gonna kick ass is one man. Two words.

Henry Rollins.

A total bad-ass. He use to front the punk-band Black Flag. Then he branched off into spoken word tours, solo records, acting, and being an all around man’s-man. He’s a brickhouse built of nothing but the business end of a scowl and his shoe.

The movie is about a reality show in which a group of people are taken out into the woods, and have to act as if the apocalypse has happened. Henry Rollins is the leader/host of this show, and right away we know he’s the man because his hair-cut is short, and his neck is thicker than his torso. Well, they all split-off, and the mutants start having their way with’em.

The film actually starts off with a bang, and let’s you know that if you’re a bitch, best to go use your breast pump instead of sticking around for the business. Kimberly Caldwell, who I guess was on American Idol, plays herself. She’s suppose to be part of the show, but can’t find the location. She ends up hitting something in the road, and gets out to check. Which I will say is really the only major error in the film, because like any girl would even know that she hit something. Anyways, I’ve included the video because words couldn’t explain the bossness.

The rest of this film is this bad-ass, no joke. Some of the best effects & kills that I’ve ever seen. It’s not just the best in the franchise, but it’s one of the greatest slashers I’ve ever seen. This whole film is just flat out fucking fun. It’s a major, major recko.

Little trivia for you, the guy who plays the lead mutant, Ken Kirzinger, also played Jason in Freddy vs Jason. Plus, they’re filming in the same location that they did at the end of FvJ.

Best Death: I think the video above speaks for itself.


~ by Caliber Winfield on October 9, 2011.

3 Responses to “The Horror Section – Wrong Turn 2: Dead End”

  1. Actually I saw bit and pieces of this on SyFy. honestly it looks horrible but I may be wrong.

  2. You might have been seeing Wrong Turn 3, in which the case with that film is that it does completely suck.

    But I do assure, Wrong Turn 2 is total bad-assery.

  3. ha, sebastian you’re right, this film was horrible, i hated every minute of it. Henry Rollins was the only thing cool in this film. i wouldnt’ watch this film again if i was tied to a dirty chair, in a damp sub basement and had 2 choices, watch wrong turn 2 again or go blind, i’d choose blindness.

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