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Have you been wondering just where the Weekly Wrestling Recap has gone? Well, consider it ghost, people. Instead we’ve re-tooled, and came up with That Wrestling Show. It’s a more interesting, and entertaining. It’s not a simple recap, where’s I’ve started making videos for it, and we talk about more than just recaps. So, let’s get into it.

The last month in…

Raw – All I will say is the ending of Raw was most pathetic and stupid ending to a wrestling show I’ve ever seen. Are you kidding me? I mean, what happened, the whole crew walked out on Triple H and then 5 minutes later came out to film Smackdown? Also, with the way things were going, I swear to God they were hoping the crowd would start walking out. I mean, that was painful it was so bad…

iMPACT – I find it to be a bit of an insult that AJ wasn’t last in the Fortune Gauntlet. The match with Storm was decent though, they’re doing a great job of building Roode up, and to be honest, I’m looking forward to Bound for Glory. AJ v Daniels, Roode v Angle, and of course, Hulk v Sting. I’m anxious to see what the Philly crowd does, and how on Earth this match will even go down.

Hell in a Cell – It’s great that Alberto won, but what was the point of him losing in the first place? Seriously, when Cena retires he’ll be a 30+ time world champ. They’re doing great with Henry, but c’mon, they can only put him with fantastic wrestlers. I mean,is anyone dying to see Mark v Show? Ugh.

In a various sort of thing, Tomko was arrested the other day. Apparently he robbed a CVS pharmacy of their oxycodone, then went to a Chilli’s, asked for a spoon, got one, then asked for a deeper one and went to the bathroom. He spent about 45 minutes in there before someone called the police, and he was found shooting up in there. He’d apparently shot up something like 178 pills. The only way I could assume he’d have shot that many pills would be is if it were .5mg percocet, with the tylenol. So, he’d have to strain out all the percocet from the pills, and since he’s a major addict it’d take a lot. However, if it’s normal oxycontin pills, then he has the tolerance of George Jung. I’ve been where he is, although I never shot up, and never robbed anyone, but I’ve been a pain killer addict, and of course it sucks. So, best of luck to Tomko, I really hope he can turn this around.

Raw – Well this week Raw was pretty damn lame. I don’t remember most of it so I’ll just cut to the um, sub main event. That twelve man tag match was fucking lame. Scott Keith gave it three stars but that’s a bunch of bullshit because it was really boring and the fans were mostly out of it except for when Cena and Punk were in. I thought the match was pretty boring and what really pissed me off was CM Punk had to sell offense from David Fucking Otunga! Can you believe that shit!

I didn’t watch the ending because I know it was going to be stupid.

Impact – I tried watching this week but…

I only saw bits and pieces of the show but I didn’t see anything great. I saw the promo thingy for Hulk leaving TNA, a replay of 2010 when he came in, Rhoode drinking beer, and Anderson saying they’re not jackoffs they’re assholes.
After that I got tired and went to bed because the only other things on were King of the Hill and Scrubs replays.
The whole show seemed like a Hulk Hogan blowjob and I hate Mr Anderson so yeah.

Hell in a Cell – I agree with you on big time. Not only that but Del Rio looks like a lame duck because the fans did not give a shit about him what so ever.

Hulk Hogan vs Stone Cold Steven Austin
Who’s The Biggest Star of All Time?

The Steel Cage Challenge is where Sebastian and I pit something against another something. It’s a VS, baby. Two subjects go in, and only one will survive, and it’ll be whatever I choose to survive, because I’m always right, baby!

I was a Stone Cold fan 100%. I had the hat, the t-shirt, the action figure that had his autograph written in gold. I use to talk to guys at school who wanted to fight me like I was Stone Cold. I’d try and give everyone a stunner. I ordered every PPV that had Stone Cold, he was a God. He was the sole reason the WWE had their second boom. Sure, DX, The Rock, Mankind and others also brought in huge piles of money, but they wouldn’t have been at the dance if it weren’t for Stone Cold. He also turned non-fans into fans. Ric Flair said Stone Cold was the biggest of all time. But is he right?

I don’t think so. Stone Cold was a freaking GIANT. I mean, I can only imagine how much money was generated off the name Stone Cold.

However, we’re talking Hulk Hogan. People who didn’t know anything about wrestling, knew Hulk Hogan. In 1987 he had the most recognizable face in the world. He truly changed the World, by turning pro-wrestling into one of the biggest forms of entertainment in the entire world. Where’s the Attitude Era had a cast of players, the 80’s was ALL Hogan. He’s one of the biggest pop-culture icons of all time, he was truly a case of someone being bigger than the thing they’re involved with. He also changed the game in 1996 by joining the nWo. Helping that angle to become far and wide the greatest of all time.

Well Stone Cold is mother fucking Stone Cold. Yeah Hogan was all over the place but so was Steve, also Steve drew more fans during the Wars period which is a pretty big thing. I mean if you think about it, Nitro vs Raw was kind of like Steve Austin vs Hulk Hogan for the ratings.

However Hogan vs Andre at WM 3 drew the biggest buyrate evah and the heel turn at Bash at the Beach is still considered one of the biggest things of all time. Its a tough question but I’m going to have to go with Hogan on this one.

Not to much argument this week, as the winner was pretty clear cut. Stone Cold revitalized the industry, Hulk Hogan literally changed it.

Top 5 is for sucker-sissies. We here at Str8 Gangster, No Chaser don’t fuck around. 4 is all you need. I created a video, just for you, the fans. Yes, it’s of the high quality standards you’ve come to expect from Caliber Winfield. The Sebastian has offered his two cents below the video, as you hear mine during the video.

This week, it’s the Top 4 Survivor Series Moments, since SS is just around the corner. Let’s get into it…


Montreal Screwjob was screwed up but kind of needed to be done. Or not. In Mick Foley’s book he asked why they didn’t just sub someone for Shawn Micahels which would of made a lot more sense (do an injury angle or something) and have Bret drop the title to Foley or Austin.
The Screwjob alienated a lot of fans and drew a lot of new one’s in. In the end it made seem like anything could happen and ended up helping their business a lot. It also got over DX so in the end I suppose it was a good thing even if it did alienate the entire locker room (minus DX).

Rock vs Mankind was pretty good at 98 was a lot better than their garbage brawl at Royal Rumble 1999 where Mankind almost died. I actually liked it a lot and the ending was pretty cool, but I think Manklind should of had the title for longer than he did considering it ended the losing streak to Nitro. [Caliber: Actually, the first time the streak was broken was when it was Stone Cold vs Vince on Raw, when Dude Love came down and attacked Stone Cold. But Mankind winning the title was basically the nail in the coffin for WCW]

Undertaker’s debut was really spooky and well done, it wouldn’t work today because it would look cheesy but this worked really well. Thing is I don’t really like Taker, most of his matches sucked, including this one.

Well, kids, this is Caliber saying you’re welcome, because I know this premier episode of That Wrestling Show was better than touchin’ some boobies. I encourage everyone to talk it up in the comments section, and debate us on any points we made that you felt were off. Did you think Stone Cold was the bigger star? Was the order of our Top 4 Survivor Series Moments off? Do tell. Hollar at cha’ boys.


~ by Caliber Winfield on October 13, 2011.

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  1. Love the new format, video was pretty awesome too as I hadn’t seen that previous to this.

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