The Horror Section – Hatchet

Year:  2006
Director: Adam Green
Star: Kane Hodder, Robert England, Tony Todd, and the old guy from Office Space who got in car wreck

Man, is this film great.

My above statement isn’t embellishment. When Hatchet came out, it was a revival of sorts, because we hadn’t seen anything like this since the 80’s. A unstoppable killer, a group of people that we loosely get to know before they’re hacked to hell, and some craziest, coolest kills ever that are backed up by fantastic, organic special effects.

The film is about a group of people who go on a “haunted swamp tour” down in New Orleans. At one point they become stranded in a part of a swamp that’s just no good, because it houses Victor Crowley. Who was Victor, you ask? Well, he was a deformed child who lived alone in the woods with his father. One day, during a Halloween prank gone awry while the father is away, the house catches fire and Victor dies. Once the father passed away, it’s been said that the ghost of Victor still haunts those parts. Indeed he does.

On the cover we see a statement calling Hatchet “Old School American Horror”, and it’s very true. This film feels like it was taken right out of the 80’s, and you can tell that Adam Green, writer and director, is a total fanboy of the genre, it’s awesome. Victory Crowley, played by Kane Hodder, known to horror fans as the greatest actor to ever done the hockey mask of Jason Voorhees, is an awesome slasher. He’s tall, ripped, and fucking gruesome. He kills people in a many variety of ways, including a gas-powered belt-sander, a simple hatchet, and even his bare hands. The kills are over the top, awesome, and as I said, the effects are spectacular, and unseen since the hay-days of Savini and Buechler, organic and classic.

It’s a great film that all horror, and especially slasher fans need to see.

The sequel? Eh, not so much.

If you guys want to check out all the awesome kills, then have at it…


~ by Caliber Winfield on October 16, 2011.

3 Responses to “The Horror Section – Hatchet”

  1. This movie is pretty cheesy but in a good fun way. I liked it a lot though my Brother thinks its really stupid.

  2. Hey Caliber, thank you for reviewing this.
    Hatchet 2 is pretty awesome and I agree with you, anything with Kane Hodder in it deserves an automatic “highest recommendation”. Considering there’s another Hatchet sequel in the works, I think the Hatchet series is a perfect replacement for the dearly departed “Saw” franchise.

    • You’re more than welcome for the review, Matt.

      I didn’t like Hatchet 2 that much, to be honest. They filmed it in a sound studio, and you could tell. The kills weren’t that great, and I didn’t like Danielle Harris that much. I hope Hatchet 3 is better, and I think it will be, even though Adam Green won’t be directing.

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